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    There is no controversy. Vedral is a great BACKUP, but we have our guy in Martinez.
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    Once again your assumptions are wrong. In fact I do have season tickets this year. Can I ask a serious question. Why do you hang out and post on a Husker fan message board when you absolutely never have anything positive to say about the program? Is it solely to defend the legacy of Bo Pelini, because that is the only time I ever have seen you say anything remotely positive concerning anyone or anything connected to Husker football. Speaking for myself, I find it highly annoying and it appears to be a very sad existence.
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    Frost said it best in the Illinois post game. He has the evidence to prove a majority of calls go against the Corn Huskers. This conference has made us house rich, but at what cost?? To turn our weekends into a fun get together to drink and watch us get our asses kicked?? Absolute incompetent officiating, rigged schedules, and worst of all absolute boring traditions and teams. The leadership at the University pissed our traditions down the drain, and worst of all cut our lifeline off to the massive population of the south. Texas kids accounted for a large part of the roster and kept our heads above water for a long time. Was playing in the world's nicest stadium for a title game that bad?? The honey moon is long over, it's time to go back. and I'm sorry to any of you too young to not remember the vastly superior story lines we had within the big 12. Cheers I won't log in again.
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    The snaps are NOT improved. 2AM saved a couple of them from sailing past him, including on one of Wan'Dale's touchdowns.
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    Then this is just irresponsible journalism. He wrote a head line that makes it sound like the support for Frost is waning and stuck it behind a pay wall.
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    When we get better on the O-line we’ll be better and can compete. Until then...
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    Kicker Michael Lantz Adam Devine Def Coordinator Joseph Rossi the guy on this bottle of wine
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    It's painfully obvious watching this game vs Ohio State that we're still a LONG ways away from having the talent we need to match up with the top teams in the country - especially at O Line. I have no doubt in my mind we will get there under Scott Frost, but it's gonna take time. No need to freak out, call for coaches to get fired, or for players to get benched. Hang in there. Better times are ahead.
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    The last 4 years, Nebraska averaged the 22nd best recruiting classes (247). While there has been a high attrition rate, we have recruited at levels higher than 2/3 of the Big Ten. Iowa, the 14 ranked team in the country, averaged the 42nd. They have been much better than us in that span and it has more to do with having an identity than strong recruiting. Also, Colorado averaged the 50th best class over the last 4 years and beat us both times and currently have a first year head coach. People need to stop using the recruiting excuse. Yes, teams like OSU will generally beat the Nebraska’s of the world, but it doesn’t have to be a beat down like today. Nebraska has some coaching issues and a mentality problem.
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    There will be a huge group of recruits, Game Day, a marquee top ten opponent, a night game... Should be one hell of a day in Lincoln win or lose.
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    Had a dream we beat Wisky 29-17...also I was called, at my home, to call plays but was distracted cause my dog was smoking cigarettes and my couch kept shrinking
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    Man, between the Scott Fraud threads (was sooo looking forward to #3) and ones like this, it's time to ask the tough questions...has HB properly sprayed the doorways and foundations for trolls? Pretty thick out here this time of year. I believe you can pick up Troll-b-Gone in a 5 gallon bucket at Lowe's.
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    They didn't quit against Ohio Stste last year, they didn't quit last week against Illinois. Yesterday's outcome is pretty simple. Ohio State is probably the best team in the country right now, it's not even really debatable looking at their body of work. Our Offense is hindered by inexperience on the line and a QB that can't seem to get out of his own head and has regressed in his Sophomore campaign thus far.
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    This team for once got punched in the mouth and answered back with their own punch! Martinez from last year finally showed up! Wandale is ridiculous and we're lucky to have him! Washington has so much heart to keep grinding through that injury and fighting! The defense for once wasn't gassed at the end of the game and that's all from the offense helping them out and keeping them off the field! We've gotta clean up the penalties and turnovers somehow, we would've destroyed them if we didn't do that to ourselves! Illinois...............man can they hit!
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    Rep points should be disabled in the P&R circle jerk. Change my mind.
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    I know he says "don't yell at them" but I don't think he means don't raise your voice at them, because he clearly did that today. He means don't criticize them without teaching and coaching them to be better. Which is strong leadership. You don't berate people to get them to perform better, you let them know what they did wrong and how to fix it.
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    -We really are putting the “next man up” mentality to the test. -Vederal looks and plays better than Martinez. Hands down. -Cam Jurgens needs to be replaced ASAMFP; his high snaps killed drives and our offense. -B1G officials are garbage, but they blocked well for NW. -We’re 4-2 and have a good chance to make a bowl game. That’s the immediate goal, and we’re close. -Also, this was a close game that we won. We used to lose these, and it’s progress (of a sort)
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    Then it would cost more than $5. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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    Someone seems confused It was Saturday.
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    And I also have to say Rileys 9-4 season was the biggest sham in Husker history. If you are using that to defend your position good luck. Iowa beat us 40-10!
