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    Can we ban him RIGHT NOW?????
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    There are opinions and then there are falsehoods. You've crossed the line my friend.
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    FIFY We better all be laughing. If he DOESN'T get indicted then our system is broken.
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    There was a story in the Omaha World Herald or Lincoln Journal Star lazt yeat in which Gates himself admitted he had a tendency to be lazy. He also said it was an entire OL problem. The truth is ugly here, but Nick Gates is lazy and does have a weak work ethic and his play showed it. As I said before though, best of luck to him in the NFL because he's absolutely going to need it.
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    Runza and Valentino's are trash.
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    I alluded to this earlier. The vast majority of fbs football is subsidized by the individual schools. It hasnt been until recently that more than a handful of schools actually made money off football. Having intercollegiate sports enhances the college experience for regular students as well as the student athletes. Eliminating the non-revenue and female sports would just push students to other colleges that offer them. Title IX does more than just help female athletes. And if someone cant see that they are being willfully ignorant about it.
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    Pokemon was dumb. Pokemon Go was even worse. George Lucas is a minimal talent hack who lucked his way into a movie franchise fortune.
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    The end result would ultimately be the elimination of female sports and most male sports at the collegiate level. Keep in mind, as stated previously, that most major sports do not turn revenues. This subsidization you speak of would include the possible and likely elimination of baseball, lacrosse, softball, volleyball, bowling, hockey and the list goes on. In the end, the primary winner is young men who play football and basketball. That's a big disappointment in many ways.
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    I am going to laugh if Nunes some how gets indicted over this.
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    Dude....you’re arguing just to argue.
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    I wish I liked the Democratic Party better.
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    Moiraine, you're being too vocal here, pipe down. Leave the speaking up to men who want to gut Title IX.
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    At this rate he'll be 6'7 270 by the time he's a senior.
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    OK...Ever since Mr. Flair gave me a home work assignment, I have read a number of articles on what he claims. And....I do not get from any of them, what he is claiming. Yes, more girls are enrolling in college. Yes, girls on average get better grades. Yes, a higher percentage of girls graduate from HS than boys. All....of which I knew before reading these articles. Other than that, there is no substance to anything I have seen. I see no evidence that feminism is some how destroying education for male students. I honestly can not think of one thing in our own school system that holds boys back more from learning Science, math, English....etc than girls. To me, this is a social issue that has absolutely NOTHING to do with feminism and EVERYTHING to do with our own expectations for boys in education. Here is an example of what I'm talking about. In the last few years, I have known both a boy and a girl who are off the charts smart from our school system. I know both of them scored well into the 30s on the ACTs (as freshmen and never took it again). Both were pretty good athletes. Throughout their HS careers, guess what the story line has been when people talk about them. Boy..."Wow, what a stud athlete. Man, he is fun to watch play basketball. Next year, we are going to be very good with him at QB. Girl....."Wow....she is impressive with how smart she is. It's going to be interesting to see what she does after HS. Obviously going to make a speech at graduation." See the difference? Actually, I didn't even know how smart the boy is till his senior year because everyone was always concentrated on his great three point shot. They are both going to be very successful. The boy is actually a walk-on on the football team at UNL and the girl is going to an ivy league school next year (hasn't decided which one). My point is, it's society and how we look at boys and girls differently....NOT because of feminism or some built in flaw in our educational system, but because of our idiocy towards boys and what we teach them is important in life.
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    Why do you continue to ignore the responses to these 2 comments? After centuries of men being involved in sports, men's sports should be able to stand on their own and pay for themselves. Well, that's not the case for pretty much any sport other than football and basketball. So you want there to be 2 college sports. You say things are so unfair for male swimmers, male divers, and male soccer players. There isn't a single men's soccer program in the entire country that turns a profit. I haven't found any swim teams that turn a profit, and I'm not even going to look up diving. Your argument has been terrible from the beginning and still is. College athletics isn't supposed to be about money making, and that's what a lot of people like about it. Even the athletic departments that don't turn a profit overall see the benefit in having an athletic department.
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    I only voted for the interior linemen, as the rest of the offense is going to be a complete unknown until halfway into the season, IMO. I put this in the defense thread as well, but RB is way too high on Mike'l's list for me. I'd flip them and Safeties around.
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