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Kicker Nomination Thread

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  • Consistency - This is a mentally draining position. The kicker has to be able to keep his head down, keep his eyes on the ball, and concentrate. This will lead to repeated precision in kicking field goals. This poster should contribute constantly and be focused intently on the main idea of any question or comment.
  • Clutch - Since he's not on the field all the time, when the kicker is called upon to do his job, it needs to be done expertly. The entire game can ride on the leg of this (normally) little guy. Maybe this position shouldn't be filled by a "shock and awe" poster, but more by someone who only posts when he feels it necessary and when his idea will put the point "through the uprights!" Real Alex Henery type material!
  • Strong Leg - Most times the placekicker will also be the kickoff kicker. He has to try to boot that ball off a 1-inch tee 70+ yards in the air and give sufficient hang time as to let his team get down to tackle the returner. Of course, he also has to be able to boot 50+ yard field goals into the wind/rain/snow to give his team those valuable 3 points! So, this guy needs to have powerful opinions backed up with hard facts. Also, if this poster's getting driven into the ground with his opinion, he has to trudge through and explain himself well in order to score!


Please nominate the person you feel best exemplifies these traits on HuskerBoard.


Not eligible: GSG, zoogs, ColoradoHusk, Moiraine, Redux, Hedley Lamarr, teachercd, BigRedBuster, seaofred92, In the Deed the Glory, VectorVictor, dudeguyy, Stumpy1, Red Five, ScottyIce, TGHusker, famoustitles, B.B. Hemingway, Cdog923, RedDenver, Dilly Dilly, gobiggergoredder, commando, The Dude, lo country, NM11046 & Qmany (already elected this year)



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