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  1. You're going to have to show some receipts before I get my hopes up.
  2. As a Chiefs fan, I'm contractually obligated to dislike Ed McCaffrey.
  3. Landlords and renters should have been eligible for the PPP loans that were distributed. These loans should continue to be distributed to small businesses throughout the pandemic and those larger businesses that somehow weaseled their way into getting those funds should be required to pay them back, with interest.
  4. Damn; Covid is tearing ACLs and breaking legs now?
  5. Right? Walters hasn't gotten anyone to commit to Nebraska this cycle.
  6. It's like the "cover your mouth with your glove" move in baseball.
  7. In all honestly, I might just mask up every time I'm ill and in public.
  8. Are MLB and MLS "bubbling" their players and teams together like the NBA is planning on doing?
  9. You do understand this is a process, correct? Because this is a new disease, we are actually still in the learning phase of it. As we learn more about it, opinions and methodology change. It's the same reason why the people who are trying to troll Fauci for his opinions in January and February are incredibly cringe. Masks were not at the forefront of the discussion at the beginning because 1. we didn't know exactly how the virus was being transmitted, and 2. they were deemed essential for healthcare workers and those caring for sick individuals. 4 months later, we know more about the transmission and that one of the best ways of preventing it is by wearing masks. That's why the majority of the discussion has centered around wearing masks in public to help flatten the curve, or did you just start paying attention?
  10. When did anyone say that masks don't work? And when were they a focal point of the initial lockdown phase?
  11. I've bounced around the idea of suggesting that the board do a "weekly watch party" of an old game on Twitch or something; we vote during the week on which game we'd watch then chat about the game during it.
  12. Probably the first week in August; I'm not certain.
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