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  1. Why can't a family just support the kid and let them go where he wants to.
  2. He did that cause the Miami hat was the only one on the table before the whole phone call thing
  3. Has times for when guys will announce https://247sports.com/college/nebraska/Article/Nebraska-football-recruiting-Decision-times-for-Huskers-targets-National-Signing-Day-140720703/
  4. Shaefer CB for N. Also the Maryland guy switched his to N
  5. Probably not. I have seen Shaefer say he isn't sure that Aho will end up signing here
  6. Yep. We still have 5 spots left because Gifford doesn't count for this class technically.
  7. Unless like Mav speculated earlier, maybe a guy like Aho isn't a take at the end if we get the guys we want. I don't know
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