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    Why does this staff have a job.
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    Either way you will have information. Riley is gone that day or he is retained. We will know November 25th. So if this speculation and hope for the future (which by the way, Florida is doing also) pisses you off that much then dont read the thread. Its simple.
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    If Riley remains, without wholesale changes on both sides of the ball, NU football is doomed. I still find it hard to believe Moos would retain the most incompetent coach in NU history. I'm sure he is a great person, very nice and represents NU well, but he's not a winner nor a good coach..... Didnt mention Diaco staying....have seen nothing from Williams to make me thing he is doing a great job developing guys...... Glad he has committed. Welcome to the Huskers, but I'd love to see some 4* OL, DL and LB in this class. Skill positions are great, but we need to be dominant in the trenches...
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    Just for the record, that happened last year. I guess, if a different coach does that next year, you will technically be correct that two year(s) ago that happened. 50 posts worth of "I don't think he's coming here because he's a loyal man of his word like Tom Osborne" also, similarly, doesn't make any difference. The only difference is that most of us seem to understand that, and are just having fun speculating because it is fun to speculate about things. You seem to think we're all taking ourselves very seriously - or that you're doing something different than the rest of us, which you're not. Enjoy the ride man. When there's not a lot of real things to be excited about, don't s#!t on people's goofy unrealistic fantasies that aren't really hurting anybody.
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    Wrong. He will have his chance to hire a coach. Frost isnt the only coach out there. If he doesnt hire Frost and the next coaches turns it around people will be saying, "Frost who?" I trust Moos. Hes been there done that.
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    You literally say the same thing in every single post. Good gosh man, we know you dont think Frost will come here because he has the same ethics as Osborne. It doesnt mean you dont try to lure him here. We are fans. What are we suppose to say? "No dont offer him, its pointless. Hes loyal to UCF so just forget about it. In fact, dont offer anyone the job. They are all loyal to the school they are at and Nebraska is doomed to be a doormat forever because no coach will take the job" Man, this message board would be boring if that were the case.
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    Notice how, since we can't label the Las Vegas shooter in any way, since it just appears to be some senseless random killing, that we've almost forgotten about it just a few weeks later? I mean, this mass murder helps push that one off the radar, and the next one will push this one off the radar, and the next, and the next, and the next... But a guy shot 59 people to death, and we've basically forgotten about it. This guy shot 26 people to death. And when the next one happens, we'll forget about this one, too. When you can't label someone, and put them into some convenient political bucket, it's expedient to simply forget their actions ever occurred. Scary, that convenience.
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    Technically a slick ball should be harder to intercept......just sayin.
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    My apologies if everyone is being forced to agree to the Board Rules. I was trying to get a link to show up and enabled the wrong setting.
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    Totally agree. That would be another question for the staff. Why isn't Kieron playing.?
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    We should all realize that every news media member, message board poster, street corner panhandler, or backyard preacher are fibbers unless they say "SCOTT FROST SAYS HE WANTS THE NEBRASKA JOB AND WILL COME IF IT IS OFFERED" Anything short of that and these people are just spreading #FakeNews and telling lies.
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    You're not a better fan than anybody else, enough with the high horse.
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    This would have been a time when mute point worked as well
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    I believe it was five years ago, the family was up in Rochester the day of the game at Minnesota. We decided to go to a sports bar to watch the game and after the game, which had the sound turned off so they could play bingo, we had several Minnesota "fans" come up to us and tell us they were sorry we lost the game and wished us better luck next week. I really hope their fans don't need to apologize this Saturday. Sad but true story.
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    I actually have what some would call "insiders", but they are clear with me that their take is as much a guess as anyone else's, so I don't even bother relaying what they tell me. But thanks, I try to keep a sense of humor.
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    So many replies to tomfoolery I've deleted in the past month. My posting is way down because I've self-censored so much.
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    My god some people are just wastes of oxygen and skin
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    Today, my grapes are a bit sour. Nebraska leads the Big Ten with a 13-1 conference record, including a three-game sweep of co-number one Penn State. The Huskers have been playing solid volleyball since mid-September. You'd think they'd have a fair number of in-season honors by now, wouldn't you? I mean, a team playing that well for almost eight weeks should have some decent players, right? Meh. Not according to the Big Ten. The Big Ten has handed out 53 awards for in-season play. Nebraska has garnered five of them. Penn State, tied atop the Big Ten, has nine. Minnesota, third in conference standings, has fifteen. Fifteen! Wisconsin, the only team to beat Nebraska, has 12. I mean... how is that possible? Realistically.
