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Huskers Look to Start Fall Camp a Week Earlier

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The NCAA last Friday banned traditional two-a-day practices. Now, if a school wants to have a second workout during training camp, it has to be conducted without helmets or pads, and also not involve conditioning exercises. Essentially, the second practice is a glorified walkthrough.


The Huskers, like all college teams, have 29 available practices for training. Riley had planned on NU starting camp on Aug. 4. He’s now looking at July 29, a week earlier, just after Big Ten media days.


Riley said he’s OK with the change.


“Eventually, you’re going to get diminishing returns with players with muscle pulls," Riley said. "Football two times a day — you do that long enough, and something’s going to break. I kind of like spreading out the football practices a little more. The two-a-days — I don’t think it has to be like that anymore. When the NFL banned two-a-days, I knew it wasn’t going to be long before it came to college.”



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