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Nebraska Concert Venues

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ColoradoHusk forced me to go down memory lane talking about the old days of hitting concerts.


In Omaha, I used to hit Ranch Bowl, Lift Ticket, Peony Park, Cog Factory, Sokol, few others I cannot remember. In Lincoln, Duffy's and Drumstick Bar had good music scenes though I do not remember much (alcohol).


The shows that I recal vividly:


Seeing Nirvana for free at the Lift Ticket with less than 100 people. Showed up by accident. Never liked the band but awesome show.


Red Hot Chili Pepper's at the Ranch Bowl. Also at the Ranch Bowl, had a beverage with Mike Watt after Firehose show. Years later, I worked with Ed from Ohio's (lead singer) cousin who happen to be at the same show. He didn't remember me but he recalled an underage kid drinking with the band ;-)


Fugazi at Peony Park and hung out with Ian Mackaye afterwards. Straight edge so nothing illegal


What's your memory of concerts and/or venues in the area? Hard to believe so many are no longer around...

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I saw 311 at the Ranch Bowl and the Peony Parl Ballroom. I saw Stone Temple Pilots in the small concert hall attached to the old Civic Auditorium. I also went to a small music festival headlined by 311 at Pioneer Ampitheater in Lincoln. I was pretty lame otherwise and didn't see many concerts around Omaha or Lincoln.


I was with a group of friends bowling at Ranch Bowl when the lead singer of Biohazard came over to the lane next to us and bowled a few frames.

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Sad that the Ranch Bowl is a Walmart parking lot now. Great memories there.


Saw some epic shows at Knickerbockers. Slipknot, fear factory, green jelly, mushroomhead, many more.


Slipknot, white zombie, static x, sevendust, down, Mudvayne, breaking Benjamin with about 20 other people, and numerous other bands at The Grove.


Grove shut down years ago and the Lincoln concert scene was meh, with Knickerbockers having the occasional good show. Now it's gone. Thankfully the Bourbon Theater is picking up some great shows. Gwar, Killswitch, Lamb of God, Hellyeah, 36 Crazyfist, Etc have all been good shows there. Saves always heading up to Omaha and Sokol which the wife and I still do(will be there in April for Anthrax and Killswitch.


Pioneers Park has been having more shows the last couple of summers. But the last one I went to was a show that never will be featured there anytime soon. Apparently Alice In Chains, Bullet for my Valentine and Halestorm were too "rowdy and violent"

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