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Nebraska AD Bill Moos sticking with coach Mike Riley through end of season

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Comfortably Numb    5,061
2 hours ago, I.M. OLD said:

Do you really think a different coach would make any difference in less than 2 weeks at the end of the season, unless they would replace Diaco with a current Dcoach on the team??


Depends what you mean by "any difference". I agree that Diaco would have to be exorcised. But yeah, with no Diaco and a HC that could put a little fire in them, it might be slightly better to watch. However, I doubt anything at this point is going to make any difference that matters except possibly for some of the sleepwalking players.

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drfish    157

In the final analysis, I suspect that, assuming Moos has seen enough to make his decision and is working on a replacement, the only thing that firing HCMR really accomplishes is to satisfy the fans wielding pitchforks and torches that desire some immediate consequence for the putrid state of the Huskers.  Everything else will likely play out the same.  Coaches with current coaching jobs are unlikely to make a move until after the regular season is over. But, in the end, the season will end in a whimper and STBFHCMR will get to say goodbye.  He will probably tell the players how much he appreciated their hard work and to work hard for the next guy.  He won't call ADBM a @#%t and will get on with the interminably long offseason wondering what next year's team will look like and we will begin to craft nearly impossible to meet expectations for the next staff.  

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