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Wisky OL Recruiting for Past 7 Years

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Decided to take a look at Wisky OL Recruiting and thought I'd compile the data.  Sorry, but the editor doesn't let me get into the HTML and in deleting players in other positions it somehow leaves the lines.

Anyway, didn't want to define the data too much.  Just thought it was an interesting look.  There are 25 OL commits from 2017 to 2010.  I was surprised to see that only 11 came from Wisky.  Thought there would be more.  However, I was also surprised to see the states they came from, most of which are very close.  OH, MN, IL, IN & MI.  There are a few other places like CA & Hawaii.  Certainly a focus of surrounding states to Wisky.

In terms of star power, four of them are 4*'s.  About the same number were 2*'s.  The rest are 3*.

Overall, I was just curious to see where they were coming from and if we were recruiting the same area's.  I came away with the idea that you can find lineman in blue collar states that are not necessarily football states.  Obviously, Wisky has access to some decent 3* prospects and then in their system develop and create a pipeline.


Love to here and see other board member's input and opinion.



Tyler Beach OL Port Washington, WI 6'6" 280     5.7 4/4/16
Alex Fenton OL Menomonie, WI 6'5" 283     5.4 2/23/16
Logan Bruss OL Kimberly, WI 6'4" 255     5.7 2/23/16
Kayden Lyles OL

Middleton, WI

6'3" 300     5.9




Cole Van Lanen OL Green Bay, WI 6'5" 280     5.8 6/20/15
Patrick Kasl OL Forest Lake, MN 6'6" 280     5.6 6/16/15




Kevin Estes OL San Marcos, CA 6'6" 273     5.7 8/16/14
David Moorman OL Northville, MI 6'5" 291     5.7 5/8/14
Jon Dietzen OL Seymour, WI 6'5" 334     5.6 5/4/14




Micah Kapoi OL Kapolei, HI 6'4" 298     5.3 12/2/13
Jacob Maxwell OL Greendale, WI 6'7" 280     5.3 11/28/13
Michael Deiter OL Genoa, OH 6'5" 295     5.5 6/25/13
Jaden Gault OL Monona Grove, WI 6'6" 281     5.8 8/19/12




Matt Miller OL Perrysburg, OH 6'5" 260     5.6 6/27/12
Hayden Biegel OL Wisconsin Rapids, WI 6'6" 240     5.5 6/18/12
Jack Keeler OL Barrington, IL 6'7" 285     5.7 5/3/12




Jake Meador OL Whiteland, IN 6'7" 305     5.7 2/1/12
Walker Williams OL Tacoma, WA 6'7" 320     5.7 8/13/11
Dan Voltz OL Barrington, IL 6'5" 289     5.8





Ray Ball OL Westerville, OH 6'7" 320     5.5 10/19/10
Tyler Marz OL Springfield, MN 6'8" 280     5.5 10/10/10




Joe McNamara OL Weston, FL 6'2" 275     5.4 2/1/10
Kyle Costigan OL Muskego, WI 6'5" 270     5.3 12/24/09
Robby Havenstein OL Frederick, MD 6'7" 345     5.6 10/22/09
Dallas Lewallen OL Berlin, WI 6'6" 295     5.6 6/24/09
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I think they know their offensive identity and what they want to do, much like huskers of old. So since they are consistent in what they do and what they look for it's easy to target guys who fit the mold regardless of what ranking sites say. We lost our identity 15 years ago and every coach has changed the offense ever since. Whisky has changed coaches but the scheme stays the same. Makes recruiting easy and less down years like we have experienced IMO 

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In my opinion stars dont add up for o-line and D-line.  Those guys are performing out in the open field and running 40's or vertical jumps. They are in the trenches and battling. As you have seen with Wisconsin they have a ton of 3 stars...  BUT they develop them. That is where we have been lacking for years.. 

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The difference is in what happens when they get on campus.  Two differences.


a)  I don't see a big difference physically between that list and what we recruit.  However, the Wisconsin line that showed up averaged 24 lbs heavier than Nebraska's.  


b)  Wisconsin's O line room has an attitude that they are going to go out and kick everyone's ass.  Nebraska's O line has an attitude that they hope they go and kick someone's ass.  BIG difference.


These recruits come into this room and have that attitude drilled into them.  It is NOT acceptable for linemen to get pushed around at Wisconsin and incoming Freshmen are indoctrinated with that attitude from day one.

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This thread on Wisconsin recruiting just proves how inaccurate the Riley sales pitch is in this article. Yes recruiting is important but our players are on par or better than Wisconsin so why are we so inconsistent compared to them. Patient to get to national championship level yes I agree. Patient to be respectable week in and week out has come and gone it's year 3. He took over 9 win program, he isn't building Oregon state from ground up 



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