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  1. 1) How long have you been a member of Husker Nation? For 15 years 2) What/who led you to The Nation? Family and friends 3) Where are you from originally? Hildreth, Nebraska 4) Where do you live now? Hildreth, Nebraska 5) Favorite Husker memory? Beating Oklahoma in 2001 6) Worst Husker memory? When Bill Callahan came to Nebraska 7) Number of home games attended? 7 8) Number of away games attended? 0 9) Favorite Husker memorabilia/apparel? My Bo Big Red shirt 10) Favorite place to watch a Husker game? (section in Memorial, bar, friends house etc.) At my house 11) Favorite all time player? Eric Crouch 12) WCO or Option? Option 13) Stevie Pederson or Billy Byrne? Bill Byrne 14) Lil Red or Herbie Husker? Herbie 15) Favorite Husker play? To many to name 16) Favorite game-day beverage? none 17) How did you find HuskerBoard? (referral source)
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