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  1. If I am thinking about this correctly, the other McCaffrey brother will more than likely start for Michigan next season, and I am guessing that Luke would also in his mind expect to start here, if HE feels he is the better player overall. Judging from the end of the season, I think that Luke is the better player, just less experienced to this point. If HC Frost feels that Amart is the man, then he is the man, and we won't keep both on this roster. This is where the game is today. If you look around the nation, almost every great starting QB transferred into where they are now playing and contending for either Heismans or other awards. Fields at OSU was at Georgia, Eason at Washington was at Georgia, Burrows was at Ohio ST now more than likely Heisman winner at LSU, and the list could go on. Heck the last two Heisman winners transferred into OU. So I wouldn't say that either one of these guys feel that they have to stay here, if they aren't the starter. I don't know either one's situation or personal makeup, but competitors want to compete, and thats usually why these QB's transfer. Hope for the best, expect the worst!
  2. I absolutely agree with your assessment. This was my worry a few games back. I don't know how long you can play the "next man up" in case of injury to keep him here as well. Vedral is a capable number 2 for each of our two legitmate starters with Luke and Amart. Spring practice will decide a lot. I feel that if Amart doesn't keep working to get better, Luke will surpass him and it won't even be close going into fall camp. I think that this will work itself out before summer time and someone will be transferring elsewhere.
  3. I would agree with all of this except this is college football, we have 2, capable Qb's in line to play who might have done better if AMart wasn't 100%. We could be better next season, but it will depend alot on Qb play for the offense to getting more consistent. IF you believe Amart is the best available option, he will have to improve a lot. I think he can. I think he has to otherwise we will have a QB controversy next season and that usually can either make a team stronger or rip it apart. The defense did improve, even if it was minor little bit, it did improve. I just don't know how optimistic to get since I was one who thought this season 8-4 was realistically the number we would be shooting for. We did regress, along with our QB play. Schedule appears tough next season, and thinking that 8-4 would be a great season.
  4. Klieman has won in a playoff setting, not on votes. I watch some of KSU along with other Big 12 games, and this K-St team has no more talent than they have had the last two plus years and beat OU, and now is winning their 8th game in fairly tough conference. Baffles me that we can't find that guy to transform our players into players that would run thru a brick wall for them, even though they didn't recruit most of them............Why?
  5. Didn't vote for either one. Neither one are QB's in my opinion. Glorified Rb's or Wr's are all that either one should be.
  6. So, are we saying that Klieman at KSU is that much better of a coach than Frost? KSU has failed to go bowling for a few years as well, and with less talent on paper than we have, and they are going to win 8 games this season. KSU plays old fashioned tough football, and is winning 8 games with a really stout 3-4 defense. Whats not translating here?
  7. Say what you want about anything, but I am watching K-State, with a first year coach play defense, special teams, and some blah, but effective rushing offense. They might not win, but they have 7 wins this season already, and beat OU. It can't be that hard to find someone who wants to wear red, want to win and coach those players who want that as well. It is more than a 5 year thing right now. Its a thing that dates back to 2003, firing a 9 win coach, and then not having a plan. This is, and always will go back to Petersen and his cronies. Fired a coach, and didn't have a for sure diamond in the rough ready to lead this to something better. 16 year stretch of losing games, that shouldn't have been lost, and not winning games that matter.
  8. We went 5-7 with Amart mostly running the show this season. So what if we would have had Luke in for more games and lost them, as long as he was progressing each week? I would have much rather seen us go 5-7, trying to win more game with a less experienced Qb who is completely healthy, than go with a more experienced Qb, who doesn't seem 100%. I guarantee that we would have won the Maryland game with any of our QB's. Might have won the Colorado with a different QB. Purdue most for sure we would have won that game because Amart missed so many easy throws early in that game, that would have been a blow out in our favor. I would agree, that maybe we are not the far away, based on some on field bias, but we are still miles away based on the rest of the programs make up from coaching staff down to the players and making it all come together on the field.
  9. We lost to any team that had a pulse this year. Our wins, other than against the Illini, were against teams with losing records. Power 5 teams with a pulse beat our butts this year. I would say that Illinois would beat us today. Thats for the negative. Positive, well digging deep for this, but I think our Defense in spurts, in spots was a minor little bit better...........maybe? Mills is a dude at rb. Spielman is still our best option at WR. Wandale is a difference maker, and without him in a few games, we will never know what some other games could have looked like. Coaching this season seemed not so great. With saying that, I wonder if it was as much coaching or just the fact that Amart didn't look the part and that caused our offense to sputter. Either way, its poor coaching. Seeing that we are going after some Juco players, says to me that we are needing some instant players to contribute. Either that means we don't have it on the roster yet, or its not near developed yet. I don't mind some Juco players, if they are impact players.
  10. Its time to find a different QB, its time to consider a different offensive strategy, and maybe its time to consider wholesale coaching changes.
  11. Once again we lose a game to a team who doesn't really do anything great, just makes solid football plays,.......what a plan. Playing football, making winning plays....something we can't seem to handle.
  12. Don't blame the D-fense today, they tried. They tried way more than our offense did.
  13. Welcome to the Big 10, again, we can't compete with real Big 10 teams yet, and don't think we will for a while yet.
  14. Too bad that our staff can't want this win for the team, as bad as it wants it for AMart.
  15. Stubbornness is maybe the word of the day Millen. Our staff is the most stubborn, egotistic staff in the conference with a losing record.
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