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You have to read this local boy's story .. and please consider helping

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Hey Huskerboard family.

I don't post much these days - I'm a founder of the board - and now just manage behind the scenes ops.


I have a connection to a little boy in Council Bluffs named Sebastiano battling Leukemia. He's a tough little kiddo and comes from a great family. But the medical bills are piling up and they really need help.


As a Dad of 2 kids I can't even begin to imagine the heartbreak of watching one of my kids go through this miserable experience. Instead of running around with friends he has to deal with the reality of excruciating pain, heartbreak, and an endless road of chemo & hospital visits ahead of him.


As a family with kids you already have limited funds, but dealing with a MAJOR unexpected cost like this becomes a massive burden, completely re-arranging your available funds for things like vacation, or even going out to the movies or dinner.


Here's what I'm willing to do to help Sebastiano. For the entire month of September, I will donate 100% of all donations that come through our donorbox account. (I'm also personally donating money from my own pocket).


Here's Sebastiano's story on his Facebook page.


You can make a donation through our Huskerboard Donorbox Page Here, and be assured that 100% of everything you give will go directly to Sebastiano's family.


Thanks for doing whatever you can to help! I know Husker Nation has a huge heart, so when a close friend asked if there was anything I could do I knew exactly where I could turn.








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Thanks SO much for everyone who has pitched in so far!


Here's an awesome NEW story about Sebastiano you should check-out.


You're more than welcome to donate directly to his parents fundraiser page, or of course through our Donorbox page which will also go directly to his family.


It will be cool to present the family with a lump sum donation on behalf of everyone from the board. If we get enough, and everyone agrees, perhaps we'll offer to buy the family tickets to the Nebraska Iowa game!


Thanks for paying it forward Husker Nation!



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Can't afford to donate but prayers for this kid and I'm a bone marrow donor.  Hope and pray he pulls through, Leukemia is gnarly.  Aloha ke akua little dude...

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UPDATE on this story... I posted this on Facebook a while back but realized I forgot to post here..


I used the money raised ($200) added some of my own and bought his family 4 tickets to the Nebraska - Iowa Game.


My friend knows Aaron Graham, who also hooked him up with an autographed SI from 1997!


Here's a video of him finding out about the game...


Thanks again for everyone's support - it's awesome what we can do when we come together!



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