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  1. Hmmm...police officers showing protesters they stand with them. i fail to see why that should get this response. As small as each one is, it should be commended.
  2. Yep...and, they should have had the reported Covid deaths and then the Excess deaths on top of that.
  3. The graph is just confusing how it was put together.
  4. It’s so damn frustrating why we can’t have nice things.
  5. What is more impressive, the dunk or that the rim/backboard/post held up?
  6. I don't agree with this. But, I would rather them targeting a building than the police themselves when many of them weren't involved.
  7. Yes, because the MAGA crowd is going to claim..."look, the armed men who stormed into the Michigan capital building, weren't looting or destructing anything". My answer would be, what would have they done if the police started teargassing them and shooting them with rubber bullets. But, if the protesters were being violent and destructive before, it takes that argument out of being used.
  8. Question, was there any looting or destruction of anything before the police started using teargas and rubber bullets?
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