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Outside Linebacker Nomination Thread

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Outside Linebacker:

  • Defensive Leader - The LB sets up the defense in the huddle and keeps everyone abreast of how an offense is shifting or motioning. This poster is a well-respected member that keeps all others in line with his comments, while at the same time informs everyone of player news and other happenings in the NFL.
  • Plays in Space - Must be able to play a variety of roles.  Run support, pass coverage, rushing the passer.  These guys are expected to do a lot and deliver on that expectation.  They can bring new information, offer in-depth analysis and put a quick stop to arguments that don't measure up.
  • Blitzer - When the rush is on, you can expect the LB's to be coming fast and furious through the line and get to the QB with blazing speed. When a breaking story hits, these guys rush to HuskerBoard to inform and add good content to the discussion.
  • Team Pleayer - Holds his ground and knows what he's doing is important to the outcome, even if he doesnt get much recognition for what he does
  • Alertness - Aware of the situations and reacts properly.
  • Hard-Hitter - Relentless at the opposition. When he sees something being done wrong, he will take care of it, no questions asked. Not afraid to belt a receiver going across the middle, but isn't the kind of player to make unwarranted cheap shots.


Please nominate the person you feel best exemplifies these traits on HuskerBoard.


Not eligible: Decked, TAKODA & The Maudfather (LBs last year); GSG, zoogs, ColoradoHusk, Moiraine, Redux, Hedley Lamarr, teachercd, BigRedBuster, seaofred92, In the Deed the Glory, VectorVictor, dudeguyy, Stumpy1 & Red Five (already elected this year)



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6 minutes ago, Redux said:

Nominate famoustitles



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