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  1. I just read far enough to see the quotes of what he posted.
  2. Umm....no. And, I personally think him hugging the flag is disgusting. Trump loves Trump and nothing else. And....yes, he is a traitor to the country. If he truly loves this country, he wouldn't destroy the constitution the way he does.
  3. Which is jack s#!t other than tear our country apart and make us the laughing stock of the developed world. And....doing it all while constantly lying to the American people and doing everything he can to benefit himself.
  4. That's always been the conclusion I have come to.
  5. Yep, Trump will do anything to help Putin. No This is just flat out laughable.
  6. I would be concerned with unarmed officers pulling people over. At the same time, I wonder how can we get to a point where we can have unarmed officers like other countries?
  7. Whole lotta nothing.....Hmmmm....I'm shocked that's the direction Fox News went with this while dear leader is licks Putin's body parts to make sure Putin stays happy.
  8. Tennessee is a lot like Nebraska. They haven't been good for a while, but there's no reason why they shouldn't be good.
  9. Yet, countries that didn't do that are having the worst infection and death rate. It's amazing how people are smarter experts in all of this than people who have devoted their careers to it.
  10. Ummm....No. It's interesting when people don't like what he's saying and they accuse him of this. But....at the same time, every infectious disease specialists in the world is saying the same thing.
  11. Honestly, I had to look back at this conversation and remember what it was even about. I think my thought process was that people write books all the time embellishing or making stuff up. They can still do that under oath, but most people would tend to tell more of the truth at that point due to concerns of getting in trouble from lying. And, people like Trump supporters can just brush this off as a disgruntled relative that wants to make a dime.
  12. This is the kind of thing that makes no sense.
  13. You need to communicate more with “green” people. I honestly don’t hear people talking about the pipeline. Im sure the majority around here would support it because king Donny acts like it’s so great. Me personally, I’m against it. A foreign company/government should not be able to use eminent domain to take control of American’s property just so the can get their products to a port.
  14. I wasn't specifically talking about the national anthem. I was talking about the wording in your post. If I didn't know you were talking about this subject, I could have taken it as justification for white supremacy. "I should be able to just be with my white friends and not have that black crap forced live in my neighborhood."
  15. If one race voluntarily wants a racial divide, doesn't the other race have it forced on them and shoved down their throat?
  16. Agree. But, there is one hell of a lot of work that goes into fighting a nuclear plant from even being built and that takes up an enormous amount of time to get through.
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