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Imani Cross 41 pullups?

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I guess the Big 10 Network mentioned that in an article earlier this year but I heard about it last night when the announcers were talking about it.


In watching the running backs, it was impossible not to notice true freshman Imani Cross. The 6-1, 225-pounder from Georgia has been described to me as being “country strong.” To wit, the kid did 41 pull-ups and 200 push-ups during a conditioning test prior to camp.





That very impressive, I can't wait to see what the next few years look like when he gets more playing time.

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He still looks a little indecisive approaching the line of scrimage with the ball. I really wish there were more opportunities for him to get carries. He's obviously a physical specimen, would really like to see what he could do when he gets a little more comfortable back there. His size reminds me of Dan Alexander back there, it should be fun to watch him develope.

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Someone posted a pic on Huskerboard. Every time I looked at it, Cross seemed more like a 30 year old eight-time NFL Pro Bowler, than a true freshman college player. He is already huge, and could develop into an absolute brute.


I am excited to watch him the next few years. As he gets stronger, faster, smarter, he could become dominant on that side of the ball. It's good to know we have players like Cross for future depth. He could be monstrous, Suh-level monstrous. I hope so, for his own sake as a player, and for our team.

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