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    actually we should thank our lucky stars they got rid of Eichorst when they did- there would have been no way we could have gotten an AD in place fast enough to get Scott Frost on board. Frost himself even indicated in his PC that if he didn't have a solid AD and Administration he wouldn't have come back.
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    Going through old newspapers I’ve kept relating to the Huskers. Ran across the OWH edition of Bo’s firing and laughed at these headlines: Shatel: Eichorst Sounds Like a Man With a Plan Shatel: Don’t Expect AD Eichorst to Flounder as Pederson Did in 03 (No he just set out to destroy our program!) Chaitlain: Eichorst Proves He Understands NU Tradition, Standards (HUH?!) I’ll bet both of these reporters cringe at these articles!
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    I wonder if this is the first position change for several guys. (Farmer to center confirmed?) I thought he played great last year. Maybe the new staff is sold on the current and new crop of LB's that the move is being made to add depth and a spark to the DL. IMHO, Stille was one of the few bright spots on the D last year. Also seems like the weight program is working.... Stille, who is listed at 6-foot-5 and 255 pounds on the school's website, has spent the seven weeks of winter conditioning with head strength coach Zach Duval bulking up and said he's put on about 20 pounds. http://journalstar.com/sports/huskers/football/husker-sophomore-stille-moving-back-to-defensive-line/article_569436cf-d4f5-5392-92a8-89dd0d27b6c6.amp.html
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    Is that what this is all about? Because they're real people, whether you agree with them being here or not.
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    Top of 5th Flyout Groundout Strikeout
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    Bottom of 4th Luckey single Hagge fielders choice, Luckey out at 2nd Repinski lineout Cal Poly pitching change Schreiber strikeout 7-0 Huskers after 4
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    Top of 4th Lineout groundout Groundout
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    Bottom of 3rd Roskam groundout Hallmark strikeout Acker flyout 7-0 Huskers after 3
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    Top of 3rd Reached on error Fielders choice, runner out at 2nd Lineout, runner out at 1st
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    Bottom of 2nd Luckey single Hagge flyout Repinski walks, Luckey to 2nd Schreiber HOMERUN!! Repinski, Luckey and Schreiber Score ! 7-0 Huskers Wilkening flyout Altavilla groundout 7-0 Huskers after 2
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    The thing that is complete BS is when you make it seem as if a majority of illegal citizens are drug dealers and rapists when the facts say they are actually one of the most law abiding groups of people outside of laws regarding citizenship
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    Top of 2nd flyout groundout hit by pitch Groundout
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    Bottom of 1st Hagge walks Repinski walks, Hagge to 2nd Schreiber singles, Repinski to 2nd, Hagge to 3rd Wilkening flyout, Schreiber to 2nd, Repinski to 3rd, Hagge Scores 1-0 Huskers Altavilla walks Roskam doubles, Altavilla to 3rd, Schreiber and Repinski Score 3-0 Huskers Hallmark flyout, Roskam to 3rd, Altavilla Scores 4-0 Huskers Acker flyout 4-0 Huskers after 1
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    Top of 1st Groundout single runner caught stealing single strikeout
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    Of course Frost is going to say that. He wants to pump them up. That team, especially on defense sucked. It was aided by very, very bad coaching. You guys need to learn not to get sucked up by offseason PR. It's the main reason you get sucked in and find yourself on the ledge by Week 6. It's not about that. We have the top recruiting class for the past 5-6 years in the B1G West. We SHOULD be better than 4-8 every year. Frost isn't looking at PR or pumping anyone up. He's looking at the talent on the team and realizing he has a lot to work with and that we should have performed better. It's all coaching and preparation to be honest. It's not that we didn't have good players. I know of at least 3-4 freshman/sophomores last year that SHOULD have played and didn't...especially along the OL. Mike Riley didn't put us in the position to win with the best players in my opinion....so, our record indicates a coaching shortfall but it DOES NOT equal a talent shortfall.
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    Yeah but there is also a "best dog poop"... Being the best of a bad category is probably nothing worth quibbling over.
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    Then you wpuld know illegal aliens are less likely to engage in criminal activity(outside of being here illegaly, working here illegaly, ect.) Than the citizens of the United States. There are alot of people here illegally. Not very many of them are criminals but its just a very visable minority that is used for political warfare https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/fact-checker/wp/2018/01/18/trumps-claim-that-immigrants-bring-tremendous-crime-is-still-wrong/
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    One month later and we are still the Huskies
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    My daughter informs me that having joined the Gay-Straight Alliance at her high school, there was no shortage of enlightened California GenZ males willing to call her a dyke. This week she met with her teacher about the film project she's directing. The teacher -- a woman -- spoke almost exclusively to her assistant director, a boy. The thing I've hated most about the last couple years is learning that things I really thought had changed, really haven't.
