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Writing behind Paywall - Help

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Okay... So I do some work for a program in town. We have a following that pays individually for their annual subscription to our "newsletter" and they receive it electronically via email.


What I'm trying to capitalize on now is the people who aren't signing up for a yearly subscription. We write a weekly newsletter, so here is what I want to do...

Place the document on twitter, with a link to ONLY that  week's newsletter. I want that to be behind a paywall, not trying to make a fortune, but charging a 1 dollar fee would be sufficient to off-set costs. User could then view that weekly newsletter and only that newsletter. Then, 1 week later if that user liked what he saw, could again view the newsletter for 1 more dollar.


Does anyone know of any websites or places this would be easy to manage? I'm not sure if anyone out there is doing that service for singular pieces... Meaning - Places charge a monthly fee, but I'm not going to do it that way, I don't have enough materials to make it worth a monthly installment.


Any help would be great. I realize this is tossed together rather sloppily. Thanks in advance.

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Patreon might work for your needs.  I support a couple of people on there MONTHLY, but i think they do have an option that allows someone to pay per each "thing", whatever that thing may be.

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