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  2. Hi, condescendingly asking if I think backed up dead bodies is normal without acknowledging that what I said was factually correct is trying to make my post be something it’s not. So since you didn’t like what I posted, yet couldn’t refute its facts, you decided to try strawman it into me saying it’s normal. I don’t, it’s not, and it doesn’t mean healthcare systems are overrun. I work with many across the midwest, many physicians and surgeons with residency and fellowship colleagues across the south. Systems were stressed, not overwhelmed. If you would like to learn more, let’s take it another thread.
  3. Go do some research about what everyday Americans did to win World War II. America is soft. Get some perspective.
  4. Damn, dude. I'm glad he survived and I'm sorry to hear about that. One of my best friend's son just barely beat leukemia last year and it was straight up hell.
  5. That’s all I was sayin. Some people get life goes on. actually, it IS what it is. What can we do? Life goes on. It will if we do “6 week total lock” or nothing at all. my mom got Hong Kong flu when she was a kid. Several kids in her school got sick too. One died. She missed 10 days of school and remembers thinking how bad it was. She got it bad. Killed over 35k and infected 15% of population back then. One million people or more globally. they didn’t s#!t down and crush life. the virus is here. Why kill every other facet of society which are plethora? Don’t tell me I don’t care about people. My son barely, barely survived lymphoma. I know sickness and I also know life must move forward. We are killing living life itself. Don’t tell me to lighten up Francis when I see how bad life is with lockdowns and life loss that has come to pass with this. what we are doing to combat this is worse than the virus. There is data and facts, which I have seen first hand.
  6. Hi. Funny story. Quoting you is not a "straw man."
  7. Nice strawman. You sure have a nasty habit of acting like I say things I never said.
  8. I guess so But I was responding to what he said and the apparent disregard for doing anything resembling controlling the spread of the virus. If it hurt your feelings, look somewhere else for an apology. I'm fed up with people supporting a certain President and then acting like his failed leadership had absolutely no effect on the sh#tshow we have now. It's the way it is now for reason. Time to hold those that enable it accountable.
  9. By the way I never said pure freedom and your analogy didn’t quite hit the mark you were hoping. Glad I got to play
  10. And now look into how each country classifies a death as a Covid-19 death. Your chart is basically comparing apples to oranges. It’s kinda equatable to Comparing each countries life expectancy to ours. We include every baby born, others include a baby that makes it at least 1 month, some 3 months etc... And including India and Russia doesn’t make sense. Might as well include China’s false numbers.
  11. The speculation is rampant right now. There are online articles out there that are saying the B1G already canceled the season and that there WAS a 12-2 vote by Presidents.
  12. It's like you can see into my very soul.
  13. There are some serious up and comers. 2020 has been quite a standout class on HB.
  14. I believe Palau has a slight advantage at the moment in per capita heifery. But this is a 60 minute ballgame!
  15. Ummm....Maybe Day did? https://www.elevenwarriors.com/ohio-state-football/2020/08/115658/ryan-day-says-big-ten-canceling-season-now-would-be-abrupt-ohio-state-will-look-at-every-option-if-season-is
  16. Would Alex Gordon have the same legacy and career had he not been a Royal? 

  17. Do you understand what flattening the curve means? It is designed to prevent “exponential growth” as to not overwhelm a hospital system. mom sure you will notice that even in a flattened curve, growth does go up in the beginning until a plateau occurs, then a downturn. Does our chart of active cases look anything like the UM exponential growth curve?? I think not. As a country we have slowed the unchecked spread and every city that has been hit hard, has managed through any capacity challenges. Refrigerated trucks for dead bodies does not mean those propel died because of hospitals triaging who lives and who dies. It means the processing of dead bodies is backed up, not the care for the people prior to dying. Hope that helps you understand this a little more. And yes, each state should be deciding their own guidelines because it makes ZERO sense for SD, ND, NE, KS, MT, etc..to have total lockdowns of their economy with little to no community spread. If we really wanted to stop this at the beginning, then stopping interstate travel outside of shipping/transport would have been the way to go, yet legal challenges would have prevented this. NY basically seeded a majority of other state infection areas in the beginning. and Florida is the another perfect reason that each state presents its own issues. South Florida was by far and away the biggest problem area and they also had the longest lockdown in the beginning of the pandemic. Most other parts of FL held up relatively well at the states absolute worst point.
  18. So you want to destroy Husker football and all it stands for, correct?
  19. I asked funhusker for clarification on his/her point.
  20. That’s your response to somebody that lost their job from this whole ordeal?
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