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    Top of 9th Strikeout Strikeout Hit by pitch wild pitch, runner to 2nd Flyout Huskers win 13-2 ! Huskers outscore Cal Poly 35-5 in today’s double header
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    Bottom of 8th Hagge groundout Repinski doubles Schreiber walks Wilkening walks, Schreiber to 2nd, Repinski to 3rd Altavilla singles, Wilkening to 2nd, Schreiber to 3rd, Repinski scores 10-2 Huskers Roskam singles, Altavilla to 3rd, Wilkening and Schreiber score 12-2 Huskers Hallmark singles, Roskam to 2nd, Altavilla scores 13-2 Huskers Cal Poly pitching change Acker popout Luckey flyout 13-2 Huskers after 8
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    Bottom of 7th Cal Poly pitching change Wilkening groundout Altavilla reaches on error Roskam single, Altavilla to 2nd Hallmark fielders choice Acker walks Luckey groundout 9-2 Huskers after 7
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    Top of 7th Flyout Groundout Single Hit by pitch, runner to 2nd Lineout
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    https://www.nytimes.com/2018/03/09/us/politics/stormy-trump.html I object to our perverse fascination with the "porn star" label which Stormy is always reduced to, but this Republican goes entirely in the wrong direction with this:
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    Here's the most baffling part: Riley continues to be employed. How? Why did Oregon State hire him back? He has such an incredible, abysmal, pathetic track record of failure. How does he keep getting hired?? Just boggles my mind.
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    Watch Stweart in his appearances lately? He had excellent writers on that show. What he had was snark and writers. Im a Colbert fan myself - excellent writers there as well, but as far as measureable “talent” he brings far more to the table.
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    Of course Frost is going to say that. He wants to pump them up. That team, especially on defense sucked. It was aided by very, very bad coaching. You guys need to learn not to get sucked up by offseason PR. It's the main reason you get sucked in and find yourself on the ledge by Week 6.
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    This is very cool. The reason Republicans dominate state-level politics at the moment isn't because their politics are better. It's because groups like the Koch Brothers have figured their dollars go a LOT further in state & local races than they do in federal ones that get more attention. Shifting more resources to these races is a necessary shift if liberals want to regain a foothold in non-blue states. Not my favorite 2020 candidate but this is awesome. Go Liz!
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    I'm just guessing here but maybe the top (most senior) administrator for women's (not men's) sports. The other choice would be the highest ranking female (not male) administrator in the athletic department. That seems a little archaic so I doubt it's the latter.
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    I stopped watching CC a long time ago. It went downhill after John Stewart left.
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    Trevor Noah is the absolute worst thing about Comedy Central.
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    Agreed. DB (in his often candid yet riddle-like manner) hinted on his show yesterday that he knows of some specific guys whom are definitely feeling the pressure of 'I better show up or I'm going to be left in the dust.' What I took from his statements is that the players who weren't doing the right things know it and they know the new culture and expectation Frost brought is not going to lend itself to trying to just get by. Frost isn't going to make things easy for any of them and, if they didn't know it before, they're figuring it out now.
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    That's because it's a slippery slope to go down. People like to argue 'the team was better than 4-8 and here's why' while often ignoring the team was also pretty close to being 2-10. We can't have one without acknowledging the other. I know it's hard to stomach but they were a bad team last year - they were a 4-8 team. They weren't good and they know it, even if their recruiting rankings and raw potential suggested things should've been otherwise.
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    Why do you continue to ignore the responses to these 2 comments? After centuries of men being involved in sports, men's sports should be able to stand on their own and pay for themselves. Well, that's not the case for pretty much any sport other than football and basketball. So you want there to be 2 college sports. You say things are so unfair for male swimmers, male divers, and male soccer players. There isn't a single men's soccer program in the entire country that turns a profit. I haven't found any swim teams that turn a profit, and I'm not even going to look up diving. Your argument has been terrible from the beginning and still is. College athletics isn't supposed to be about money making, and that's what a lot of people like about it. Even the athletic departments that don't turn a profit overall see the benefit in having an athletic department.
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    I lived in a fraternity for five years, got s#!tfaced drunk many hundreds of times, but didn't throw up even one time. I think that might be a world record or something.
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    Went to Texas to visit my brother and meet my hero Earl Campbell. He didn't show up and i had to "settle" for meeting Mickey Mantle. I was very let down at 15, but looking back i probably shouldn't have been. I beat Gerry Gdowski in a 400 meter race once . It was just us there, but WE know ! Disclaimer , he still continually kicked my ass in every other sport all through school, but there was that one time... I met Michael Jackson's dad at the Flamingo in Vegas. I met Jenna Jameson at a "Club" once. I won a shrimp eating contest at Bonanza , God i hate shrimp now. so yeah i basically got nuthin. lol good idea for a thread though
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    Has a nasty bull rush in his hudl film and great pursuit. Keep that California pipeline open!
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    On the topic of assimilation, I do think it's important that immigrants learn English. Following our laws seems like a no brainer but since that Dr. was caught performing female genital mutilation in the U.S., it's something that sticks out to me as something pretty damn important.
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