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    I’m not in the Sky Is Falling brigade because we have very very powerful boosters who will lean heavily on the administration to make a change. Frankly, I’m one that believes the reason Mr. Moos was hired was to fix the football program. It was the only sport he talked about during his initial presser.
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    I implore you to read this entire thread.
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    Aside from things we already knew - coaches are bad at both game planning and managing, we lack speed on defense and consistency on offense - there were some things that keep me a little excited for the future with a new coach. - Spielman will be really fun to watch with gameplans that actively try and get him the ball. Same with Lindsey - he's actually a solid blocker, but it's frustrating watching him come in to block and get one (poorly) designed play a game. - The o-line desperately needs a shakeup, but guys like Decker, Jaimes, and Farniok give us some hope for the future. Seems like a lot of the blown up plays were Gates/Foster/Conrad, which should not happen. - Weber will be missed. For all the talk of this being a "block destruction" defense, nobody other than some of the lineman and Weber ever take on a block aggressively. Newby actually played well I thought, although his 'setting the edge' was at times more 'run upfield to give them a seam.' But he looked much better than early in the year. - Lamar Jackson has actually improved, but when he makes mistakes they are really bad. A couple penalties and one tackle attempt where he basically laid down in front of the guy were ugly plays, but outside of those he wasn't bad. I really believe the pieces are there for us to be a division contender, there are just a lot of baffling decisions being made across the board. Hopefully whoever we hire will have enough time to salvage some of the recruiting class and convince current underclassmen to stay and play for him, because I don't think we're far from Pelini territory at least. Obviously the goal is to move past that, but I'll take steps in the right direction at this point.
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    And MR is very close to giving us the exact opposite record. We may only win 4 games this year; Bo always lost 4.
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    Perlman gave Eichorst carte blanche to hire whomever he wanted. There were rumors about Biliema and others, but Eichorst said he was targeting Riley the entire time. Basically, Eichorst (and many fans on this board) thought a monkey could win 8-9 games at Nebraska. When he went with Riley, he was going for the exact opposite of Bo, in terms of demeanor.
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    Ask a box of donuts if they don't look mean!
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    Put me in the Domesday club. I think we are at a crossroads and if they make another Riley-esque type hire a lot of fans will become very casual fans. A few more Riley like seasons with the new coach and the enthusiasm by the fans to even want to right the ship will be squashed forever. It's my opinion because that's how I feel as a fan. Either our program can no longer attract a good coach or the administration doesn't value the program enough to get a good coach. Either case I would watch the Husker futility only if I didn't have something else to do. Hire a good coach and I'll enthusiastically watch the Huskers try to climb their way out of the hole created by mismanagement.
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    God I hope not. IMO, The last thing this team needs is to play another football game on national TV against an opponent that is.500 or better. I say call it a season at 4-8 or 5-7, go home and lick your wounds and begin to resolve to never let "this" happen again. Much brighter days lie ahead.
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    No kidding. This doomsday stuff is ridiculous. If we don't hire someone good, Nebraska might as well fold up the program because we will never ever ever ever be able to pull ourselves up out of the ashes. No other program in the history of college football has ever gone through a prolonged bad period and pulled themselves back up to prominence. If this next coach doesn't work, we might as well become a soccer school.
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    this about covers it
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    What? No links to crappy twitter sites? How will you make any $$ this way?
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    He was seriously serious in that post game presser. But I agree he was throwing the blame on the players and the other defensive staff IMO. If you listen to Langs and Riley, there is a lot of blaming Cav or Riley blaming the game plan. They all blame the team. That's what we hear from pressers. I can imagine it is pretty cut throat behind the scenes and a lot of the blame game going around. I feel comfortable saying that the atmosphere is probably toxic....
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    Do a little research on Kelly you might change your mind. The NE personality not a good fit in Nebraska. No secret about his relations with the media. Also lots of info about relations with players. If he would've been smart at Oregon and actually hired a Defensive Coordinator and stopped going for 2 points after every TD perhaps they would've won a National Title.
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    The players and coaches are doing their best. Riley and his assistants didn’t come here to fail. Yes, there have been mistakes. We may have different opinions on judgment calls. But there is no need for personal insults and nastiness. The players are young adults. They, in particular, deserve our support. I also don’t believe in schadenfreude. Nebraska is the home of the greatest fans in college football so let’s act that way.
