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    I seriously think Cav has a calendar reminder set on his iphone that goes off every few days that says "send zip code tweet about an OT today"
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    SlutMagnet, Rumpleforeskin, MeatCurtains, SpunkBubble, QueefBiscuit
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    Allen Johnson - Safeties Coach Turner Gill - Husker Legend and Liberty Head Coach
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    Allen Rudolph - Offensive Line Coach Mike Cavanaugh - Offensive Line Coach
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    Source Being someone who has a 4K tv, I'm interested in seeing how well this is done.
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    For as many times as you say it, you should just change your name to "I have a girlfriend." We get it, man. You're getting laid. We're all super happy for you. Other options include, but are not limited to, CMRA for "Creepy Mike Riley Avatar," ISoFG for "Inappropriate Shouting on Fridays Guy," or (and this is my favorite and real suggestion) IAAPNGBIGALE for "I'm a pretty nice guy bug I'm a little excitable."
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    WTF.....you said this would get me through till Saturday. That's something like 33 hours from now. You only posted roughly 9 minutes of videos.
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    first half: Second Half (with beer, not pop):
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    Hello all, The following is an updated and summarized guideline of Huskerboard’s policy surrounding politically-themed content, specifically in areas outside of the Politics & Religion (P&R) sub forum, though not exclusively. If you have questions or concerns, please comment below or send a private message to a board moderator or admin. No politically-themed content in status updates Please do not share news or commentary related to politics, policies, elected officials, the president, or topics that would fall under the political umbrella. The P&R forum is the only place to share these opinions and discuss a candidate, elected official, or policy. No politically-themed content in Huskerboard user profiles This limitation extends to profile avatars, user names, signatures, and other forward-facing aspects of user profiles including those featured in posts and updates. Moderator/admin discretion will determine what is acceptable and what isn't. Deference will not be given to ambiguity If a mod or admin believes some element of a user profile violates any of the above, that user will be required to remove the violation. Refusal to do so in a timely fashion may result in the account being moderated and/or suspended until the violation is corrected. The account may also face a ban if the violation is deemed intentional, the user has a history of abusing this policy, or at moderator/admin discretion. Only members with a minimum of 250 posts will be granted access to the Politics & Religion sub-forum The limit is in place to prevent abuse of the P&R sub-forum, however, Board Guidelines will still be enforced to the fullest extent once a member is granted access. If a moderator/admin believes a member with less than 250 posts is trying to improperly increase their post count in order to access the sub-forum, the member in question may face penalties up to and including a Huskerboard account ban. Actions that may be considered improper include, but are not limited to, multiple and repeated posts in the 'Last to Post Wins' thread, multiple posts in a thread when a single post would've sufficed, or multiple posts across several threads that appear to be of no real value. If this behavior is uncovered posthumously, after a member is granted access to the P&R sub-forum, that member may still be held accountable for their actions up to and including a Huskerboard account ban. Why such a hardline stance against politics? Most users come here for the primary reason of discussing Husker sports. The board has experienced situations in the past where political debates made their way into other forums outside of P&R. These debates often featured personal attacks or other board violations. Some members have also complained the political spillover into other parts of the board is a turn off. Keeping political discussions inside the P&R forum gives users a specific place they can go to discuss these topics. As always, any political comments made in the P&R section must adhere to our Board Rules. Thank you, Huskerboard's Leadership Team
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    The season is close, but not close enough. Enjoy these few videos while you wait for the soon to come glory (or doom depending on who is reading this).
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    Here is a bold prediction. By the time we play Wisconsin and Iowa, we will be favored.
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    All signs are pointing to a great day. I scouted teal this morning- had 26 come in to my little private pond between 6:30 and 6:45am. Should have a limit of birds early! The plan is to shoot enough teal to be able to serve duck poppers for the Oregon game! Quick recipe- Soak teal breasts in salt water 12-24 hours. Cut green peppers into quarters (about the same size as the teal breasts). Apply cream cheese to the inside of the green pepper slices. Lay the teal breast on the cream cheese. Lay a slice of jalapeno on top of the teal and then wrap in bacon. Slow cook in the smoker until done- game day favorite for years at our place. Especially so while playing the ducks!
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    On my morning drive I sometimes listen to ESPN 710 Los Angeles and Key Sr. is on a morning show. I happened to be listening today when they started a segment about how Al Michaels said he believes QB's coming out of college today are more NFL ready than ever before. Keyshawn and other hosts disagreed and Keyshawn goes on to talk about how high school recruits need to find the right system for their skillset that translates best to the NFL. He mentions this is what he went through with his son and naysayers were questioning why Nebraska and he said because his son is trying to get to play on Sundays and "Keith Williams is the best receiver coach in college football, period." He then gives Riley some praise and mentions that his QB system will translate well into the pro game so this is where QB's will want to play. The Al Michaels things starts around 20:20 Key Sr. on playing in the right system and Nebraska comments are at around 23:07 http://www.espn.com/espnradio/losangeles/play?id=20496598
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    I specifically didn't include DirecTV Now because it's a problematic mess right now, though AT&T did commit money and a timetable to fixing the problems with it. They've been adding tons of new subscribers, so it can't be too much of a mess, and adding a cloud DVR. Here's a recent article: https://techcrunch.com/2017/07/13/atts-streaming-service-directv-now-is-getting-cloud-dvr-parental-controls-and-other-features/ That had more to do with the insane deals they were offering initially (e.g. the $29/mo. for everything deal at the onset of the service)--here's an article from June where AT&T proclaimed that they were over the proverbial hump in fixing issues and that a new delivery platform/update was underway... https://www.wirelessweek.com/news/2017/06/analyst-t-over-hump-fixing-directv-now-issues-new-platform-way ...problem is, if you go to any of the cord-cutting sites, DirecTV Now still has a lot of things to work out, moreso than other newcomers that have been in the streaming media market for a while now (e.g. Hulu, YouTube). No provider is perfect, but DirecTV Now had more things to untangle than others (e.g. customers weren't able to use logins from their DirecTV service to access on-demand via channel specific apps for the longest time). It is good to see that they are getting subscribers though. Now, if we just don't have a certain paid shill in charge of the FCC kill net neutrality...streaming TV provider competition could really take off. Which would be a major boon for everyone that has access to broadband internet.
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