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    It think that cucumbers taste better pickled... Also, when you melt marshmallows, they are sticky.
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    Good read about the relationship Duval has with Boyd Epley and the Husker program. Didn't know Boyd recommended Duval 3 years ago when Riley hired Phillips. (I originally posted in 2018 depth chart, but figured it was worth the read) http://journalstar.com/sports/huskers/football/husker-power-returns-epley-excited-for-protege-duval/article_49cf9c50-529f-5412-9fe4-38643d4fac39.amp.html
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    A few days late, but here is the interview with Chinander on Sports Nightly.
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    Here is an article on the bodies at all of the positions. https://hailvarsity.com/s/3058/what-does-the-huskers-scholarship-chart-look-like We have plenty of linebackers and lineman, but we still need some OT depth. QB room looks deep, but that may change. Vedral may add depth if he comes. RB room is really deep, just need to get the most out of those players. Held should be thrilled with this room. Need more depth at WR, which is what this staff is doing. TE looks like we have plenty of depth, but need some guys to separate themselves from the pack. D-line will be an emphasis in the coming years. We need two more corners because that position is really thin. Lots of depth in the safety room, need to coach it up now.
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    I think they moved him back to due all the injuries they had there. For whatever reason, Kieron Williams wasn't going to be played no matter what, despite being the most disruptive returning safety in the league...so I think he moved back to provide depth...probably provided it in both CB and S. Regardless, I think the most idiotic thing the last staff did was bench Kieron Williams...I will never understand what happened with that.
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    Your right we did run well against Illinois,rutgers, and the other struggling teams of the conference. And there were many when he was here. Our hurry up offense racked up the points and yards and set records. But what good is that if you don't win titles. against Michigan state and Wisconsin those final years, games we needed to win to go to a title game we couldn't run the ball. Against wiskey we ran it 46 times for 118 yards. Whiskey piled on 400, with one guy. Against MSU only 47 yards on 37 attempts. When it mattered beck had nothing but a quick 3 and out. In those games I saw a lack of creativity and imagination. Something I felt you needed to run on those defenses. Instead we were painfully predictable, and shut down because of it. That's my two cents.
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    They told him we wanted him at OT. He wants to play DT. Frost and Co are after him at DT.
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    Merry Christmas. For your viewing pleasure. Sorry if it's been posted before. Still with another watch.
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    FIFY Grats, Mav. Tate and Green disappearing really boned me late in the season.
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    Mav will be the winner folks. His reaction after he has some players step up this week to get him this big win.
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    I've been busy moving my gf and I into a town home along with Christmas festivities so I just found this out tonight! I'm stoked to see this guy play! Glad I logged on tonight!
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    Kieron probably didn't fit Diaco's defense... he played way too aggressive.
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    Outside of special teams and blowouts, I don't remember him playing. He also switched to CB during fall camp.
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    I'm definitely looking forward to seeing what he does with our guys. Welcome home coach Duval!
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    Yes. He posts here too. It's a secret recruiting tool. Not to mention his successful creation of the Jessica0 hype machine to get everyone on board. It was brilliant!
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    Get the special-interests/lobbies out of government decisions. Nothing good can come of government basically being for-sale Seek free-market solutions rather than more crony-capitalism or just adding more bureaucracy/laws/taxes. Personal freedoms should be respected. Personal responsibility should be taken. Do our best to equalize opportunity while accepting that outcome will not be equal. A true meritocracy is impossible but it should damn well be the goal. Decrease government waste, including our bloated military spending, and balance the budget.
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    If you take too many Jucos you class numbers will get screwed eventually. High school kids have to be a high percentage of your class. You cant take 10-12 Jucos a year.
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    People using Dec. 23rd temps...lol..how many games are scheduled at Memorial Stadium on Dec. 23. Any player with NFL ambitions should want to play in the midwest climate. You get to experience everything....like NFL Look tonight in Green Bay.
