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    In honor of this great news, I move that we change the thread topic to read: OLB Coach Jovan Dewitt HAD Throat Cancer Do I hear a “Second”?
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    Wow, you are comparing LP to Mo? That's laughable.
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    Did everyone forget that Stanly Morgan and Antonio Reed got arrested for possession? https://www.espn.com/college-football/story/_/id/19473452/nebraska-receiver-stanley-morgan-jr-arrested-pot-charge-florida
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    If Miles was consistently at the top of the conference and won a conference title, you'd be correct.
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    You do know that the President is famous for not even reading his daily intelligence briefings, delivered by people with years of expertise and varied political leanings. Donald Trump will, however, run with whatever unfounded conspiracy theory he saw on Breitbart, InfoWars, Fox & Friends and Twitter. He will directly contradict his own Secretary-of-State and National Security Advisor, sometimes countering a statement issued on behalf of the White House that morning with a personal tweet the same afternoon. The President has also blabbed classified secrets to foreign leaders -- including military maneuvers -- unaware that they were classified or just bragging because he's the commander in chief. It's hard to tell with this utter buffoon. There are plenty of conservatives and intelligence personnel who really hate seeing the profession derided this way, not to mention the actual danger to America. Please quit defending this proven f#&%-up with lazy references to Obama and CNN.
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    Talk about over reactions....
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    He seems like a great guy and will be the first African American commisioner of a Power 5 conference. Since he is a football guy let's hope he can help bring in more talent and positive coverage for all BIG football teams including the Huskers. Just adding some new links and tweets. Here is a quick bio video about him.
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    I don't understand these Miles/Erstad comparisons in the least. They're lazy at best. One of those won a conference title during his tenure and finished in the top half of the conference six out of eight seasons, including five top three finishes. The other did not.
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    Why did you single AOC out instead of titling this “Donald Trump and AOC” ? Neither of them served.
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    Consider it "networking" and it sounds better.
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    As an ex-narcotics agent, less than one ounce of marijuana is an infraction in Nebraska. That is equal to a parking ticket. It isn’t even a misdemeanor. IMO, Frost should kick people off the team for parking tickets if he is going to do it for marijuana use. He could be afraid of the stigma it would put on his program if he doesn’t. If he kicks him off the team “to prepare the players for the NFL’s rules” , I wouldn’t agree with that because the NFL will allow marijuana use after the next union contract is negotiated. If he kicks him off because no drug use is a team rule, then I am all for it. Be a part of the team and a leader. Just depends on how Frost spins this one on whether most people will agree or not agree with the punishment.
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    Thanks. So if he is cleared from his issues in California, the only legal strike against him is a minor drug citation. That's not worthy of being kicked off the team, in my opinion. This violation isn't nearly as bad as stealing bikes or getting a DUI (which a coach was able to keep his job).
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    Erstad won 1 Conference Championship due to both Minnesota and Michigan losing and Nebraska beating a very bad Penn State team. It’s not like Nebraska caked walked through the conference to win it they needed a lot of help to win the Conference. In 8 years at Nebraska resume in such a “tough” baseball conference 1 Conference Championship 2-8 in Regionals 0-3 in B1G Tourney Championships 12-13 in B1G Tournament Missed the B1G Tourney in 18’ Never made it to a Super Regional Team batting average has went down every year after Bolt left I believe (2015-Present) The ONLY reason people are upset about Erstad resigning is because he played Football and Baseball at Nebraska. Had he been some Joe Schmoe that had no connection with Nebraska, Husker baseball fans would be calling for him to be fired with his career resume at Nebraska
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    Baseball is one sport where the head coach/manager gets way too much blame when things go poorly (and too much credit when things go well). Baseball coaches are romanticized about being great tacticians or strategists. The coach can do everything “right” and it can be the “wrong” decision because of the failure of the players. It’s that way because there is so much down time during games that it gives time for every single decision to be second-guessed by the fans and media, at all levels of play. My son has been playing competitive baseball for the past 5 years. I think I have a good understanding of the game. I have been the fan/parent second guessing coach’s decisions and I have been part of the coaching staff making those decisions. Just yesterday, my son’s team was up 5-4 in a game, and we put in a pitcher who usually does a good job keeping the ball down and inducing ground balls. Yesterday, his pitches were up in the zone, he was hit hard, and before we knew it, our team was down 7-5, and we lost 8-5. Our coaching acumen had nothing to do with the win or loss of that game. It was a kid who wasn’t at the peak of his game, and other kids performed better than them. Nebraska had one pitcher who pitched the game of his life for 7+ innings, and then had one pitcher who had the worst game of his season 1 inning later. Erstad and Silva has nothing to do with the success of either player, once those pitches were being thrown and the batters were doing the hitting.
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    Honestly I'm not sure why everyone is so fascinated with pitching. The bats going ice cold once we got into their pen is more concerning for me. This is the type of team you have to continue putting runs on when you're up and tonight we found out why. Not really sure about the armchair quarterbacking going on. We went with our best guy against their best guy(s) and they won. Gomes is just a true freshman. Sh#t happens.
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    I agree with you, but how can you say this with a straight face as a Trump supporter?
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    In Fremont now... Can't change the title.
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    This "article" is in reference to the CU tweet above: Buffaloes football won’t have to worry about a Nebraska takeover of Folsom Field
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    Because this thread isn't really about the VA....
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    I agree that we often take our historically privileged position for granted. Maybe we're even spoiled. Horribly spoiled. But please. Her anecdotal observations in a coffee shop where she is admittedly scrapping for something to write about, is the definition of shallow, and the moment she hangs this on Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, she exposes her one-note agenda. I'm 59, and I'm genuinely sorry for the s#!t my generation has laid at the feet of Millennials. Income inequity is most definitely a thing. The next generation will be spending a third or more of their income on healthcare --- that's a different America and it's insane. They will likely make less money and die younger than their parents, the first generation in modern times to regress. America is tumbling down the first world standings on any number of things, mostly troublingly in how we educate and treat our children. The same children who are at a statistically higher risk of being killed by gunfire than active U.S. service members. That's neither good, nor normal. The definition of "prosperity" has also shifted dramatically, and that's where the 1% vs 99% thing comes in. Her publishers at Alpha News court working and middle class Americans to feel sorry for the real victims of class warfare --- the billionaires. Again: insane. We also f#&%ed up the Earth pretty bad, but by her reasoning if you can afford a latte and a cell phone you have no room to complain. And if you really want to dig into this, her "universal truths" about America's greatness are not necessarily universal or truthful. Interestingly enough, it was Donald Trump who ran on the platform "The American Dream is Dead!" Look it up, coffee shop girl.
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    This is the dumbest kind of conservative propaganda, but the kind grandma and grandpa eat up and forward on because it's all "Rah! Rah! 'MERICA!" and stuff. Because America is more prosperous than poverty-stricken countries, no one in America can be downtrodden? Because some impoverished countries have small income inequality, Americans can't be adversely affected by income inequality, or income inequality isn't a problem? Because some socialist countries have had tyranny and suffering, it will always lead to that, while (the implication is) capitalism won't? Sweden and Iceland say hello from the world of socialism. Greece and Portugal say hello from the world of capitalism. These kinds of absolute statements are stupid. But, consider the source:
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    You are joking right? Please tell me you are joking. No... You honestly believe Nebraska got "out recruited" on this one? Ooooo boy.
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    Look at our schedule again. Then watch the last 6 games of last season. IMO no koolaid is required to predict 10 wins.
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