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  2. Fong with a confidence 8 CB for N
  3. IMO this doesn't wake up anybody - it does more to harm the local community and peoples' livelihoods, people who had absolutely nothing to do with any of it. It takes away paychecks... the ability to pay rent or buy food. It perhaps forces people to apply for unemployment. It could raise taxes to repair the damage they caused. Someone was also shot and killed during the riots. There's some speculation that this person 'may' have been involved in the looting but nothing concrete has come out yet. And on top of all this, virtually all top officials have condemned this officers' actions including the governor and police chief. I understand the aggression that leads to rioting, too. And what happened to George Floyd was deplorable and inexcusable, but there are a lot of people suffering (and people who will suffer) as a result of the actions of a few. Most of the people being punished right now for Floyd's death had nothing to do with it.
  4. I believe the issue is what the article at the beginning of the thread and Chinander’s trying to figure out....rush ends. In a 4 -3 you have two rush end specialist on the field every play and one more bigger body on the line. Which is of paramount importance in the B10....more bigger athletic bodies. Chinander’s trying to address this with one smaller athletic body. Which he usually has them running down field away from the quarterback to cover a back or tightened. So right back to the problem of 3 on 5 and QBs with all day to throw. The SEC is full of NFL talent and top notch DCs. I think Chinander’s D would be better in the B12. It’s the wrong fit for the B10 football. When Nebraska had great Defenses in the past we always has 2 talented D ends. We will never be able to recruit those types again in a 3-4. The most talented B10 team OSU runs a 4-3 and is consistently recruiting and getting D ends to the NFL. You know like we used to.
  5. I don't think all police officers are bad. Not even close. I know a decent handful of cops, all good at their jobs and good citizens. But I don't know how you can disagree with a conclusion that policing practices and training need a fundamental reform. We've seen too much needless and tragic death by cop to ignore it. It's not just rogue bad apples, the system of law enforcement has turned into its own entity with its own emergent qualities which at the very least allows for a reality where someone unfit for the work can be in the job, do something like this, and too often escape with impunity. Also I don't like the rioting and looting, but I understand it. Entire generations of communities being silenced, harassed, abused, told that we're past all that, and ignored will only stay silent, take it in the teeth and take the high road for so long.
  6. Purdue, simply because it is the first game and there is still doubt as to whether or not we actually have a season.
  7. Can't believe he turned down that party scholarship to Blue Mountain State!
  8. Without intent!?! Same charge as selling bad drugs!?! Maybe they're being conservative knowing juries are notorious for giving cops free reign to kill African Americans.
  9. I think it made sense that Vedral transferred when he did - nothing negative on Frost or the Huskers. I did take it for granted that he would likely be the number one QB there going into fall since I thought his main competition would be Johnny Lanagan (50.3% comp 4/9 td to int ratio) but in reality it looks like it may be Peyton Powell, the transfer out of Baylor. If he is eligible, he has a real shot to win the job. The kid was recruited hard by big programs, including Ohio State, and is a 4 star guy with 4 years of eligibility remaining. The only other guy in the room, Art Sitkowski, passed the ball well in his two games last year (44/68) but he isn't the mobile guy they are looking for. Hope Vedral wins it but it's no guarantee.
  10. I don't agree with this. But, I would rather them targeting a building than the police themselves when many of them weren't involved.
  11. When taxes go up in that area to rebuild the police building and damage created what's your thoughts on the building being burnt down then? You won't "define entire things by them" but you'll basically lump law enforcement together as a whole with "their entire existence" statement which is interesting, but not surprising at this point. Look what happened wasn't okay, I've said that and I'm happy that the officer has been charged, but to justify burning stuff to the ground makes little sense IMO. As the saying goes, two wrongs don't make a right. Looting and rioting is a poor way to get a point across. Just like putting a damn knee on the back of a guys neck and crushing the life out of him is a poor damn way to do your job as a police officer. Just saying.....
  12. Player: Jaylon Griffin Hometown: Huntsville, Texas School: Kilgore Junior College Position: Wide Receiver Height: 6-3 Weight: 182 Power 5 Offers: Kansas, Nebraska, Texas Tech Visits: Twitter 247 Composite: Rivals: 247: #27 JUCO Overall; #3 JUCO WR; ESPN: Hudl
  13. Talked to a Nebraska high school head coach today that told me Spielman is a cancer on the team. Tried to stage a “coup” as he called it against coaches last year when they practiced outside before going to Minnesota because it was too cold. Said he tried to get players to skip practice. Said Frost is trying to play it nice with public because Spielman is about to break school records but he does NOT want Spielman to return. He also said Frost didnt realize the extent of the problems Riley created when he took job.
  14. History tells us we'll be taking between 3-5 kids annually. Saint is an intriguing prospect from an area we're trying to make inroads in who is teammates with our top target in the same class. And he's a legitimate high major talent. It makes no sense why we wouldn't.
  15. There are two kinds of tuna melt: 1) The tuna isn't good and you shouldn't eat it. 2) The tuna is good and you shouldn't ruin it with cheese melt.
  16. That's a pretty small and carefully selected sample size. The best rush defenses by YPC allowed in the SEC are both 3-4, Florida and Georgia. The only decent defenses in the Big 12 (TCU, Iowa State, and Baylor) run 3 man fronts. Chinander may be an issue, but the 3-4 defense itself isn't. I don't agree with a lot of the Chins hate, but I get it because our defense has had some terrible games. What is it about the 4-3 that people think would magically make us better at stopping the run? Saying "4 guys to eat up blockers instead of 3" is a gross oversimplification. We almost always have 4 or 5 on the line, and guys like Alex Davis/Garrett Nelson are as big as 4-3 DEs. We've just sucked at filling gaps, and that's a fundamental part of every defense. The 4-3 doesn't fix our issue there. A new coach might, but this would be more on Ruud/Dewitt than Chins - and they let Dewitt go. Most of the issues I've seen don't look like scheme issues - this isn't Bo asking our relatively nonathletic LBs to catch Melvin Gordon starting flat footed when he has a head of steam on a jet sweep. It's guys just losing leverage or overrunning their assignments. There have absolutely been some questionable defensive playcalls, but I don't think that's been the biggest issue for run D.
  17. I'm not sure if "fact-checking" is really a solution or just creates more problems. After all, who watches the watchers?
  18. Man, I think that is even a bit close. Like I said, seems like both could have done a better job. Oh well, it the end it was nothing.
  19. I'm all for looting the police district building honestly. It's horrifying, but burn it down. Even fine with Target going down. Wake up the powerful and the influential, especially those directly in conflict with justice and progress. The police have literal and representational/metaphorical blood not just on their hands but their entire existence. Target is insured. But small businesses and affordable housing getting burnt down is tragic and creates more lower class victims. A lot of people that show up in stuff like this are bad actors and opportunists though, who couldn't care about any cause or virtue other than what they want, and I refuse to define the entire things by them.
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