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    Looking back at Nebraska defenses the better part of this century is why I'm willing to give Chinander a chance. Regardless of form or nomenclature, two words I'd use to describe Nebraska defenses over this span is Rigid and Passive. Neither of those is how I'd describe a Chinander unit. At the end of the day, once a play is identified; the RB breaks the line of scrimmage, the pass is thrown, it's about 11 guys chasing down and tackling one guy. It's really that simple. So much of the various past schemes have been about area control, that we've kinda forgot this part. What Chinander and crew are doing is not eschewing control, but rather being more aggressive through the proper use of leverage. It's about attacking through the ball carrier/blocker with risk mitigation because you've taken the angle that reduces their threat. It's more fair to call it a philosophy than a scheme. He can and will use a lot of schemes, but they're all taught through this conceptual framework. What I love isn't so much where they put the players but that they explain the why to the players. That allows players to break the rules, ultimately allowing 11 to tackle 1. I think we will have a pretty good defensive unit this year. Obviously thin in the secondary, and it may take some time to find the right mix at LB, but the defensive line should be solid out of the gate. At some point, this defense will understand the freedom they have and it'll click. Should be a lot of fun when that happens.
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    Can we all agree 24 hour news stations are the worst?
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    I did not know things like that were happening , I deal with factory workers mostly, not professionals . The system is definitely broken . Between the drug cartels, government corruption , and general lawlessness in Mexico , Central and South America I’m hearing its very unsafe many places there . I don’t blame them for fleeing as I would do the same in their situation . We just need to do a better job handling the influx of people on our end .
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    Absolutely. The defensive side of the ball is where recruiting really shows. No matter how proactive or aggressive a defensive scheme is, it is still the reactive side of the ball. Any offense can attempt to scheme around their weaknesses by virtue of having the ball and making the defense adjust to what they are doing. The defense, any defense, is prone to getting attacked where it is weak. To that point, two of UCF's best defensive players, Hughes and Griffin, were gambles in their own way. Griffin's story is known at this point, Hughes was a P5 talent that got into some legal trouble. UCF and it's kind has to find defensive talent where it can. Meanwhile, the offensive side of the ball can plug in an undersized, but speedy running back, even as a freshman because he only needs to do what he's capable of doing. You can so much more easily accommodate a range of players on offense for this reason. IMO, there is no excuse for ever having a bad offense. Small schools, service academies, P5 bottom dwellers...all have shown time and again that you can have a good offense without needing to recruit elite talent.
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    I don't disagree with you Big Red, I guess I just think we make it too tough (and yes, I know there has to be vetting and we need to be careful). For instance, this last week I was speaking to a woman, a MD & PHD from Venezuela who is trying to gain citizenship here. She and her husband (also an MD) came here to claim asylum. She has to turn in a 600 page application once a year to keep her app in process, and currently she's spent over 50k on lawyers and etc. She is unable to come here and work as an MD, so she's doing bench work for a hospital because she would have to go back to medical school and etc to be able to practice here, and med school is not cheap (especially not to go a second time, plus fellowship which puts an additional 3-5 years on). At any time they can tell her that she is not approved, and she then has 2 days to go home. 2 days to close up shop at work, sell her home, sell her belongings or pack them up and get on a plane home. Period - or she's at risk for arrest. She then would qualify as an illegal that ICE could come after (depending on city & state of course). That's ridiculous. The process is broken. If she hadn't had money in the bank before coming here she'd never be able to do it according to the requirements we have. She's earning a pittance now compared to what she is trained to do and was doing in Venezuela. Cost of living is significantly higher here, they're having expenses that even wealthy people would find excessive (100K for just application processes?!?!?) so there's no way that people fleeing a country where they're not safe, where there's no work can do this. When I asked her why she wants to be here, especially right now when our nation has made it so difficult to come, and has been unwelcoming. So didn't get into details on what she was escaping from, I expect as I get to know her better I'll learn more, but she would only say that it was better than the alternative.
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    Also, my completely anecdotal and unscientific opinion is there are a lot more offensive players to go around than there are defensive players. So there are enough skill guys that even the Group of 5 teams can find some pretty good players on offense. But it's a lot harder to find defensive players - especially defensive linemen and cornerbacks - so it's a lot more difficult to get talent at those spots for the smaller schools. So that's another reason that I'm willing to give Chinander a chance to see what he can do with some better athletes. Obviously the competition will get better as well but I think the talent he has to work with on defense will be a much bigger step up than it will be on offense.
