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  2. But there is a way around it. If you understand all the dynamics from the season, those stats are likely much better than what many QBs would have produced. Those unwilling to truly understand all elements from the season will almost always blame the QB when results aren't good. Reality is they can only control so much of what happening.
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  4. For the last 2 years we've heard ad nauseam how it's not Chinander's fault his defense sucks, he doesn't have any talent to work with. That narrative is inconsistent with 4 players and counting getting invites to the combine.
  5. I see your point but Khalil basically got an invite for his performance in the 4-3 defense at the senior bowl. Darrion and Lamar were going to get invited regardless because of their frames for their respective positions. Khalil and Carlos were playing out of their natural position. Don't know if Carlos necessarily deserved an invite but we'll see what happens.
  6. Just imagine how much salt will be flowing if Bollers AND Fidone commit. Sweet, sweet hawkeye tears
  7. I just watched El Camino - A Breaking Bad Movie. Very very disappointed. Just bad. Not worth the effort. But I enjoyed Better Call Saul series. Jimmy, Kim, Mike, Chuck, Gay Howard, Fring, Hector, etc .... all excellent. BTW, I had watched the entire BB episodes, three times ! The best.
  8. 10 TDs to 9 INTs is bad. There's no getting around it.
  9. Nothing I've seen suggests Bloomberg has the best chance or even top 3 chance out of the Democratic candidates of beating Trump, and I certainly don't want to vote for him.
  10. In my opinion, Trump would rip him in half much easier than both Biden and Warren. Trump would get ripped by Sanders...Sanders has been in the game so long and is much more forceful and intelligent than Trump. Bloomberg has got too many skeletons in his closet, he's waffled too much on the issues. He's just not a solid candidate. He'd get ate alive in my opinion. I don't think the dems are even close to 2016 level of stupidity yet...they were in denial of Trump the entire time up until the election. In this year, they know what he's like, what he's capable of, and what he's going to talk about. They're more prepared this year. However, if you think only Bloomberg has a chance to defeat Trump, you haven't been paying attention to the polls and you really haven't been watching any of the Democratic candidates.
  11. Word in Michigan and Notre Dame are two schools that may pique his interest. But the Huskers still said to be in really good shape.
  12. Word is that Florida would be of high interest to him if they offered. Not necessarily an immediate commit, but a school that would be a contender. Huskers still said to be in strong position. But there is work to be done. Especially if other offers come in.
  13. If the average voter would listen to Bernie speak they would more often than not be won over.
  14. He's not batting 1.000, but go ahead and tell me what the hell he is doing to even be near the Mendoza Line.
  15. This is the biggest problem Republicans have a problem with. And, oddly, it's part of their own doing - they hate education, and tear down any kind of higher learning. Welp, nobody knows what a "Socialist" actually is, ya dopes. And when you try to demonize it, it's like trying to demonize an enigma. I'm supposed to be scared of Socialist Democrats? ....why?
  16. Yeah Trump doesn't bat .1000 few do. He's good a certain type of business as is Bloomberg. The major difference seems to be that's still a liability in the party of Hollywood and Silicon Valley. It's hard to articulate where the D anger at Bloomberg comes from but it seems to be a conditioned reaction to the trope of a wealthy business owner.
  17. If he can be torn down to nothing with minimal effort then he likely wasn't a legitimate candidate in the first place. Not sure why you think the odds are so long against Trump either. We are talking about a guy that lost the popular vote by 3 million last time to freaking Hillary Clinton and has gone on to be perhaps the least popular president in US history.
  18. Ok...let me rephrase that. To be successful playing up tempo, you have to be good at defense and defensive rebounds. if you’re not, your “up tempo” is basically you just dribbling down the court and throwing up shots early in the shot clock.
  19. You don't have to buy it, it is what it is. They play small and play fast. You can always play fast and up tempo even when you get killed on the boards...they are doing it this year, they are the fastest team in adjusted tempo in the league...so they are playing fast and up tempo while constantly giving up second and third chances.
  20. It’s almost comical watching Dems tear Bloomberg down to nothing when he is one of maybe two who could actually beat Trump. The Dems are well on their way to screwing this election up just as bad as 2016.
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