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Going through a bit of a rebranding campaign to try and establish an identity with my design work and hopefully get business doing such. As such, my portfolio site is currently a WIP, but I would really appreciate some traffic towards my Facebook page, and some comments/thoughts on the name, logo, advice as far as font because i still haven't a clue and whatever else. Much appreciated guys!













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Liked :thumbs


I like the bird & the bird's shade of grey. Font on top is more crisp, I like it much more.


Maybe try the words between the wings? There's also a lot of potential A's for the beginning of the Anooma in those bird feathers. Maybe put design to the right & perpendicular to the Anooma?


What is your design preference as far as industry? The top logo says "I design business logos", while the bottom design says "I design sports logos", at least to me. So I guess I'm saying the top one seems more professional to me.


And for some reason, the bird kind of reminds me of the air force or armed services. And I think that is a good thing. It makes me think of discipline, integrity, and hard work. Good choice.


Just tossing around ideas here, and you would have to re-tweak the "A" feather to make it more readable. I don't like this one though, because I think it takes away the regal-ness of the bird.


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Great stuff, Landlord! Very simple, with clean lines--but stylish. I'm not sure I like the word "DESIGN" covering the bottom portion of the bird, in your bottom left version. In whole, I LIKEY!

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