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  1. Was in CO this weekend. On Monday morning I was leaving Denver and was listening to their “Altitude Sports” radio station featuring Brett Kane (formerly of 93.7 The Ticket). Him and two other goofballs were absolutely trashing Michigan St and talking about how Mel was committed to CU. Funny how things work out. 

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    2. macroboy


      I live in Denver. Listen to Altitude a lot. Really like it. Only station that doesnt spend all of its time talking Broncos. 

      I was actimually listening this afternoon when I read your post....and they were talking about Mel Tucker. As you can imagine the tone was quite different.

    3. macroboy


      And yes, our Nu Denver traffic SUX now. Denver is a blizzard wasteland run by gangs on the marijuanas. Dont move here.

    4. Fru


      Any desire I’ve had to move to CO has pretty much been snuffed out. Not anything close to the town I fell in love with when I was younger. Lemme ski a few times a year and I’m set

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