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10 March 2014 - 11:38 AM

Nevermind, Knapplc beat me to the punch. :)

Nebraska Annual Baseball Banquet Scheduled for Feb 7

16 January 2014 - 11:58 AM



Huskers Host Annual Banquet on Feb. 7

The Nebraska baseball team's annual Nebraska Baseball Banquet is set for Friday, Feb. 7, 2014, at the Embassy Suites in downtown Lincoln. Single seats are available for $50, or a table of 10 can be purchased for $500, which also inclused 10 general admission tickets to Nebraska's Big Ten home opener on Friday, April 4, against Ohio State.

Social hour is scheduled to start at 5:30 p.m., with dinner scheduled for 6:30 p.m.

World Series MVP and two-time MLB All-Star David Eckstein will be the keynote speaker at the banquet.

A silent and live auction will also take place to help support the Nebraska baseball program.

Just a friendly FYI. Baseball season is just around the corner...as is a B1G Baseball Title, right? :)

Net Neutrality Provision Struck Down in U.S. Appeals Court

14 January 2014 - 02:08 PM



A US appeals court Tuesday struck down as unconstitutional a "Net Neutrality" rule that bars broadband Internet providers from blocking or playing favorites for online services.

The court ruled that the Federal Communications Commission lacks authority to impose the rule requiring high-speed Internet firms to treat all traffic equally.

The case brought by US telecom giant Verizon has divided some of the biggest players in the tech sector in a key test of what is officially called "Open Internet" rules.

Well, this isn't good news. Hope folks like paying more for their internet than they already do...well, more than the already inflated rates we already have to deal with.

XBox One and PlayStation 4 System Reviews

20 November 2013 - 08:24 AM

Thought it would be good to get a repository of all the system reviews that are out there for the consoles since folks will likely be picking one or the other up in the next year or so:

XBox One:
Polygon (8/10)
Joystiq (No verdict)
Kotaku (Not yet)
Verge (7.8/10)
PC World (4/5)
NBCNews: "Compelling console with a strong lineup of games"
Engadget: "A fast and powerful work in progress"



$500 buys you more than a souped-up gaming portal: the Xbox One is a content assimilation engine, a vanguard move into a market the competition’s still toying around in by comparison. It’s an immature, somewhat glitchy content assimilation engine at this stage...



Not yet. It's generally dumb to buy any new console right at launch. PS4's have been having issues with a "blue light of death," and for all we know the Xbox One could have its own issues as well; the sting of the red ring of death is still fresh in most memories. Besides, the launch line-up of games—while a little better than the PS4's—is a bit soft. The real gotta-play system-sellers like Watchdogs, Destiny, and Titanfall, are still a few months out. Halo 5 is a mere glint on the horizon.

The software is still in flux too. We experienced a little jank with a few apps. Twitch streaming isn't coming until sometime early 2014. HBO Go is "coming soon" but hasn't shown up yet. These consoles are coming in hot, so just chill. Theoretically all will get fixed with time; hopefully right around when a game you just have to have finally gets released.

For now, the Xbox One is one impressive living room box machine—and it more than justifies its $500 dollar price with the inclusion of at least $100-worth of set-top boxitude—but you're going to be better off waiting for a little while to see how things shake out.

But—and this is admittedly a sizable but—if the Xbox One can straighten the few little quirks it has with some software tweaks, this thing is going to be unstoppable in a way the PS4 could never touch. It's too versatile, too feature-ridden, too future. So wait, yes. But while you do, go ahead and start clearing out plenty of space underneath your television.

PlayStation 4:
Polygon (7.5/10)
Joystiq (No verdict)
Kotaku (Not yet)
Verge (7.7/10)
PC World (3.5/5)
NBCNews: Fantastic console looking for a few good games.
Engadget: Fast, powerful, worth it.



That’s what $400 for a PS4 buys you this time around: a system that feels like something that’s been around the block off the block, instead of a feature-incomplete, overpriced collage of half-baked apps and feature hypotheticals.



Should You Buy It?

Not yet. I mean, if you're some sort of Sony diehard who can never possibly be swayed to the Microsoft side, then sure. The PS4 is a good console. There is nothing aggressively wrong with it as to scare away or displease a devoted fanboy. The console itself costs $400, games cost your standard $60. Both are reasonable. You will like it, you will be happy.

Taking daughter to Iowa game -- any suggestions from parents re: first game experiences...

19 November 2013 - 10:45 AM

Just as the topic says, I'm taking my 6 year old daughter to her first game in two weeks against Iowa at Memorial Stadium.

I'm looking for cool ideas to get her involved--possibly the tunnel walk, though I don't know how to get down there for that from South Stadium. Also, do they still allow folks to go on the field after a while? Thought we would get some pics of her on the field if they still let people do that after everyone's filed out. May do the tour after the game...though she may be exhausted by then.

And yes, I'll make sure she holds onto the balloon until they get a TD, and not anything else. :)