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Husker athletic department to provide $5 million in scholarships to nonathletes

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Husker athletic department to provide $5 million in scholarships to nonathletes

Nebraska Athletics will provide $5 million in scholarships to nonathletes, potentially providing additional aid to hundreds of students each year at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

While the details of the scholarship program, including the criteria for those who want to apply, are not yet finalized, Eichorst said the program is an extension of a growing partnership between the athletic department and academic units on campus.

"We've worked very hard and very strategically over the course of the last few years to build upon our great history and tradition and to strengthen our foundation for success -- particularly as it relates to our collaborations across the academic spectrum," Eichorst said. "It's been an important initiative for me from day one to ground and base everything we do in athletics in academics."

Eichorst said the scholarship is made possible through the loyal Husker fan base, which helped the department generate $112 million in revenue in 2015-16, easily outpacing overall expenses of $104 million.

Athletic department revenue is expected to continue growing as UNL receives full benefits as a member of the Big Ten Conference for the first time since joining the league in 2011.

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Gotta do something with all the insane cash we're pulling in.



Between our tv rights, our apparel contract, and our fan support, our program is in the top 5 as far as number of dollars of revenue we're bringing in. Good on Eichorst and co. using at least a portion of that for something very worthwhile.

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