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    So confirmed Riley will retire then?
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    Media people say Frost to UF: Media is fake news and wrong more often then they are right Media people say Frost to NU: The media really knows what they are talking about and are connected with their sources
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    Not what I wanted to read to start my day. If there is no coaching changes and Frost takes the Florida job or other P5 job then this program deserves to be only relevant in 1990s YouTube football clips.
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    Because this is the only exciting topic regarding Nebraska football this year.
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    @jessica0 and @Red Five - I understand the reason for bringing in the political analogy, however, it's unwise to do so in the football forum. Please refrain from discussing or further referencing politics in this forum. Thanks!
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    I guess if nothing else, the Gates are open wide for another lineman to come in and outplay him. One thing about being a lineman is that you can't be afraid to jump in there and get Nicked up now and then.
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    A firing isn't a firing until it's a firing.
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    It's a 67 page thread. How the hell am I derailing anything.
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    If you can't trust message boarders citing Twitter, who can you trust.
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    in both cases....the first guy having a gun is the problem
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    Harbaugh did fine with ‘Hokes Guys’ heck even Bo did well with ‘Bill’s Guys’ Hopefully our next coach does just fine with “Mike’s Guys”
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    This is potentially very good news. But it would add to an already crazy long list of people who have resigned from the Trump administration.
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    That guys who are expected to put on a bunch of weight don't necessarily have flat abs? Nope, I don't see a problem.
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    This is not accurate. I'd rather have a 4-3, but if run right the 3-4 can be effective. Many teams either run it full time or part time and have shown very good success. Wisconsin, Alabama, Clemson, LSU....20/68 power teams run a 3-4
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    You can only play whose on your schedule, it's what it is. Maryland can't keep a QB healthy, Georgia Tech got wiped in the hurricane, Memphis is pretty good, though. The same could be said of Wisconsin, their schedule is really weak. If only a big time program qualifies for you, not much anybody can do about that in regards to some of these teams.
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    NW only scored 17 in regulation. The game went to 3 OTs.
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    If he doesn't flip out at press conferences or have any unseemly audio leaks he'll be fine. Bo could still be here if he didn't say we'd be kissing his happy ass out the door. A lot of Bo's loss of support was off the field stuff. Bo set the floor for on the field performance. (Minus the meltdowns and assaulting refs) Riley set a good example for off the field demeanor, fan and press interactions.
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    He's undefeated in 2017, and Diaco was an "Assistant of the Year" once as well, so.....yeah. Listen, I think Frost is the right hire. He's my #1 guy. But $7 million is too much, and 10 years seems unnecessarily long on a first contract.
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