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    The media narrative of "Nebraska needs to give a coach time" needs to die. You'll get time, naturally, if you don't coach two losing seasons in 3 years, and the worst team in 50+ years. Lack of time isn't the problem at NU. Bad coaching, and lack of accountability is. Please for the love of all that is holy.... Beat Iowa.
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    To the announcers, there is a track record of mediocrity and suck in MRs career, so drop the give him time crap
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    I learned we can score points at the end of the game in garbage time against 2nd and 3rd stringers to give us another moral victory. Hip Hip Hooray...
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    He shouldn't be, and we shouldn't be either. That's lame as hell, distracts from/diminishes the amazing effort and accomplishments of the UCF team and players, and reeks of obsessive desperation. Same with their messageboards. Everyone's saying they don't like us and they're nasty - that's because there are dozens of Nebraska fans going onto their messageboards talking smack to a G5 team who would beat us by 3 touchdowns and gloating about how we're going to steal their savior. I'd be rightfully pissed off too.
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    Let it be by the code
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    Glad to see kickoff team is still opening up tackling lanes for Drew.
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    Especially since we are such a worse job in the cold. Holds about as much water as 96 title game pundits saying we can't play on grass
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    Let them live in their hope for goodness' sake - it would suck ass to be a G5 team knowing any time you ever get a good coach they will immediately be poached away form you. No. We should all leave them alone and let them enjoy their season. They don't want to hear from any of us. We're about to (probably) take their hot head coach and remind them of their bottom dweller place in the college football world. No need for any reminders.
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    Exactly. As soon as they said he needs time, I almost lost it.
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    They literally just throw it to who ever jackson is covering. He couldn't be playing any worse and everyone but this coaching staff knows it.
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    At this point I just want an apology from Riley and this staff.
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    We are such garbage....not our players I think this is a 9 win team with a 4 win coaching staff.
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    At least scott frost doesn't come in with a 21-25 record in his 46 games like Mr. Rodgers did.
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    I've heard the hang up is he's asking for a lifetime private jet and health care for his family. Frost apparently had the same agent as Goodell
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    Just another nugget to add to the rest of the speculation. A friend of mine who is a part owner of a local tech startup recently worked with one of UNL's men's teams. They are trying to expand quickly and one of their recent negotiations has been with UCF due to a fellow co-owners connections there. They were in talks with the UCF athletic department for services specifically for football operations until last week. The project has been put on hold because UCF is expecting a coaching staff change. One of his connections there revealed that they are aware that the Frosts are already looking for homes in Lincoln.
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    I remember a number of comeback wins in the Pelini era. In 2009, NU game back against Missouri in the rain with all those 4th quarter points. In 2012 alone, NU went on a 6 game winning streak to capture the division title, and that includes huge comeback wins over Northwestern and Michigan State. I’m sure I’m missing some others, but I’m drinking some whiskey and can’t quite remember right now.
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    So the only way to measure mental toughness is looking at games where we got behind by some arbitrary number?
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    That’s why Lee looks great at 7 on 7 drills and Manning Passing camps. If he doesn’t have to worry about the pass rush or difficult coverages, he can stand tall and rocket the ball all over the field. Get him in a real game and he’s very average.
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    Sporting News asks... When Frost says “no deal has been made” is he really denying a deal is “close”?
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    First, I'm not a Riley hold out. I said weeks ago I wanted him gone. Second, I said what I said because it is what I witnessed. Some folks have forgotten the Pelini losses. Specifically the blowouts.
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    Number of game opening kickoffs returned for a touchdown by PSU.....2
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    We have some talent at the skill positions. We have no running game. in addition to kicking duties, Drew Brown is a beast tackling on special teams. There should be no more doubt that Riley and company will be fired. I'd look at keeping Dubs. His guys played well tonight. The only bright spot. We do not have the talent nor depth to play a constant 3-4. The D is the weakest link and not even close. I watched closely and did in fact, see the strain. Did you?
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    I never want to see a “pro-style” offense with a statue QB at NU ever again
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    Moos better deliver Frost or this fan base will completely meltdown.
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    Zero yards in the 2nd quarter. Five straight 3 and outs.
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    Knevel fitting right in at his new position. Didn’t touch a soul and turned around to watch Lee get killed. But it hey we have nice guys coaching
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    He is a con man selling snake oil. I still think the SE agent connection needs to be looked into.
