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Any recommendations for a SoundBase for TV?

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I'm looking to get a SoundBase or Pedestal for my 50" Samsung Smart TV.

I have an older Bose cube sound system that works just fine for anything that comes over the cable box or from my DVD & BluRay players. The problem is when I use Netflix, Hulu, etc. (anything from the smart TV features) then I have to rely on the TV speakers only. The TV speakers suck something terrible.

My audio receiver is older so it will not accept the only audio output (Fiber Opti-Link) from the TV and, if I did get a newer receiver, I would then have to change out my Bose cube system also. I'm not looking to spend that much money so I started looking at soundbars and soundbases. I really just need to boost the audio capability for when I'm watching Netflix, Prime, etc. But it might also be nice to use for run of the mill TV viewing, when I really don't need full surround, rear speakers, etc.


I don't think a soundbar will work room wise for me (likely will block TV remote sensor and possibly even some of the screen with taller ones) so am planning on setting the TV up on top of a base/pedestal speaker. The bottom of my TV is a little over 7' above the floor.


Does anybody have a speaker system like this they would recommend? I am really interested in the ZVOX 570 (mostly because it auto reduces volume on commercials) or the Bose Solo 15. I have not actually heard either one of these and would welcome a less costly option as these run $399 to $449. It doesn't need to be outstanding soundwise, just way better than my crappy TV speakers.

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Might be cheaper and easier to use a converter.



I actually tried a couple different converters like that and they didn't work. Got both from Amazon and returned them.


I should've updated this a long time ago.

I went with a Zvox system (can't think of which one specifically off the top of my head). It works fine sound wise. Way better than the TV speakers. Still prefer my receiver and Bose surround system for movies but I use the soundbase about 95% of the time.


The one downfall is I went into settings on my TV and disabled the TV speakers and I set the remotes to control the soundbar. Problem? The TV still senses the volume adjustment signal and everytime the volume gets adjusted in either direction I get a big ole notice that pops up in middle of my screen saying that the speakers have been disabled. No sh#t Sherlock. That notice has become extremely annoying. It lasts for about 5-7 seconds. I can get it to go away by clicking the "enter" button on my TV remote but I am usually using my cable remote and it doesn't have that. So I have to keep both remotes handy if I don't want that notice blocking the picture. #thirdworldproblems

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