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Wilbon Looking to Make 'The Leap'

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“Sometimes I just think too much and just try to do too much and now I just feel like I’m more relaxed, and I’m just out there playing like I’m 7 years old again,” he said.


It’s true of athletes as much as it is many walks of life. The better you know something, the less you overthink it, because you’re more confident. It becomes second nature. You can tell the difference between folks who have sold 1,000 insurance policies and folks who have sold 15. Same in football.


Wilbon was in a bit of a Catch-22, though. With one exception — the 2016 Northwestern game — he’d come in for a play or two, then head to the sideline.


“I’m like, ‘I gotta try to get a rhythm,’ but that’s what they had me doing,” Wilbon said. “And really since my snaps were so limited, I really pressured myself, and I was kind of hard on myself, more than the average person, just because I’m trying to be perfect every time I’m in, just because I don’t how many times I’m going to be in.”



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His mindset that, given the limited touches he gets, he should strive to execute the play to "perfection" is a good mindset to have. However, you don't want that pursuit of perfection to become a mental hurdle. Hopefully, he can find a way to find that focus without getting self-defeating.

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