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    First of all Support for Trump does not equate to conservatism There are plenty of conservatives on this board But through the miracle of intellectual conversation and presentation of facts many of the Huskerboard conservatives realize that Trump is a jackass who does not represent the values of an intelligent conservative Huskerboard is not a microcosm of Nebraska politics This is a place for intelligent Husker fans to have deeper discussions Secondly, Why do you write all of your posts As if you are entering an alt right poetry contest? Good poetry is an art form and takes a certain amount of intellect and creativity Shakespeare you ain't Why not try using actual sentences, paragraphs and punctuation?
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    What in the hell is wrong with you? Breaking Bad is the best TV show of all time. If you want a show that is exciting and has constant turns go find a soap opera. This boggles my mind that someone would call Breaking Bad boring.
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    Does your buddy happen to be Jon Bruning?
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    Everyone who doesn't regurgitate right-wing talking points is a liberal. -OR- This is a community of people who appreciate facts. Facts aren't liberal or conservative, they're just facts. The problem a lot of conservatives have is, the facts of many of these matters don't conform to their world view. So they don't change their world view to fit the facts, they attack the nature of facts. Seems like a really weird way to live your life.
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    I dont get why anyone who has ever heard Miles talk would taken offense to the comment about still getting paid. Miles jokes all the time. Even in this crappy time he has done a great job of keeping his head up. People who defend Miles have a hard time of understanding that you can like the guy and still question his abilities. I would love to have a beer with Miles. He seems like an awesome guy. I just dont think he is a very good X & O's coach and a good coach can easily take his team out of the game. That being said, I sure hope people arent tweeting crap to him or saying crap to his face about how he sucks. Its ok to be respectful yet critical in your analysis of his ability.
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    I want to agree with OTHusker about a couple things: • It is hard to get younger white Americans to take jobs in the trades. Not all are poor paying, in fact many pay better than entry level white collar jobs -- minus the massive college debt. An ambitious kid can also learn the trade and start his or her own business. Those people own some of the nicest houses in the neighborhood. And yes, part of the problem has been the "follow your bliss" generation their parents came from. Well intentioned or not, it has raised expectations to an unsustainable level. The rise in kids moving back in with their parents is not anecdotal, nor is the rampant increase in depression and anxiety disorders. This is the first generation that is expected to make less and live shorter lives than their parents. There's currently a shift in thinking that is taking the stigma off trade schools and community colleges for traditionally middle class, university educated parents. That's a good start. • It is kinda interesting how the politics on a Nebraska football fansite leans left. Conservatives who are smart enough to dislike Trump doesn't quite explain it, since every page on the internet that allows comments features plenty of full-throated Trump support and libtard baiting. I'm encouraged by HuskerBoard, not just because I lean left and/or pragmatic, but because it's a pretty good conversation, made better when conservatives bring a thoughtful game. I know you feel outnumbered, OTH, but I hope you don't feel like you're getting chased off.
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    You don't think Mo's text was intended to be detrimental to the girl?
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    Trump country - "Bailouts are bad!!!" Also Trump country - "We'll take your bailout money when it's beneficial to us!!!!" Conservatives are all for smaller government except when it's lining their pockets.
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    agree, welcome to the off season.
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    I just want a proven P5 coach... enough of the mid-major experiments.
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    Nebraska media: *reports on Miles' "millionaire" remarks without context* Nebraska fans: *become slightly frustrated with those remarks* Tim Miles: "I'm sorry for the comments on the podcast." Nebraska media: *turns up noses* "He didn't have to do that. Anybody who listened to the entire thing knew it was clearly a joke. Fans took the comments out of context."
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    Denzel Washington is racist against at least one other black person besides himself for saying King Kong ain't got nothing on him
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    Yeah but don't forget...there were more than a few times when June Cleaver mentioned that Ward was "rather hard on the Beaver last night"...soooo
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    They obviously have enough resources and coordination to eyetroll all of the posts that point out their incompetence on this board, so they can't be wholly dysfunctional, right?
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    Cool factoid about The Blacklist: the creator of the show (Bokenkamp) is from Kearney, my older brother was a close childhood friend of his. There are a lot of old references to Kearney buried in the dialogue of the show, but they are hard to catch unless you really know the town (I've caught the names of old elementary school teachers, for example). The same guy spearheaded a renovation of an old theater in downtown Kearney a few years ago that now shows arthouse flicks and classic movies, and they have special screenings with every new Blacklist episode, often with live Q&A afterward with people who actually work on the show.
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    Good comments Guy. As one of those 'smart enough to dislike Trump' conservatives I'd encourage OTH and 'others' to engage and voice their opinions in a respectful way. Yes, I sometimes engage wt foot in mouth but it is always good to recognize when you have done so and get back into the conversation. Everyone regardless of their leanings left or right is worthy of respect and should be allowed to voice their opinion. I consider them all 'friends' even if I don't agree with them some or even most of the time. I know they still love America like I do but just have a different perspective on how to 'fix' this country we love. Different perspective are good for learning and growing.
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    Haven't been watching much news this week, but I'm under the impression this story isn't getting much play. It's not as wacky as Jussie Smollet, but a bit more consequential. Gonna guess Fox has avoided it for obvious reasons. https://www.nytimes.com/2019/02/21/us/coast-guard-christopher-hasson-terrorist-attack.html
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    He could join Tommy Armstrong with the Grand Island Danger arena team.
