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  1. Heard he's taking JD with him jk
  2. So, now you have to make an offer to Helfrich that he can't refuse right?
  3. He told Huffman he would be back in January. We are visiting the school today along with Iowa, and Walters is no longer making the visit. This is seen as very curious because Walters has been the Omaha guy along with Ruud, and has been to Bell West many times.
  4. As the Husker World Turns, Walters told Bell West coach he would be back in January to visit. Now we are sending a quality control guy. Don't think yesterday's press release is the last coaching move we will hear about
  5. What's weird is callahan and clouse almost seem like they are just sitting on info and are trying to downplay anything negative. I know these guys like access but they have seriously downplayed everything that could be perceived as a negative lately.
  6. Yep and him and Clouse are saying the only Assistant coach hire will be Dawson. ST is going to be coached almost through an analyst position. Not sure how they can do this but that is what they are saying
  7. No, this is coming from people around the program. Right now it looks as though Dawson is going to be the only hire. And then what those close to the program are hearing is that we will be hiring ST through some what of an analyst position as it will not be part of Dawson's duties. The ST hire is what's holding everything up
  8. From what I gather, Walters wanted to get another job and interviewed for a few but no one would hire him so it's almost like we are stuck with him.
  9. Sounds like this is most plausible, as it somewhat sounds like things didn’t happen the way everyone thought that they would. Weird situation
  10. Looking back on the season Walters potential move should come as no surprise. Every time someone asked questions about Adrian and his play Frost would almost always deflect and put the blame on the O-Line and more importantly the WR's. Constantly saying they were running wrong routes, not being where they were supposed to be, etc. That's on Walters and sounds like there could have been some disconnect between him and his WR's.
  11. Seems that next week will have a lot of action. The prevailing thought from Rivals guys is that we are somewhat waiting to announce all 3 staff changes at the same time. Dawson is a certain done deal according to a few people now, Walters is moving on and it sounds like Mickey Joseph is the target to come replace him. A thought from the Rivals guys is that Held is Run Game Coordinator and Joseph is Pass game coordinator. The 3rd move is most likely Beckton as many have guessed. However, they are saying that Frost has done a great job keeping these moves tight lipped as a site like FootballScoop would be all over this, and they are not.
  12. This seems like the most logical. Him and Dewitt always seemed sort of fish out of water. All I read are articles about Beckton and how he is so well known and liked by people in Florida. I can imagine he wants to get back
  13. https://twitter.com/swmckewonOWH/status/1214214795383189504?s=20
  14. Should be announced if everything goes through in the coming days. Sounds like all signs point to Mike Dawson returning
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