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Huskers worth $500,000,000+ According to WSJ Report

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36 minutes ago, Kiyoat Husker said:

you need a subscription to read it.  #14 seems low to me.  I would have guessed #5-#10.


I know there is some trick where if you copy the first portion of the article into google, itll bring it up for free. But I'll see if I can't export the table.


  1 Ohio State
VALUE: 1,510,482,000
  2 Texas
VALUE: 1,243,124,000
  3 Oklahoma
VALUE: 1,001,967,000
  4 Alabama
VALUE: 930,001,000
  5 LSU
VALUE: 910,927,000
  6 Michigan
VALUE: 892,951,000
  7 Notre Dame
VALUE: 856,938,000
  8 Georgia
VALUE: 822,310,000
  9 Tennessee
VALUE: 745,640,000
  10 Auburn
VALUE: 724,191,000
  11 Florida
VALUE: 682,031,000
  12 Penn State
VALUE: 549,497,000
  13 Texas A & M
VALUE: 522,863,000
  14 Nebraska
VALUE: 507,679,000
  15 South Carolina
  16 Iowa
  17 Arkansas
  18 Wisconsin
  19 Washington
  20 Florida State
  21 Oregon
  22 Michigan State
  23 Mississippi
  24 Clemson
  25 Southern California
  26 Arizona State
  27 UCLA
  28 Kentucky
  29 Oklahoma State
  30 Kansas State
  31 Virginia Tech
  32 Minnesota
  33 Miami of Florida
  34 Texas Tech
  35 Miss State
  36 Stanford
  37 California Berkely
  38 Georgia Tech
  39 Utah
  40 Colorado
  41 Iowa State
  42 North Carolina State
  43 Kansas
  44 Indiana
  45 Virginia
  46 Northwestern
  47 Louisville
  48 Texas Christian
  49 Maryland
  50 North Carolina
  51 Arizona
  52 Oregon State
  53 Illinois
  54 Wash State
  55 Purdue
  56 Missouri
  57 Syracuse
  58 Pittsburgh
  59 Baylor
  60 BYU
  61 Central Florida
  62 Boston College
  63 Boise State
  64 Vanderbilt
  65 Rutgers
  66 West Virginia
  67 South Florida
  68 Duke
  69 Connecticut
  70 Wake Forest
  71 Houston
  72 Temple
  73 Army
  74 Southern Methodist
  75 Wyoming
  76 Memphis
  77 Cincinnati
  78 Colorado State
  79 Fresno State
  80 North Texas
  81 East Carolina
  82 San Diego State
  83 Hawaii
  84 Florida International
  85 Ohio
  86 UNLV
  87 Marshall
  88 Rice
  89 San Jose State
  90 Akron
  91 UTEP
  92 Middle Tennessee
  93 Toledo
  94 Utah State
  95 Nevada
  96 Western Michigan
  97 Western Kentucky
  98 Northern Illinois
  99 Buffalo
  100 New Mexico

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21 minutes ago, unlfan said:

#14 most valuable and #42 on coaching salary.


That sums it all up right there.


You are making a big assumption that simply by paying a little more we would automatically have gotten an incredible coach.  Plenty of top-tier coaches may not come to NU right now regardless of pay-scale.  Its not like we are a slam-dunk destination.  coaches have to work a little harder here in recruiting than most of the elite schools.


Also, plenty of outrageously overpaid coaches never turn out the results you want. (Ferrentz)


Unless you think we should be paying Riley a lot more?

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41 minutes ago, unlfan said:

Yes, I fully admit there are exceptions to every rule. Nothing is 100%, and Wisconsin is an exception that has found a great way to get moderate success (3 conference titles since 2000, huge help from sanctions against other programs, no national titles) from a low ball salary.


But go ahead and look at the Top 15 coaching salaries and tell me there is no correlation between salary and success. You can't.


I brought this up for a couple of reasons.  It seems like all I have read ever since the loss last Saturday is how we need to be more like Wisconsin.  Alvarez was interviewed a couple of years ago where he talked about coaching salaries and how he didn't think paying those outrageous wages was necessary.  Where does everyone think Wisconsin got it from?  Barry Alvarez duplicated what we did.  


I'm really not sure we want to look at the Top 15.  I don't think it will go well because four of them might be in their last season.  Sumlin comes in at #6.  Do you think he's at A&M next year?  Bielema at Arkansas next year?  Malzahn at Auburn next year?  Brian Kelly at Notre Dame next year?  While there's probably not a chance he's not back on Iowa's sideline next year, Ferentz comes in at #10 in salary despite posting a career winning percentage at Iowa of 60%.  Would you be happy with winning roughly 7 games year in and year out?  Granted, Ferentz does have the occasional double digit single season wins.  However, he also occasionally posts three and four win seasons.  Dantonio at Michigan State comes in around #12.  While I'd also say he's probably safe, he did post a 3-9 record in his 10th season.  I've seen Dan Mullen brought up as a Riley replacement.  He comes in at #14 on the list.  He's on his 9th season where he's posted a 60% winning percentage.  Last year, he set a new SEC record as becoming the first coach in SEC history to win a bowl game and still finish with a losing record.  After checking the recruiting, he's not exactly a do more with less coach.  Most of his past six recruiting classes were top 25, yet Mississippi State has only ended the season ranked in the top 25 once. 


After looking at the top 15 coaching salaries, I only see maybe five or six slam dunk hires.   

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3 hours ago, Kiyoat Husker said:

#14 seems low to me.  I would have guessed #5-#10.


Considering our drop-off from the halcyon days of the 1990s and how we've played recently, I think this is rather generous.


And frankly, between getting a full B1G payout and this valuation, there's zero substance to any argument about this program not being able to pay multiple buyouts or not being able to afford the best coaches in the land.


It kind of puts Eichorst's incompetence into perspective, IMO. 

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I didn't realize we were picking guys who we would take over Riley.  I thought the focus was picking guys who would get us to where we want to be.  Which Stoops are you referring to?  Bob doesn't coach anymore.  He's not in the list of top 15 coaching salaries for 2017 because he's retired.  I don't know about Mark Dantonio.  He's 61 year old.  He just came off of a 3-9 record.  By far, his greatest achievements were seasons 13'-15'.  I see potentially 5 losses this year for him.  Riley was 61 when we hired him.  At the time, I thought it was a great hire but it now appears he was past his prime.  Dantonio might be there as well.  I'm not sure I want to take that gamble.  I counted your first four in my five or six slam dunks.  I'll also give you Franklin.  The six I chose but am skeptical because I don't know that he'd necessarily do well here is Jimbo.   

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This talk of coaches brings up an interesting question:  can an elite or great coach be elite or great everywhere?


are some only great with great players?  Are some actually better as rebuilders?  Can a coach's recruiting deficiency be hidden in a location that's easy to recruit to?  


These are all things I have heard on this board.  Do you guys(gals) believe they are true?

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How are these universities valued? Is it football team, athletic department or whole university? Does the article explain? I question OU being # 3 - OU owes like a billion dollars - and that is not being sarcastic.

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22 minutes ago, In the Deed the Glory said:

We have a guy from Virginia and his boss from Mississippi looking for an Athletic Director.  They take football very seriously in the South.  I wonder if we won't be looking into some SEC guys...


Maybe some ex-SEC guys? Because right now the Big Ten has better overall coaching, Alabama obviously excluded.

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