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    I keep going back to the O line on this issue. I think it was Frost that said after the game that it's very disappointing to see our O line get pushed around like they did. He claims he saw them push iron in the weight room. It's not a strength issue. I believe him on that. So, that leaves technique or effort. Right now, I have to believe it's effort and the lack of effort is leading to bad technique. You have to go up to the line with the attitude you are going to kick the guy's a$$ across from you every play. I'm not seeing that. Now, obviously this doesn't apply to trying to block someone like Young from OSU. There hasn't been anyone that's been able to block him all year. But, when you see a guard get totally pancaked in a bull rush where he didn't hardly even slow down the defender......that's lack of effort that leads to lack of technique. I think this is what Frost is trying to get to by saying this to the team.
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    It really is unbelievable how bad this line in. Cam is the best blocker on the line and right now I don't think it's close. I thought our tackles were bad, but after last game it is definitely the guards. Hixson should not see the field unless we are up 4 scores. It is really sobering that Foster and Farmer, who many and myself have criticized numerous times were much better than what we are seeing today. Austin needs to shuffle some things up in this bye week or we are gonna be in for another long game against an Indiana team who looks much improved. Jaimes- Wilson- Jurgens- M. Farniok- Benhart
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    I bet you’re super fun at parties.
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    A chance to equal all our strife
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    In the battles we go through in life
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    Capo says crucify him from his overly tall horse.
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    The people saying a loss would be disastrous are the same people that are saying it's just Northwestern. I think they're both wrong. Leading up to yesterday, Nebraska had won at home once, and it was on a hail mary. With the exception of 1 game, the games have always been close. Nebraska is not the only "big" team that Northwestern gives issues, either. Yeah, ugly win and there's some serious questions about the offense, namely the lack of a game breaking, tall WR. Noa has been largely a passenger in the offense. Stanley Morgan Jr was a bigger loss than we may have thought. But these are the games that must be won if Nebraska is going to make it's way back to where it wants to be. A 13-10 win is miles better than a 13-10 loss.
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    The reality is fear of failure is a great catch phrase. BUT when there is no accountability for said failure it creates issues. If I was Farniok, I'd start wondering WTH. I practiced hard, bust my a$$ and a converted TE, injured throughout camp is the starting center and does poorly in each and every game, I'd start to get pi$$ed. Especially when there is no accounabity that I can see as the mistakes are repeated game in and game out.
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    We get better and better!
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    Well we aren't Bama or OSU. We have to develop talent and win before recruits turn their attention to us. Until proven otherwise we are a 4-8 program. Stars do matter, but we won't get the ones we want until we develop the ones we get and show it on the field.
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    Worst Thread Award
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    This team is too inconsistent to only lose 1 more time this season, even with that schedule. Wisconsin has to be penciled in as an L at this point. NW always plays them hard, so I won’t take this past week as Wisconsin’s standard moving forward. That means Nebraska has to go 3-0 on the road, which has been a struggle for this squad the past couple of seasons. Get to 7 wins and a bowl game, and I’ll be happy at this point.
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    The three ints had nothing to do with line play
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    After falling behind 14-0, Nebraska changed it's offensive playcalling and marched deep into Ohio State's territory. It honestly felt like they were going to score and make it 14-7 when Martinez slightly sailed a pass over Wandale's hand, which deflected it into an Ohio State player that was on the ground. Would 14-7 be a lot different than a backbreaking turnover? Absolutely. Psychologically deflating for a still fragile team playing against the #5 and arguably better than that team in the nation.
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    Remember, somewhere between 39% & 45% of Americans still support this buffoon. He has a significant chance of getting reelected (presuming he's not in jail).
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    Till we can't be beat
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    Just so we’re clear, this is exactly what was said about Riley, and to some extent, bo pelini. So I suppose the question is, what exactly in the first 19 games can you point to as proof that somehow things will be better next year? I like frost. But it’s silly to act like anyone who has concerns about the product on the field is crazy. There are serious issues in Lincoln. They won’t magically get fixed just because the head coach is a former player, or because he had success elsewhere, or because you “believe”. He still has to make the right moves in all areas. So far, he hasn’t. That’s the issue here.
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    Look at these things that confirm what I'm saying!!! Ignore all those other things that point the other direction!!!
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    Perhaps I'm in the minority here, but i thought Martinez played pretty well yesterday. If receivers catch balls that hit their hands, we probably win by 10-14. And that's in heavy winds against a stout, well coached defense. I find people bailing on AM to be insane.
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    What’s good for the goose... It would be great if we could review the PI call that gave them the ball at the 2, or the “horsecollar” tackle. How about the “false start” when a NW player was in the neutral zone? The Wildcats were the beneficiaries of some... interesting penalties. I guess this one is Karma?
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    Most important stretch of the season.
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    Yes lets change schemes again and have frost coach a type of offense he never has before that sounds great. Oh and another thing that Wisconsin styles of offense doesn't work against ohio state either they've lost to the buckeyes like 8 out of the last 10 times they've played them. How about we let frost recruit guys that fit what he wants to do on offense and defense so we dont have to have a two deep full of walkons. I'm not saying things shouldn't be better but come on guys.
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    Really classy move airing it out, up 38, with 49 seconds left.
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    I'm prepared to be disappointed in whomever they choose, unless it's Adam Devine.
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