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  1. jimmy1


    Thats right Scott throw all the seniors under the bus like it's their fault for this season!
  2. jimmy1


    You cannot tell me Purdue has more talent than Nebraska. Bull. What says you?
  3. He needs to own this. There are 35 million reasons too. It will get better when he gets his players. Until then suck it up and stay classy my friend.
  4. jimmy1


    Should never blame the kids. Take it on the chin. It's yours.
  5. We are jinxed! Luck is not on our side.
  6. Right now we just are not only that competitive but also not that good of a football team.
  7. Win or lose, this one is on Frost!
  8. When is the last time Nebraska won a big game since Tom Osborne retired?
  9. Reality, we have a chance to beat Ohio St. Everybody has a chance. I wouldn't bet my trailer on it though.
  10. I have a feeling we have farther to go then I thought!
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