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  1. With everything we are seeing at this point I still can't see how this season is played. In the event it is, I think it will most likely be in empty stadiums. With pro sports looking to restart before the fall at least they can get an idea of how thing shake out with them before making a final decision.
  2. I'm curious as to why he wouldn't want to practice outdoors that week? Going back to the weather calendar for the week leading up to the Minn. game it looks like there wasn't particularly terrible. Nice early in the week if maybe a little windy when they practice but not cold. Thursday was dropping temps and a little rain when at the time they practice. The wind came up starting at about 9:00am but by then practice should have been finished shouldn't it? Friday morning was mid 30's with 15-20 mph winds but isn't that a travel day? Do they do a walk through at home before traveling? Regardless, it was similar to the game conditions. I guess it could understand if it were -10° with a gale blowing but being from Minn I would have thought the conditions they had that week would have seemed mild to him.
  3. I don't know if we lose to those six teams, it would surprise me if we were able to beat any of them, but I see this team as having a 6-6 ceiling with 5-7 or worse more likely.
  4. I can't blame these kids or their parents for looking elsewhere with what we have seen in Lincoln the last few years. If the kids are looking for a solid, stable, consistent program with winning records, a sense of identity and that consistently puts a bunch of players in the league there are lot better options than DONU. We've had losing records 4 of the last 5 years. Outside looking in, there sure seems to be a lot of turmoil within the program seeing the high attrition rate and the "not buying in" rhetoric we hear so much about. I really get no sense of identity for this team for the last few years (decades?). And our rate for placing kids in the NFL has been pretty abysmal. Unless they are dead set on going to NU there are objectively a lot better choices out there.
  5. On a more hopeful note. In Race for a Coronavirus Vaccine, an Oxford Group Leaps Ahead
  6. Boris Johnson moved to intensive care with COVID-19 Boris Johnson moved to intensive care with COVID-19 I figured when they announced yesterday that he was admitted to hospital as a routine measure things weren't going well.
  7. If JD doesn't make it back, and I have no idea if he will or not, we could be in deep doo-doo next season at WR. Last I heard through the rumor mill was Betts & Manning were both questionable in making it academically. I know last summer the word was Betts would never be able to qualify but apparently that has improved somewhat but still is not a lock. Who knows with Manning. If we are sans JD, Betts and Manning next season I don't see anyway the O can produce enough points to make up for what is appears to be a not so stellar D in games against teams with a pulse.
  8. With what we've seen the last two years and the schedule we have this year I see about a 5-7 season with 6-6 as the ceiling. If they can get to 6-6 I would see it as a very successful season. I don't see things turning around until 2022 or 2023 if Frost can survive until then.
  9. Right. After finishing 11-2 overall with a top 10 national ranking this year I'm sure they just about ready to give him the boot.
  10. Agreed. Especially considering everything I've read says he is on level of Ryan Held as a recruiter.
  11. In my mind this makes a lot more sense than him leaving LSU for NU. Let's see, you just win a NC with arguably one of the better teams in CFB history, have an outstanding WR corps, are one the best recruiters on the team and operate in a state and area of the country that is overflowing the high end talent that are jumping at the chance to play for you. And you want to leave that to go to a school that is currently irrelevant, has 2 less wins in the last 3 years combined than you had just in this year, has had losing record 4 of the last 5 years and exists in a virtual recruiting wasteland for high end talent compared to where you are at. Yep, who wouldn't just at that chance /.
  12. I can see us going 5-2 in the first 7 games and losing the last 5 of season. 5-7 with a ceiling of 6-6 but if things go south the first few games it could be a very ugly season. From what we have seen this year Cincinnati is much better team than NU. And none of the first 7 are locks. Well maybe Rutgers but I wouldn't bet on it. All the others are potential losses.
  13. This pretty well sums up where I'm at and have been for the last few years. I feel lucky to have been able to witness / cheer for NU during its glory days, 5 NC, countless conf. championships, endless all-americans, many top bowl appearances and top notch play on the field over many decades. But, those days have become ancient history and won't be coming back again. Watching the games last Saturday as objectively as I could and realizing those teams are an order of magnitude or two above DONU truly saddens me but it is a fact. I don't realistically see any chance of NU winning a NC or even making the playoffs in my lifetime. I honestly don't see much chance of even getting back to the conf. championship game to get our butts kicked again more than once or twice a decade at best. And while the division might be obtainable it isn't going to happen very often. Next year, I'm thinking 6-6 would be a very successful season but think 5-7 or even worse is a more probable outcome. And I'd be pretty happy with 6-6.
  14. No, you have to master the swing passes too.
  15. Let's hope hope we will find out. Still a few openings from what I have read and some CB's for NU from the people that predict that sort of thing.
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