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      Please Provide Links to Videos - Direct uploads will be removed   08/16/2017

      Huskerboard is happy to announce our new forum - Husker Videos! We've scoured the darkest, deepest, most dangerous nooks and crannies of the Internet (well, YouTube, anyway) to bring you videos of all things Huskers - games, highlights, features and more. Take a few minutes (or a couple of hours or days), and relive the moments, places and people that made you a fan.   But wait! There's more! As nice as it is to have a single location for Husker videos, there's so much content that the long-suffering mods can't post it all. So, feel free to post a link and share your favorite Husker videos!   And all of this comes with the low, low price of...NOTHING! So, kick back, pop a cold one, and indulge. Oh, and blink every once in a while.   Please Provide Links to Videos - Direct uploads will be removed
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