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  2. He's 73. How much more time do we need?
  3. Bryan Brokop...

    No question it could be a valuable loophole in a one off situation, but I was more referencing Tom's point about applying it at a large scale. On the surface, I don't think the latter would be feasible.
  4. 2018 Season Predictions

    I can realistically see a major turnaround and drop 2 games to the East with our worst loss being to @ OSU by 17-21 points and beat Wisconsin to have the head to head advantage. NU ends up an outside shot at the playoff but falls short again in the CCG vs. Ohio State. A New Year's bowl win and we finish 11-3 ready to be contenders for the B1G in 2019.
  5. Odds to Win the B1G

  6. DOJ Initial Russia Hearings

    I'm perplexed by the shifting approval ratings. I'm not going freak out about polling for midterms just yet, but if we as a nation decide to leave things the same or elect more Republicans I'll admit I have no idea what's going on. At that point I'd just have to think people would rather be entertained than have competent leadership.
  7. National Popular Vote Interstate Compact

    I live in Colorado and candidates come here all the time but rarely if ever outside of Denver.
  8. Best Win of the Callahan Era

    The '06 A&M game felt bigger at the time, but it's gotta be the Colorado game. We were favored to lose that game pretty confidently, and we came out and absolutely boatraced them at a time when we were desperate for some progress and optimism. Dominant on offense and defense, and the 'Restore the Order' motif was very, very cool and dramatic at the time.
  9. Odds to Win the B1G

    For the non-gamblers out there, those odds are based on betting $100 to win what is shown in that table. Looking at those odds another way, Ohio State is 1.5 to 1 to win the B1G, while NU has 33 to 1 odds to win the B1G.
  10. Odds to Win the B1G

    lol Purdue has a better shot than us
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  12. **BREAKING** Season Ticket Requests Up

    NU is dog friendly only....
  13. 2018 Season Predictions

    I feel like Coach Frost (that will never get old typing out) will have us overly prepared for both the Colorado and Michigan games, perhaps Iowa as well. Old grudges die hard, we go 2-1 in that group and I'll be mostly happy. Really hoping Michigan is a big favorite, really feel glld about winning that one.
  14. Best Win of the Callahan Era

    The Michigan bowl game was probably the first game I voluntarily watched since the South Bend takeover game. I wasn't much into football until that point. That game and that amazing USC/Texas game really started drawing me in. I still remember freaking during the laterals that we were gonna be the laughingstock of the bowl season if Michigan somehow scored, luckily they didn't. I wanted to say the KSU beatdown of 2007, but that was after getting boatraced by Kansas and Cally was toast by the KSU game anyways.
  15. So, gonna be in Muscatine Iowa last week of June for a work thing.  Any reccomendations?

    1. GSG


      DON'T GO

  16. Oh yes, we're stretching back further into history, and looking at the best wins of the Bill Callahan era of Nebraska football. First, though, a look back at the Worst Losses of the Pelini Era. With over 65% of the vote, Huskerboard has decided that the worst loss of the Bo Pelini era was the 2012 Big Ten Championship game against Wisconsin. Rightfully so, too. Now, onto Bill Callahan: Game 1 - 2005 Colorado: "Restore the Order". Zac Taylor throws for almost 400, Cory Ross runs for almost 150, and the CU security staff throws out hundreds of students. - ESPN: http://www.espn.co.uk/college-football/recap?gameId=253290038 - Youtube: https://youtu.be/iNM9AiZm-TU?t=5s Game 2 - 2005 Michigan: Little did we know, but this would turn into a conference game a few years later. Pretty wonky ending, but Nebraska showed fortitude in finishing. - ESPN: http://www.espn.com/college-football/recap?gameId=253620158 - Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wZzrJyh3Sd8 Game 3 - 2006 Texas A&M: Taylor was as cool as ice leading a game winning drive, including one hell of a 4th down completion to Todd Peterson. Clinched the division, too. - ESPN: http://www.espn.com/college-football/recap?gameId=263150245 - Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aGWKnyFzpkc Game 4 - 2006 Colorado: Nebraska finishes the Big 12 North title in style using four trick plays, including a TD pass to Barry Turner - ESPN: http://www.espn.com/ncf/recap/_/id/263280158 - Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6ICijQRsUbw Game 5 - 2007 Kansas St: Callahan knew his fate was sealed at this point, and went into full DGAF mode. Ganz threw for 510 yards and 7 TDs, both school records. - ESPN: http://www.espn.com/ncf/recap/_/id/273140158 - Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eOIJXJONm3k Voting will be open for a week, and if there is a game which you think fits the bill better, please vote "Other" and describe it in a post. Thanks!
  17. So, who is going to leave?

    Luke Maye from UNC, Barry Brown from K-State & Sagaba Konate from West Virginia have all pulled out of the draft this week. It's hard to imagine that Copeland or Palmer are getting better feedback than those three. If they don't come back it's because they don't want to be in school anymore and would rather play somewhere in Europe.
  18. Bryan Brokop...

  19. Bryan Brokop...

    No one in particular. Just a comment in general regarding if this would ever be a valuable loophole.
  20. Does Solich have any known retirement plans? Not that I'd complain if it happened now, but I feel like waiting until he's done coaching would be more appropriate for a Memorial Stadium appearance/tribute.
  21. Huskers Still Considered a Blue-Blood Program

    Nick Bahe (so?) was talking about the fact that not one national news reporter or news outlet had anything bad to say about Scott Frost. In fact, the general consensus is that they are looking forward to Nebraska returning to nations prominence. GBR!
  22. Bryan Brokop...

    Not sure if you are commenting about Matt Snyder (as he is a junior), but there are rumblings that he is looking to transfer/leave the program.
  23. Bryan Brokop...

    Maybe he was buyin what Cav was sellin but not the new staff... But seriously for players who aren't completely bought in to a new coaching staff/scheme but are hesitant to quit bc they don't want to lose the scholly, this makes things a whole lot easier and is for the best for all parties.
  24. Bryan Brokop...

    Convince one senior-to-be 4th string TE to "quit" to make room for a graduate transfer of a shutdown CB sounds pretty valuable.
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