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    I am beyond upset...I am livid...if I were close to Riley, I would punch him so hard that I would knock all his front teeth from his mouth so he can smile...this is pathetic...I am so tired of watching my team and my university be humiliated on a weekly basis. We are a JOKE. we are the JOKE of the FBS. I bet we can’t beat The Citadel even if we tried...
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    No Nebraska team I've ever seen has been so bad at so many things.
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    BTW, our D-Line is actually getting pressure and looks like the only decent thing on the field currently.
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    “I am annoyed... you know what, screw it. I’m turning down millions of more dollars a year and a head coaching gig at my dream school because of this bullsh*t”
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    Complete detoxing....these guys need to not be allowed in the state of Nebraska forever.
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    Because our coaches are incompetent idiots who don’t know better
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    Good effort to make contact on Barkley there Alex Davis. HIT A GUY FOR THE LOVE OF SANTICO PANICO
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    Our upcoming week and a few days. -Saturday November 18th, Nebraska plays Penn State -Friday November 24th, Nebraska plays Iowa -Friday November 24th, UCF plays USF -Saturday November 25th, Nebraska announces Riley will not return for 2018. -Monday November 27th, Nebraska announces Scott Frost as their next head coach
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    Mav, can you start a UCF vs Temple game thread? I'm guessing we will all be watching it on ESPNU at 11am
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    No you can't artificially inflate our numbers here...people have placed betting odds!
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    100 million for 11 year, just heard this from my dog
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    Man that is really connecting some dots
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    It's going to supremely satisfying to witness the UCF meltdown when Frost is officially announced.
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    You may as well pack a bag, because no one at HB will let you live it down either way.
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    Maybe it's a defense mechanism on my part, but i wish we'd stop counting the chicken before it's even signed a contract yet. All this -- "they'll be sorry"... gots to stop. Usually people saying that end up the ones being sorry.
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    It took three harrowing days of nailbiting votes to reach this point, but we're here. We have two contenders who have risen above the fray to challenge the almighty Scott Frost. Ladies and Gentlemen! Boys and Girls! Voting time is here.
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    Great topic, and great list. Nice to see a ton of SNES representation. 10. Chrono Trigger - My favorite SNES RPG on a system absolutely stacked with them. Great story, great combat, art by one of the best Japanese artists of the period, and replayability for months. 9. Resident Evil 4 - Saved the franchise, and was the harbinger of the wave of 3rd person, over the shoulder shooters that flooded the market. Revolutionized the horror genre, and is possibly the best game on two separate systems. 8. Skyrim - Who among us has not lost days to this incredible, open world RPG? An absolute masterpiece. 7. Super Mario 64 - Redefined what 3-D gaming could be, as it pushed both Mario and Nintendo into the next century of gaming. 6. Super Mario Bros. 3 - My favorite Mario game. The amount of growth and polish from Super Mario Bros. to SMB 3 is staggering. Plus, the Raccoon Leaf is just cool. 5. Legend of Zelda: Link to the Past - Sets the template for what future Zelda games would aspire to be. Love, love, love this game. 4. Super Metroid - The pinnacle of 2-D exploration games (Super Metroid would lead to another game that could be on this list in Castlevania: Symphony of the Night). I absolutely love the mythos behind the Metroid games, and creepy tone that they set is almost perfect. 3. Mass Effect 3 - I debated either putting Mass Effect 2, or the whole series here, but this is my favorite of the three, and my favorite 3rd person shooter. It melds the RPG elements of the first with gameplay improvements of the second, plus the cast surrounding you is one of the best in the medium, bar non. That, and the character progression system, where you play the same character throughout the series and decisions made in the first game, affect the second, and so on, is immense; I imagine I have at least 500 hours across the 3 games with my Commander Shepard. 2. Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time - The standard by which Zelda games (and any game professing to be the best of all time) are measured. An absolute masterpiece of gameplay and storytelling. 1. Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild - The newest game on the list, but my god, what a game. Nintendo takes the Zelda formula they had stuck to for 20 years, flips it on head and makes one of the most immersive, enjoyable experiences I've had since I first picked up an Atari controller. This game is an absolute masterpiece, and completely reinvents one of the most beloved series of all time. I tried my hardest to not make my list about 70% Zelda titles, but I could if I really wanted to.
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