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  2. Barfknecht Nails it to Eichorst

    Ah yes. The media made Nebraska get 62 hung on them by Colorado The media made Nebraska go 7-7 The media made Steve Pederson botch the HC hiring in 04 The media made Nebraska have their first losing season in 40+ years The media made Tom Osborne botch the HC hiring in 07 The media made Harvey Perlman botch the AD hire of 2011 The media made Shawn Eichorst botch the HC hire of 2014 THE MEDIA THE MEDIA THE MEDIA THE MEDIA
  3. 'Mansplaining'

    I like to say "Sloots" it was from a TV show...Blue Mountain State.
  4. The other thing missing is the patience to get the right players. No way the fans will wait while the next coach revamps the offense again.
  5. Atmosphere In Lincoln This Weekend

    Lol, well I've been to several games and we've won some and lost some. We'll blame it on the boys if we lose!
  6. This was Possibly a Great Day for Nebraska Football

    You're simply right... because. And everyone who doesn't agree is blind or dumb. Well, I'm convinced.
  7. 'Mansplaining'

    Yikes. I've never heard that and I (yes I'm weird) eat a brasil nut every day. You're a slut.
  8. 'Mansplaining'

    Yeah, it might depend where you grow up. I am not sure. My best friend since about 4th grade is jewish (yet came to a catholic school with me for 8 years) and he used it all the time as a joke...and in reference to his father, over and over and over. That is a super good comparison. Girls do that all the time! They use sluts too.
  9. Get the right players in here we can run any offense - even Tom's old O. However, one missing ingrediant - Tom's wizard like genius in calling the plays. There were times when you wonder if Tom had a direct connection to the opposing team's DC coordinator's mind.
  10. Do you miss the Big 12?

    I'm curious as to how a few of your fans can continue to dispute the UT game ruling? The replay showed that the refs made the right call. Video evidence supported that ruling, yet, a few NU fans still claim that was one of the reasons for leaving the Big 12. We all can point the finger at UT's Deloss Dodds for destroying a once great conference. I don't hate Texas for trying to better themselves, but Dodds went too far and almost blew it all to hell. In fact, we (OSU) were resigned to join the PAC-12 with UT, TT, OSU and ou joining Arizona and Arizona State for one division. Yet, instead of just letting the conference unplug the life support machine, some wiseguy gave the BIg 12 the defibrillator. The conference talked of expansion, yet passed and missed on adding teams when it could have. Now we're stuck with Big <12 and long for the days when NU, CU and Mizzou was a natural rivalry (give or take). But, love them or hate them, UT beat you guys fair and square.
  11. Am I alone in thinking Rutgers might be better than Illinois, though? I understand that wasn't the case last season but, so far in this one, Rutgers has posted better stats in every category I've looked at and neither has played a remotely difficult schedule (though Illinois gets the nod for not having played a lower division team). Teamrankings.com ranks the B1G schedules to date in the following order, from toughest to softest: 1 Ohio State 2 Indiana 3 Maryland 4 Michigan 5 Purdue 6 Nebraska 7 Northwestern 8 Illinois 9 Iowa 10 Wisconsin 11 Rutgers 12 Penn State 13 Michigan State 14 Minnesota
  12. Maybe you shouldn't start a new topic every time a thought pops into your head.
  13. 'Mansplaining'

    Last paragraph, exactly! It reduces the power of the word if they use it affectionately. It's a way of taking the word away from racist people and owning it. I think no one should use it. But I understand the reason behind some Black people using it.