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    Once you look at my list, I think you'll see why I'm to the point where I don't know if I can, in good conscience, vote anymore. 1) Pro-life - This is an absolute requirement. I have never and will never vote for someone who is not pro-life. Yes, I am a woman. And as a woman who has been pregnant twice (and blessedly has 2 beautiful young boys), my feelings on this topic have only gotten stronger as I've gotten older. 2) Universal health care - Sadly, the candidates who are with me on issue #1 are inexplicably against me here. I am also a strong Christian and I will not look my Lord in the eye one day and tell Him that I was in favor of letting anyone, particularly children, die because they couldn't afford to see a doctor. 3) Legalize marijuana - I've never touched the stuff and have on interest in ever doing so. But to me, it just seems logical to make it legal and tax it the same way we do tobacco. In addition, I'm tired of people being sent to jail over something that is, as far as I can tell, actually less dangerous than alcohol. Remove the burden from our courts and prisons, stop creating criminals who now have had their lives and families destroyed, and take in more money in taxes... seems win/win/win to me. 4) Fight for the 2nd Amendment - Strong proponent of the right to protect myself and my family and will not vote for anyone who seeks to take that right from me. Find me a candidate that is with me on all 4 of these and I could overlook a lot of other issues.
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    Finally! ^ Sign this man up. I say man because only pansies worry about a little cold weather. This a man.
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    Ahhhh, so you really do think he can come in and start next year.
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    Dude, I grew up in the 1970's and even I remember Roy Helu 2010 vs. Missouri. You kind of remember when a running back goes over 300 yards. I call BS on you 84HuskerLaw.
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    Wow. Nice on double-down on fake news. I understand the parameters of this board seek to keep the discussions tolerant, cohesive and coherent, so I'll respond just one last time. If you really understood the situation, you would never insinuate that T.O. could be "badgered" into anything like handing his legacy over to anyone he didn't want to hand it to. Also, if you really knew Frank and his family, you would never accuse his wife of being the whining type. Actually, T.O. did Frank a bit of disservice by strongly suggesting he keep the current assistants, thus putting Frank in the untenable situation of going from a member of a peer group to a leader of former peers. Not to mention that age, some physical disabilities on the staff, and some envy contributed to a very fragile and limited recruiting team that saw Frank having to shoulder much more of the recruiting burden than normally necessary. I believe that is a much more accurate description of the narrative. But, it's Christmas and the great thing about this country is that we can feel free to disagree. Happy Holidays!
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    Young on the outside scares the living daylights out of me.
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    Did you ever meet Solich? Did you ever hear about how he ran his practices and the lack of respect the players had for him? I knew people who played for Osborne and Solich and heard all the stories. Solich was not the caliber of coach or person to be head coach at Nebraska. He got the job because he whined about how he was owed it and Osborne got tired of his incessant whining and finally promised it to him. After the 97 season, Osborne continued to have reservations about whether turning things over to Solich was the right move. So Solich sent his wife to guilt trip Osborne about how he couldn’t go back on his promise. Not just "met him".........know him well. 1000% total revisionist history !! Ask Benning about how much respect he STILL has for Coach Solich.
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    The phrase "worst case scenario" is almost always used when the worst case scenario is a pretty good one, which is exactly what Baytown was using it for. He's saying the worst thing that could happen isn't a bad thing at all.
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    I believe you mean worse case Ontario.
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    AP Chem final. Students were complaining that it was too hard, they never saw the material before, etc. I said suck it up and quit complaining and get to work. Then I looked closer and it was the second semester final, not the first semester final.
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    https://www.politico.com/interactives/2017/obama-hezbollah-drug-trafficking-investigation/ The obstruction to the DEA investigation is appalling. A drug ring that sold cocaine in the USA, that funded the terrorist organization Hezbollah. 1 billion a year, weapons trafficking to Syria and Iraq, ties to Putin. All to appease Iran
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    lamar jackson needs to be on offense. he is not a defensive player. at least not one frost is likely to tolerate unless jackson can make some big changes.
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    YES!!! All my grandma gets me are shirts that are a size too big and tall that she found on sale.
