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    Twas the night before Penn State And all through the house Not a creature was stirring Not even the computer mouse The beers were all cooling In the fridge with care With hopes that St. Frost would soon be there The Huskers were nestled all snug in their beds While visions of touchdowns danced through their heads When out on the lawn there arose such a clatter I sprang from the bed to see what was the matter When what to my wondering eyes should appear But a miniature bus, pulled by a John Deere The door was flung open, so lively it tossed I knew in a moment that it must be St. Frost As I drew in my head and was turning around Down the chimney St. Frost came with a bound He was dressed all in red, from his head to his foot And even his headset was covered in soot A sack of trophies was flung on his back Oranges, and Roses, and even an Outback! He spoke not a word, but went straight to his work Filled all the Adidas stockings, then turned with a jerk And laying his finger aside of his nose And giving a nod, up the chimney he rose He sprung to his bus, and to his team gave a whistle And away they all shot, like a spiraling missile But I heard him exclaim, ere he drove out of sight GO BIG RED to ALL, and to all a good night!!!
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    The media narrative of "Nebraska needs to give a coach time" needs to die. You'll get time, naturally, if you don't coach two losing seasons in 3 years, and the worst team in 50+ years. Lack of time isn't the problem at NU. Bad coaching, and lack of accountability is. Please for the love of all that is holy.... Beat Iowa.
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    To the announcers, there is a track record of mediocrity and suck in MRs career, so drop the give him time crap
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    Franklin sees a spineless coward of a coach in Riley and so he wants to stick it to him. That is what NICE gets you...I hope people who want Nice on the sideline are happy...if I saw Riley chewing gum, I would run the score up and rip him a new one so he understands that football is a man’s game and a sissy ice cream eating man’s game.
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    The items listed below are not dots that should be connected.... As a favor to Scott Frost, Tom Osborne visits with UCF players in pre-season. Eichorst is fired after game 3, clearing the path for early-season hiring of a new AD that will have time to zero in on a new head football coach. University admins Bounds and Green harken back to the 90's as the standard when asked about hiring an AD. Experienced AD with ties to Oregon is hired at Nebraska. Fan apathy raises concerns about viability of continuing sellout streak next year. Multiple reports of former players stating that Scott Frost has told them that Nebraska is his dream job. Direct quote from Frost himself, while an assistant at Oregon, re-surfaces. Frost stated then that being HC at Nebraska is his #1 goal. Prominent boosters openly advocate for Frost. Journalists from state's major new outlets openly advocate for Frost. Former players openly advocate for Frost. In one of his first interviews, Moos talks glowingly and at length about positives of Scott Frost (and no one else). Chancellor Green talks openly and very positively about Scott Frost. Frost is reportedly the leading candidate at Florida, then he isn't. Frost is reportedly going to be one of the top candidates at Tennessee, then he isn't. ESPN Big 10 reporter goes on record saying he will be shocked if Frost doesn't end up at Nebraska. Same ESPN reporter says Nebraska has made intentions known to UCF that they want Frost. After airing of Big Red Wrap up, co-host Sean Callahan notes that guest Matt Davison, the best man in Frost's wedding, had a noticeably positive change in attitude. National reporter, a former Sports Illustrated guy that originally hailed from Lincoln, says Frost to Nebraska is in works, 7 years and $35 million. Fan apathy over this season appears to be undergoing gradual change to hope... for future Frost led Huskers. Scott Frost & wife have their first child. Scott's parents (now grandma and grandpa) live in Lincoln. Moos continues to talk with nearly every media outlet in the state, and never offers a word to dispel notion that Frost is top candidate. (Compare Moos behavior to other AD's that generally out of their way to avoid verifying that they're interested in a specific candidate for fear of egg face). The question I keep asking.... If Scott Frost is not coming to Nebraska, why is the University administration and their AD allowing Husker fans to be convinced that he is? Think about it, any one of them could knock down the story in one sentence. It's clear that they want the Frost speculation to be front and center. Is that a diversion or is it because they know they've got their man and they want to build hope for the future?
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    When has that ever been done or worked? Florida has been getting roasted every week since letting their coach go. Tennessee isn't far behind
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    Some guys deserve a lot of props for playing their asses off today: Lee Morgan Spielman Hoppes Bradley Stille Tackling has gotten worse from some players.
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    I learned we can score points at the end of the game in garbage time against 2nd and 3rd stringers to give us another moral victory. Hip Hip Hooray...
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    Comparing Riley to Dantonio is laughabke at best. It looks like FS1 wants us to suck donkey balls. WTF is this announcer talking about?
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    He shouldn't be, and we shouldn't be either. That's lame as hell, distracts from/diminishes the amazing effort and accomplishments of the UCF team and players, and reeks of obsessive desperation. Same with their messageboards. Everyone's saying they don't like us and they're nasty - that's because there are dozens of Nebraska fans going onto their messageboards talking smack to a G5 team who would beat us by 3 touchdowns and gloating about how we're going to steal their savior. I'd be rightfully pissed off too.
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    I don't care how nice Riley might be. He's an a hole for this type of football team. The guy is a loser.
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    I don't understand how UCF media keep saying that there's no chance contact has been made between Frost and Nebraska because Nebraska still has a coach. They really believe that will stop Nebraska from doing what they need to do. This seems so ignorant on their part.
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    A minimum of 7 years and we need to STFU in the mean time. It could take a cool decade to get things rolling again.