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    I’ll bet Coach Miles is happy! http://www.wowt.com/content/news/Two-key-Husker-seniors-return-to-basketball-team--483822281.html
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    in other words.....why didn't obama protect you from me
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    Seriously. Rivalries, and trophies, should just happen. Paul bunyans axe, Floyd of rosedale. Bits of broken chair. Not some stupid grocery store promotion masquerading as a salute to heroism. I hate when things are forced. Which is why I dont see why we have to have Iowa be the rival. We shouldn't have a trophy game already. If it happens, great, but it does not have to be the closest team. Kansas State was not our rival just because they were the closest. OU was because of history. So give it 10 more years and see what happens.
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    One thing to consider is what conservatives are we talking about here? If we are talking about supporters of the current GOP, maybe there is a reason for the bias and feeling attacked. If you believe in Fox and our lyin' POTUS, then I really don't have sympathy for you feeling attacked. I have more sympathy for you being duped. To expound, reasonable conservatives on this board such as TG and BRB don't seem to feel under attack or feeling forgotten. Just in disgust of this terrible administation and its hurtful self-serving policies. Im surprised more conservatives out there aren't fed up with their party at this point. I would be embarrased to say these people represent my political views.
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    I don't think anyone is done a disservice by the news media. At the same time, I think "news" has changed. The media briefly reports "news", but then spends a majority of the time on commentary and opinion. In my social circles, I've heard less political discussion in the past year or two than anytime in recent memory.
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    Their problem is this victim mentality you detailed throughout your post. Its not about them, but they make it about then
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    Been at work for 18 of the last 22 hours. Kind of ready for a break.
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    It's normal when the sermon is about Revelation. I heard the same thing. Non denominational. Back then they didn't have small chips, so bar codes were what people imagined from this verse:
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    I liked a lot of The Cars’ later hits, even though the albums declined in quality, they still had some moments. But their first album can really stand in as a greatest hits record. One of the best albums of the 80s. I saw Cheap Trick in concert and was very underwhelmed. No stage presence. Poor showmanship. They had two huge and important radio hits in their day, but as an overall rock band they fail to deliver.
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    Good news for Nebrasketball! Both Palmer and Copeland are foregoing the NBA and will be returning next year! Whoo Hoo! http://www.wowt.com/content/news/Two-key-Husker-seniors-return-to-basketball-team--483822281.html
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    not all immigrants are bad. some are good. some are close to superheros. check out this immigrant in paris saving a child.
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    I didn't cherry-pick anything. Cherry-picking would only be considering certain games here and there. I chose a starting point and continued through the end of his career. But since you don't have any actual defense of your "one bad season" mantra you're stuck trying to quibble instead of presenting a defense of your own argument. That is just the point where the wins and losses started reflecting what was going on. We had won a lot of games in 2001 but we weren't exactly impressive doing it a lot of the time. We were only seven points ahead of an eventual 6-6 TCU team near the end of the third quarter (at home). We were seven points ahead of a 7-5 Texas Tech team until late in the fourth quarter (at home). We struggled with a 6-6 Kansas State team (at home). So, yes, we were able to win those games - with the last of the Osborne recruits - but we weren't always looking like a national championship contender. So, even if you continue to only focus on one thing - record - and ignore HOW we were getting to that record, are you are still going to say that 16-10 or 27-12 would be "borderline elite"?
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    Another thread similar to Knapp's from above. It's a nuanced take but I really think this guy nailed it.
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    I'd be very pleasantly surprised if Nebraska held Troy to 17 points. I wish Nebraska was catching them as the home opener as they're trying to replace a 4 yr starting QB and Brown is a helluva coach.
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    Sure the offers are out now, but they are still catching up on building relationships with their identified targets. Other teams locked in their board well before NU and could focus on the top recruits for a longer period of time. Yes there are a few targets I am sure the NU staff have been working on for awhile, but there are many more they had to evaluate first to determine which ones they should expend their human capital on. Those are the ones they are playing catch up on. Just look at how many recruits they offered already had multiple offers prior.
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    Added the preview from the Athletic's All-American site. Yes it's a pay site, but for like $30 a year you get some pretty good writers doing all kinds of different pieces. I like their stuff alot.
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