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TGHusker    1,044
On 9/14/2017 at 9:05 AM, BigRedBuster said:

I would laugh my ass off if he left without winning anything significant.


Agree.  All of the hype and no results.

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Michiganball    156

Not buying it, not yet at least, none of those "reasons", are actual reasons why he as a person would want to go to the Colts. Now, you never know what goes on in someones head, but considering how he talked about he's future in Ann Arbor having other family members move down the street and being at he's Alma mater I would be surprised if he left any time soon, hell he even got some Woody Hayes glasses, man loves tradition. Sure this could be a sort of a middle age thing where he is reliving he's college days and absorbing the atmosphere of he's youth. As competitive as he is he may want another shot at the Super Bowl, but I dont see that any time soon.

As far as performance, seriously, he's been around for only 2 seasons what do you guys expect? He barely got started on recruiting the players he wants. Then again 2 10w seasons are good results, taking out sec east champ twice, good results. Not beating OSU in 2 tries, simply it's not easy and last year, well that was some serious home field shenanigans.

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Husker2019    373
6 hours ago, skers44 said:

What about John Harbaugh to nebraska lol

As a Ravens fan, I want him to stay in Baltimore.

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