    Eichorst was the AD since 2001?
  15. This was Possibly a Great Day for Nebraska Football

    I just can't take you seriously. You are basically a wannabe Husker version of a Trump supporter. I don't think you have a clue about anything.
  16. 'Mansplaining'

    It's weird to not have heard of it. But I've never heard it actually used for the purpose it's used for. I just knew that people used it.
  17. 'Mansplaining'

    This is an interesting point. I think one of the reasons we have a hard time understanding why some black people use that word, is that there is not an equivocally demeaning word for white people. I can't think of a time in our (white american) history when we, as a group, have been similarly humiliated, marginalized, and dehumanized based on our race. So words like "cracker" and "honkey" don't carry the same weight. I guess an equivalent might be girls jovially calling each other "bitches". Its about owning the word to take away its power over them. Again, words matter. Words have power. I guess that's the point we are arguing. You take the stance that people shoudn't get so offended by certain words. I would argue that the words you think are harmless are actually very powerful to people who have been marginalized. When words are attached to things like slavery or male-domination over women, for example.
  18. 'Mansplaining'

    I once was teaching middle schoolers and I asked what some of the kids did over the weekend...one girl raised her hand and said "me and my friends went N-bomb knocking"
  19. Neither do I. These boards didn't exist then. The internet basically didn't exist. There was pretty much no ESPN College Game Day. What will all of you do when there is success and National Prominence once again? Maybe that is why you dismiss the truth. you don't want it, because there is much more fun on these boards when you are miserable! I was here to help get the word out. Get the truth out and lo and behold, it is slowly coming out. SE is Gone. As he should have been a long time ago...or really shouldn't have been here in the first place. You can believe it or not. Husker Athletics has been in shambles for quite some time, it is no coincidence that everything was falling apart under Eichorst. Well today is a New Day in Lincoln. Now they just need to repair it and let's talk again in 3-4-5 years and see if they figured out the correct formula. I believe in Bounds and Green and that they will make the correct decisions that Harvey and Eichorst failed on. Time will tell.
  20. Barfknecht Nails it to Eichorst

    As I say, you can't fight the weasels.
  21. Barfknecht Nails it to Eichorst

    No, that's way over the top and I didn't claim that.
  22. We don't need to go to a triple option (flexbone) attack to be honest. We actually didn't run a true one under coach Osborne. Nebraska ran a power running offense, with double option plays. We rarely if ever ran a true triple option. In a true triple option, the quarterback makes a read on the defense on whether or not to give the ball to the fullback. With us when the fullback got the ball it was almost always a called play. The option was on the pitch to the I-back, or for the quarterback to keep the ball. People say we can't run the old Osborne offense and I say BULL!!! Our power was basically I-back dive, I-back sprint draw, outside play (stretch), toss sweep, counter, isolation, fullback quick hitters, quarterback keep and quarterback sneaks all with inside/outside zone blocking. Plays that are still ran frequently by many others.
  23. This was Possibly a Great Day for Nebraska Football

    Personally, I think the trajectory has been more important than the execution. We're being considered by big fish and there are more and more recruits I'm excited about. The problem is, you can't go from 0 to 100. I was happy given Riley some transition space. I wasn't expecting anything amazing until 2019. However, he needs to be doing something with what he has and he's not. The same way there was no way we should've lost that 147 fumble game to Iowa State. It's the difference between renovating a building and blowing it up and starting over. Blowing up our building was never supposed to be on the table, and that's exactly what HCMR has done. It doesn't mean he can't build something great eventually. However, if you hired a contractor to renovate your house and he demolished it, you'd probably fire him even if he has potential to do great work.
  24. Barfknecht Nails it to Eichorst

    Would you claim that not reading professional journalists leads to the team having zero success for 20 years?
  25. Barfknecht Nails it to Eichorst

    LOL. The media is just reinforcing the narrative of SE needed to go. If HRMR won 11 games last year, was in the playoffs and looked to repeat it this year all of this would be spun in a positive. Doesn't meet with coaches, becomes doesn't micromanage the programs, he's a big picture guy and lets the coaches do their job. Booster upset about him being standoffish, becomes SE not bowing to booster money. Doesn't speak to the media, is hard ot get ahold of, becomes he's the man behind the curtain that doesn't want to draw away from the students on the field. Was firing him the right choice? I sure hope so, make no mistake the media is complicit in supporting the narrative UNL wants to generate.
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