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    Bob is saying this transition takes time. Our personnel doesn't fit what we want to do and it takes perfect execution for that to happen and we aren't near that level of awareness of the concepts on defense. Hence we have crazy talk from the highest paid coordinator at a post game presser.
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    Bo was a hot-head and a loudmouth, but he did have Eichorst totally pegged. Glad to have a stand-up guy like Moos in-place, hopefully he can right the ship.
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    The variance between teams on a play like that is very small, to the point the linesman spotting it will create more variance than the actual teams will. It's so negligible, you can see I assume for both cases the teams to be relatively equal in this regard. I don't see a case to be made that Nebraska is significantly more or less likely than an average team at stopping that play, particularly given they had just done so. Feel free to make the case, though.
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    Khalil Davis and Ben Stille have really looked good. I think Parrella is doing a really good job actually! Whether they DL is set up for success or not is a different question
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    So you never critique, or have any opinions? That's an interesting way to go through life.
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    Everyone on this board hates losing and hates poor execution; pretty sure things would go poorly if any of us were the coach. Just saying, I want Frost as much as the next person, but selecting a coach is risky, there are no guarantees.
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    I guarantee you he won't.... That would put him 2nd in the country (tied with Harbaugh & behind Saban). It would also put him ahead of Meyer, Franklin, Jimbo Fisher, and Dabo Swinny.... Yeah, he's not getting $7 million.
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    I learned there is too much strain
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    Good god............the dude isn't a bad guy, he's actually a really nice guy, he's just a crappy football coach. Folks need to quit attacking the guys character and understand that he's a decent man that was in way over his head here and never should've been here as the football coach. It's as simple as that, just because he's a bad football coach doesn't mean the guy is basically a P.O.S.
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    Riley will get fired, don't disrespect him on the way out with a pointless/ugly mid season firing. Regardless of what he's done here, he deserves respect based on who he is and how he's acted. 99% of the ADs and head coaches respect him - show him some decency on his way out. We can still move on next season, and we can still get Frost.
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    Exactly. He just stands there looking clueless and bored.
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    I really think the word "agenda" sums up the situation perfectly. Ideally, we'd like to think of an org like Wikileaks as a transparent crusader for the greater good, simply by publishing documents that would suppressed otherwise, but I've come to the conclusion that that view is inaccurate. Dana Rohrabacher (R-GOP), unquestionably Congress's most unapologetic Russia stooge, went to meet with Assange, likely the only member of Congress to do so. Because of course only the guy coziest to Russia would be the one to visit Assange. Rohrabacher predictably reports back that Assange "emphatically stated the Russians were not involved" in the DNC hack. Rohrabacher later tries to strike a deal with the U.S. to "pardon Assange (or something like that)" in exchange for proof from Assange that Russia wasn't involved in the hack. Just before the election, Assange reports he has information on Trump's campaign but chooses not to release it because "the problem with the Trump campaign is it’s actually hard for us to publish much more controversial material than what comes out of Donald Trump’s mouth every second day," while at the same time admitting he has info about Clinton he will release prior to the election because “I think it’s significant,” he said of WikiLeaks’s trove on Fox News. “You know, it depends on how it catches fire in the public and in the media. I don’t want to give the game away, but it’s a variety of documents from different types of institutions that are associated with the election campaign, some quite unexpected angles, some quite interesting, some even entertaining.” The cognitive dissonance in the last one in particular is staggering. Assange seems to be not the side of good, but he has personal biases that he allows to cloud his own decision making. When you take into account how that affects Wikileaks' greater agenda (particularly if he's being compensated by Russia or other foreign powers, as this suggests - he was paid to host a TV show for Russian state TV for crying out loud!), it really changes the way you view them.
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    I get tired of the "Nebraska is so hard to recruit to" is it hard to recruit championship talent here? Absolutely!!! But we aren't coming even remotely close to that level. We are laughably far away from that. But what about compared to our peers? Wisconsin? Iowa? Minnesota? Iowa state? K state? How about places like Washington state? Missouri? Those places either currently are or have recently had more(to significantly more) success than we have. IMO somewhere near wisconsin should the minimum expectation(we are nowhere close to that) and recruiting isn't the reason for that discrepancy. It's all coaching.
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