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  2. So far she seems to be a pretty respectable Senator at this point. Not too extreme, but still fighting for non-extreme policies she believes in and that her party believes in. We could use about 80 more Senators like her, Manchin, Moran, Scott, etc..
  3. They should unionize so they can make money and give a bunch back to the union.
  4. One is complaining that the other is “still” getting “handouts” when they are not needed anymore. That is the argument the restaurant owner is making. One other thing, is this restaurant in question a large corporation exploiting Covid?
  5. The conversation went beyond what the article states was in the bill.
  6. One would think that, but it doesn’t seem to be the case based on all the pushback here
  7. The driver must be exercising "due care" at the time and not engaging in "reckless or willful misconduct." "engaging in disorderly conduct or participating in a protest without a permit." Sounds like the answer is not blocking through streets without a permit...and/or...not getting all road raged out that you might be late for koffee klatch if you took the wrong route
  8. I agree they need to fix all those things. But they are getting paid to do them all. Including recruiting highly rated players. To fix the program we need wins, we need recruits and we need well coached disciplined teams on game day.
  9. Still waiting for him to paste what wasn’t true. You can do it for him if you like since you want to part of the conversation.
  10. He's saying the political environment where no one cares about facts, and everyone just wants to be told what they want to hear. Which I think we can all admit, occurs a lot, no matter political affiliation (and in other realms, like sports). He's saying social media exists for it's echo chambers, no one goes to seek truth, but to validate their opinions.
  11. Both got money from the government. One of them is complaining about how the other "got handouts". It's hypocritical no matter how much other stuff you try to make the argument about.
  12. The bill doesn't say anything about "surrounding a car," or whatever the moving goalpost line is. This bill, and others like it, are direct responses to the BLM protests of 2020. They are designed to have a chilling effect on protests. It's not an accident these laws are coming from Republican-led legislatures. And it's not an accident the people who support it have a certain political ideology.
  13. This is the only part of the article that addresses what the conversation is about (that I can find). I don't see in here where it talks about a mob attacking a car and trying to break out it's windows. Any reasonable person would realize that in that case, a driver should be able to defend themselves and attempt to drive off. However, this lone statement leaves a lot that is not acceptable. If I'm driving down a highway and someone is walking along that highway and I hit them, I'm liable for that accident. It's my fault I didn't see them and have my car u
  14. I'm surprised the collective hard-on for Haarberg didn't thrust him further up the list.
  15. Question for those of us not hip to the lingo: what does "post-truth era" mean?
  16. Today
  17. I don't always agree with Mark Cuban but he had some interesting takes on Facebook in this podcast. https://www.theverge.com/21557432/mark-cuban-interview-nilay-patel-decoder-podcast
  18. I guess. Like I said. I don't know anything about G league. I envision it being played in gyms with very few, if any, fans and people seeing him. Would he actually be playing against better talent than in the Big Ten in front of thousands of fans every night?
  19. couldnt a d. exist in where he decides he wants to develop in the G League instead of in college?
  20. "working families" could use the cash...but automatic enrollment is not good. Wonder if all these folks know that they won't be getting a lump sum (like normal) at tax time?
  21. Well, when your post is clearly not true, this is what you get.
  22. Uh oh, the CFB mags must be coming out soon too!
  23. I know nothing about the G League. I'm wondering how doing well there affects the chances of him coming back. I can see three scenarios: a). He's there hoping it improves his NBA draft status. If it works, he gets drafted and he's gone. b). He does well there just hoping to have a chance in Europe and that's good enough for him. c). He does well there, but it doesn't improve his NBA draft status so he comes back.
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