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*** HB Misc Topic bullsh#t Thread ***

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Reddit says this is Chromostereopisis (one color appears to be in front of the other).










Heh, that's odd.  This morning I looked at these and the 3D effect was very strong.  Red hovering above blue for all three images.  It actually looked like the red was hovering about a quarter of an inch above the blue.  This afternoon I looked again.  Nothing.  No chromostereopisis effect at all.  What's up with that?? 


Edit:  Must be something to do with my monitor at work.  I looked at it at home just now and it looks 3D.  Very distinctive.  Maybe it was the afternoon sun lighting up my work monitor.  :dunno: 

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I saw red above blue at first, but if I stare at those images for about 30 seconds I can see either color hovering above the other. Kind of like those seemingly random noise images that if you stared at them for a while you'd see something. ("Oh look, it's a schooner!")

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