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    It's really hard to take posts like this serious. Both TO and Solich inherited NC caliber teams. TO won his first outright conference title in year nine. Solich won his first outright conference title in year two. If you take out Solich's 02' season(4th in the North) and TO's 76' season(4th out of 8), Solich had an 81% winning percentage to TO's 78% winning percentage. With revisionist history, it always seems like I hear how TO never lost to unranked teams. He managed to lose twice in the 74' season to teams that finished the season unranked. In 77', he lost twice to teams who finished the season unranked. The only year other than the 02' season Solich lost to a team that finished unranked was in 03' when he lost to one unranked team. I get it, you don't like Solich. However, his only real fault while here was turning in a stinker of a season known as the 02' season. We can debate forever how he would have done had he been given more time, but he wasn't so we'll never know. We all know hiring Callahan was a mistake. However, we really didn't have anyone beating down the doors to come here. A lot of the coaching community was turned off when we fired a coach that was as successful as Solich was. I don't see firing Solich as smart. The smart thing to do would have been giving him more time. If he was as bad as you make him out to be, he would have eventually imploded much like Callahan did in 07' and Riley did in 17'. After the implosion, it would have been much easier hiring a better replacement.
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    We should grow actual corn on the sideline. If you create a turnover you get to grab an ear corn and husk it. GBR
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    I was. I think it is actually a good chance for us to know who is truly open and out there moving forward. Wont waste time with guys who are actually committed. Maybe we get lucky with a few bigger names, but I assume it will mainly be middle of the road guys.
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    I think the roster will be shaken up more than you think. Its gonna be a wild few next months. Kids will leave, this staff will weed out all non hackers. Im confident of that.
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    So the thing about the training table is all students can eat there and probably members of the public as well, you just have to register. I recently graduated from UNL and I ate at the training table. It's considered a restaurant and because it would technically be discrimination for them to only offer to specific people so, the must by law make it open to everyone. So I assume that that budget accounts for all of the people that eat there.
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    I dont think it matters what players were on the field last year. The coaching and team attitude was a losing culture.
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    That trash can fits Tennessee perfectly.
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    Wisconsin is boring, unimaginative football. I throw up every time someone compares our old teams to them. It's how I stay so skinny.
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    In this week's Pick 6 Podcast, Sam McKewon and the other guys spend the last 15-20 minutes discussing the 2018 class. I know Sam can get "preachy" on these podcasts at times, but he usually does back up his opinions and thoughts with examples. Sam advises that Frost and the staff limit this year's class to 17-18 scholarships, and not go overboard on recruiting guys "late in the process" to fill their numbers for this year's class. Frost should hold back numbers for big classes in 2019 and 2020 when he has a better understanding of NU's roster and he has more time to recruit guys to NU. Sam provided examples of how late recruits for Callahan, Pelini, and Riley didn't pan out very well. The big thing that Sam points out is that late in this process is that the player doesn't know "Nebraska" very well at this point. He may well have a great relationship with the coaching staff, but he doesn't have a good idea of the city and campus he's going to be living in for the next 4-5 years. It will be interesting to see how aggressive Frost is in filling up this class, just to get his numbers filled up. Sam even pointed out how Harbaugh limited his first class at Michigan, but then was able to get 2 huge classes in his 2nd and 3rd years.
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    We all know that Ryan Held teleports, so his time spent on planes is significantly less than Frosts.
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    Chinander’s D didn’t look like anything special against Memphis, but I think at this point we’re comparing apples to oranges and there’s no way to know how it will translate to these players here in the Arctic League without seeing it on the field. I think they’ll figure it out as well as anybody.
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    I'm not sure why the services don't just fricken rate kickers. They are almost as important as every position on the field.. unless you are the Oregon Ducks Yes, I'm being serious. Bc kickers don't sell subscriptions and are hard to rate.Made 20/25 fgs. 1 from 49. He's a 4 star. Boom. So what does 19/27 get you? 3 star, unless all misses were 40+What about when you figure in distances, blocks, get off times, height of kick, and conditions? What about a good kicker that doesn't have to kick many FGS bc they have great offenses. Bad hold, etc, etcSo how about the services watch their highlight film and make those decisions? Good grief. We are talking about watching 20fg attempts and 15 kickoffs maybe?Resources man? Then you would have to rate kickers, long snappers, punters, and kick off specialists. Then why not start ranking kick and punt returners too. Lot of time evaluating 1000's of kids around the country to find a couple of kids that could be rated. They focus on the impact positions. They miss enough on those already Or just use Kohls rankings
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