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  1. Dave Rimington and, because Suh and Wistrom have been mentioned, Chris Peter (without the off the field problems)
  2. It's fun to imagine having someone like that.
  3. That's how the grading was when i was there.
  4. Agree with this. The only time I cheer for OU is when they play texas and a few sec schools.Otherwise I hope they lose.
  5. I went to school in Wildflecken. My older brother and sister went to Fulda. My dad was armor.
  6. During the first gulf war. I went in for college money. Got my BS without any debt. When did you serve?
  7. I went airborne infantry (idiot), but they weren't offering money for that when I joined.
  8. I didn't get the bonus money when I signed.
  9. This happened in several games this season.
  10. I agree with Undone. It seems like Chin doesn't make any halftime adjustments and teams come out a gash us.
  11. Wishful thinking. Indiana hasn't beat anybody good. We have"better" recruits, it's at home? I'm hoping one of these things work.
  12. I agree. For some reason the offense has regressed. The defense looks "better", but its hard to tell with the offense not performing as expected.
  13. We SHOULD win this weekend. If we do, we will easily win 7 games this year, possibly 8. I thought we would go 8-4, it seems a little less likely, but not impossible. Right now I just want a bowl game.
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