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  1. So glad someone posted this. Something good to watch Question, #25, John Vedral, is that Noah’s dad?
  2. Well, we know that they aren’t working. Apparently he doesn’t.
  3. Yeah, unfortunately that’s true. But I wonder if a “one read, then run” mentality would have brought back some of AM’s instinctual play, like last year.
  4. At this point, limited reads would probably have benefited AM just as much as McCaffrey.
  5. I think the swing passes would have a much better chance of success if we weren’t trying to block a DB with TE. Out in space, one on one, Stoll was seldom even getting a piece of the defender.
  6. I think that’s a very fair statement.
  7. McCaffrey split time at QB his junior year with the Senstrom kid who went to Stanford. I do agree he wasn’t ready to be the full time guy this year. But he did play QB a little more than just one season.
  8. Funny, against Colorado, did we suddenly get substantially less talented in the second half? Does our defense become less talented on the opponents last possession of the game? Does a lack of talent cause us to open the second half of a game with a timeout? Now, I’m by no means calling for drastic changes, or at this point, any changes in staff And I realize we lack top tier talent on the OL, and overall team depth wise. But to lay all the problems off on talent is showing blind faith a staff that at this point doesn’t deserve that faith. I hope they get to the point that they do.
  9. We get a lot of stats quoted. Both for AM and our offense. I wonder what percentage of those yards are between the 20’s. Because those numbers sure aren’t translating to ENOUGH points, especially 2nd half points. When your philosophy is to outscore the other team, you’d better turn those yards into points. Consistently! Just another example of how misleading stats can be. Especially when they’re put out without any context and just used as a blanket supporting number.
  10. I missed it too. But I am sensing a recurring theme about it.
  11. I hate to be blunt and rude, but that is just plain ridiculous. You don’t sacrifice the now for the future. You build for future while still doing everything possible to to take care of right now. You know, one game at a time. If you don’t tend to immediate results, before you know it there isn’t a future to build for. His coaching (including the entire staff) have cost us at least three games this year. You can be looking towards the future while effectively coaching in the present.
  12. In fairness to both sides though, in defending a QB’s play people are always very quick to point out drops by receivers, the “should have been caught”. The argument is he threw a good pass that should have been caught. So if the QB is going to get credit for throwing a good pass that gets dropped, it should be the same when he throws a bad one that the defender drops.
  13. As much as I like McCaffrey, I don’t think now is the time to start him. We still haven’t seen him in the passing game enough, and Iowa won’t let him run that option with the impunity he had today. But i also believe quoting AM’s stats today as an argument is very misleading. Let’s face it, if the Maryland defenders could catch they would have had two or three picks. He still makes an awful lot of bad throws. But at this point, I think he still has to be our main guy. But I still think a series here and there for McCaffrey adds another dimension to our offense. And is just something else for Iowa to have to adjust to.
  14. I don’t recall seeing Nelson in the game today. Must have been awfully sick for him not to get out there.
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