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    This x1000. Dude seems like he's be great to hang out with, and he obviously has coaching acumen; you don't hold multiple D-1 jobs without being able to coach. I think he's just reached his full potential here, and each party going their separate ways would be best.
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    @teachercd and @RedDenver you are dead to me.
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    If Barr does do that, Congress could call Mueller in to testify and he could then open up about what was found. There would be ways to get the information public if Barr suppress it.
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    Well it was a conservative group recruiting conservatives one could assume that the person assaulting the conservative recruiter and calling them the b and c words and didn’t like what was going on was probably on the other side of the spectrum you are at cal Berkeley where violence against free speech and conservatives has been going on for years Let’s be honest here just imagine if someone with a MAGA hat had beat up someone who was recruiting kids for blm or some other liberal group it would have been headline news from coast to coast talk shows would have been all over it politicians would have been using the incident to grab headlines didn’t something like that happen recently? Didn’t that just happen ??? somewhere wasn’t someone that was supposedly wearing a MAGA hat beat up some liberal fella and then it got a bunch of publicity ? Didn’t that supposed attack generate a bunch of front page outrage nationally? instead with this case with the shoe on the other foot, most of us including myself had never heard about it no talk shows or interviews from the big networks no politicians making hay no 24x7 news stories no calls to action instead- crickets
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    I met a liberal millenial once who worked 70 hours a week laying bricks and hanging drywall. He was a beast, outworking everybody on his crew by 2x. He was always 15 minutes early and left 20 minutes late and he never missed a shift. I heard he was from a naturally strong family though so that might make a difference.
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    Everyone's going to have to provide a lot fewer facts if we are going to appease the dips#!t who might have a personal anecdote about lazy millennials.
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    I'm surprised that this discuss continues as there has not been any new information in over a week!
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    Miles seems like a good guy. I don’t know what the problem is with the team but there’s no reason to demonize people just because things don’t go your way.
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    If he had referred to him as a gorilla or a monkey, I can understand. But this is ridiculous. No one who calls someone King Kong is saying someone is like a gorilla or a monkey. They're saying they're big and powerful and terrorizing the other team.
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    I think that depends on whether or not he thought she was raped or not. If he didn't think she was raped then no I dont.
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    Keep in mind that Nebraska's history of sad sack basketball is the entire history of Nebraska basketball, running through every AD who made our football program so great, including Bob Devaney.
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    Maybe I'm too suspect, but as long as you mention it, the Nike campaign salutes Kaepernick for "risking everything." At the time he started kneeling, Kaepernick's career had already bottomed out --- from Super Bowls and ESPY fame to sitting on the bench while Blaine Gabbert led the team. A bit like alcoholics finding God only when everything has fallen apart. No harm in that, but the real courage is using your fame when you are at the top of the game, where both the influence and risk is higher. There might be a team this season willing to bring Kaepernick aboard --- as a back up -- and an owner with a social conscious and/or willing to use publicity of any kind. Not sure where I'd put my money on that.
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    So very true! We all know people that are horrible people...but then act totally different in public.
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    In this ruling there is a 3 prong test all three test must be satisfied in order to meet the minimal requirements. I dont the element of intent is present in the 2nd requirement. To me it was maurice telling a girl off, and he doesnt want her praise. I dont think the intent behind it was to cause detrimental effects within the state. In fact I dont think anyone actually thinks that was intent at all, and this ruling does require that intent. But your probably right it will ultimately be California judges ruling on the case.
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    Dr. Sulu for the win!
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    I would propose Twitter is a really sh#tty approximation of the real world. Especially political Twitter. Good way to get news, but terrible reflection of its actual impact. Progressives on Twitter and social media in general are toxic as hell and usually not worth wasting any time on. It's an endless suckhole of uncompromising, angry groupthink that immediately tries belligerently attacking and chasing off anyone who disagrees with their notions of purity.
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    It could've meant something, it could've meant nothing. I don't think there's enough information to have an informed opinion either way. Washington has the right to remain silent and no charges were brought against him last fall. And, according to Bruning, the CA county attorneys were being hostile and unprofessional at the time. So, legally speaking, they had no obligation to do anything and it could actually benefit them in court.
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    Home run Hoiberg. If Moos sets up Nebraska with Frost and Hoiberg, he might get a statue someday. Not kidding.
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    Sorry, you lost me here. I have no clue if this is where you got this phrase.....but, this is nothing more than Fox News propaganda.
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    I really try to be a "glass half full" kinda guy, but when I read this I'm still disheartened that 40% approve.
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    The republican government is dysfunctional
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    There are a number of health issues that require a trained physician to make a decision on the risk to the mother, and the child. Sometimes these are identified early on in pregnancy, other times (RARELY) they are determined late, or happen late due to an accident or issue. My question (I was super active and involved early on in this thread and have been away so I may have missed some intricacies in the debate posts) is do you trust the judgement of a physician? It seems that many pro life advocates struggle with the scientific expert analysis provided by the people who have trained extensively in this very topic (pediatrics, OB/Gyn, medicine, medical ethics etc) unless it aligns to their beliefs. So the debate becomes one of your belief and opinion and faith vs. experience, science and data.
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