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    Why would I care what they think personally as a Husker fan? I haven't clicked on the link, I probably won't. Our program may not be the hottest job in the nation right now, but our program is a college blueblood program. We are a Top 5 winning team in history and have all the facilities and money in the world. Our fans sell out our stadium weekend after weekend, year after year, while UCF can't show up and support their undefeated team deep into the season. While we aren't relevant now, when you speak of college football history, teams like Ohio State, Alabama, Notre Dame and NEBRASKA are mentioned. We will be back and when we are we'll be pi$$ed..................we're coming m-fers, it's only a matter of time! I hope they enjoy NOT supporting their program down there..........I could care less what they're opinion is of us.
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    A chance to equal our stride.
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    We ask for a chance that's fair
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    Yes the offensive line is horrible, it has been for years. Putting that aside, the one of the things that bothers me with the offensive line is the lack of brotherhood, I guess I would describe it? They express. They seemingly do not care that they get beat almost every single play. They seemingly don't care that Tanner Lee gets hit almost every single play. They seemingly don't care that we can't run the football. The other thing is, Tanner Lee has been getting hit all the time. But what does Lee do? He gets up and he goes back out there and he continues to play. Say what we will about his talent, but at some point we don't really know Lee's talents because he does not have an offensive line to protect him. But regardless, Lee continues to get up, hit after hit, after hit. He was hurt last week thanks in large part to his offensive line not protecting him. Then here we are tonight, where his jersey is practically green getting knocked on the grass play after play, and I don't see the offensive line reaching out their hand to help him up. Really? This may be what really bothers me. The one man who is out there fighting like a warrior and is getting pummeled because of your seemingly lack of pride and care, and you can't reach an arm out to help the man up? Forget the score, forget the terrible season. This is a mindset that needs to change, come together, show some pride and battle for each other. As the offensive line you are the heartbeat of a football team. Without an offensive line, you have.....4-8 type seasons.
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    Riley in his presser, "this is year three, but it is really like year one". Holy crap. He's like Jason Garrett. Do feel bad for him, he knows he is gone. But he's also getting a nice retirement slush fund, so I dont know.
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    Morgan is showing up. I have said before and will again, we do not lack talent. We lack coaching...... Hoping Frost is watching and getting excited about this team and the challenges for next year (if he is our coach)....
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    Mike Riley's tenure at Nebraska, in one picture.
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    You do realize that you’re not going to get a prize , right? I mean you’re good at Google, and lurking other message boards, I’ll give you that. 90% of the people here thought Frost would be the next coach as soon as Eichorst was fired, so it’s not like you’re giving Psychic Susanna a run for her money. I appreciate the “info “, but the smug told ya so attitude is lame.
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    If we should lose,
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    With Faith and Honor Held High
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    Let it be by the code
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    Is your dog 100% sure, or is it a ruff guess?! Sorry, I'll show myself out
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    A chance to do or dare
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    In the battles we go through in life
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    This season has been a miracle in disguise. We really should be thanking Riley for getting us out of the 9 win mediocre rut we were stuck in. Winning 9 games a year without any championships to show for it for decades is pretty much useless. It kept us in a sort of purgatory where we were never bad enough to reset. Now we finally have the spark that we needed to rip the band aid off and hit reset. Oddly enough a total reset is exactly what this program has needed since Callahan came in and changed our culture. That soft culture never really left, even during the Bo years (evidenced by the constant blowout losses). Now we finally have what we need to move forward. I am confident Frost will be the guy to instill a tough culture again and get us where we want to be as a program! Better days ahead! GO BIG RED!!
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    I don't want to relax. I want to have a game week where this entire board is talking about that week's opponent. I want the most dominant thread to be about how much we dominate that opponent, not how many prongs a pitchfork should have. This lame duck season is tiring on all of us. I think the board members have handled it pretty good and the mods have been extremely patient. Two more games of this and then, when a new coach is announced, maybe we can relax.
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    More of Riley news, but this, I believe, reveals what the administration thinks about the current staff...
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    Glad to see kickoff team is still opening up tackling lanes for Drew.
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    What's the narrative here, FS1? You think we should put up with this for three more years? GFY.
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    Mike Riley and Bo Pelini won the freaking lottery.
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    RUN the fing ball...quit throwing every down. Langsdorf shouldn’t be allowed to call plays for middle school team. Idk how he has a job
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    So tell me, Mr Holier than thou, since I played Div 1 soccer, spent a few years in the USMC and called out a player for playing lazy quite few times in this game alone, Why am I not allowed to make reference to the BS on the field? Let the mods do their job and you can go to another pat of the forum if you don't like it.
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    "Yup, contract has been agreed and will be signed when the position is officially opened. I'll be going back home. Smell ya later, losers!"
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    We'll stand by the road........
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    Everyone needs to calm dowwwwn. Take a deep breath. R-e-l-a-x... we're talking Aaron non-broken collar bone Rodgers style of relaxing. Remind yourself: Hey... We're NEBRASKA... And we will find the dumbest way to f@$! this up somehow. Heck, we're old pros at it by now.
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    Haven't posted in years but thought this may interest you all. Best friend sat down with a former player(don't know if there are rules against naming him) last night at the bar. He said Frost is a done deal. End of story. I suppose it's the best real life source on anything Nebraska I've ever had. Make of it what you will.
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