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    Drop the burrito on the floor, grind your heel into it, all while staring your coworker in the eye. Turn around and walk away.
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    Funny how when you have a bad team your schedule looks really tough.
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    We wouldn't be the first team to fall asleep against NIU. Or this year's version: Troy. Maybe the hardest lesson is that Nebraska can no longer intimidate lesser programs based on reputation alone. We need to be the team playing balls out like an underdog.
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    Most fun: 1992 Halloween game vs. Colorado. Both teams ranked #8, we hadn't beaten Colorado in three games and they were HUGELY c$%ky, and we just trounced them. Sleet/rain all night, cold, miserable conditions to watch a game, but the crowd was HYPED all game long. Most Satisfying: 1994 championship game vs. Miami. Loudest: 2011 Ohio State, 2015 Michigan State, 1992 Colorado... there's a lot of these. Most Disappointing: Too many to count. Best OT: 1997 Missouri. The Tiggers gained -3 yards and Nebraska wins, eventually winning the National Championship Eric Hagg saved that game. His break on the two-point conversion attempt was insane. The guy in the blue circle is the receiver. Look at the separation just after the snap. Hagg made up all that ground for the winning INT. Fantastic play.
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    A little backstory here: I'm trying to lose some weight (again) and I've been pretty good about logging my food (Lose It app) and getting daily exercise. During the week I'm an early riser (5 or 515 am) and then I take the dog on a decent walk. I usually eat my breakfast at around 630 or 7. I take an early lunch (11 am) so we have coverage at work. I usually have a snack in the afternoon and try to workout after work for at least 30 minutes or take the dog on another (longer) walk. My gf and I have been really trying to increase our veggie intake instead of carbs and sugars. We've been spiralizing veggies for pasta, etc. Anyway, at least a couple times a week a coworker tries to force me to have what amounts to a second breakfast: breakfast burritos, bagels, donuts, etc. They're SUPER insistent that I absolutely HAVE to have something to eat. I've explained to them so many times that I've already eaten. If it's something planned ahead (sometimes we do breakfast for birthdays instead of cake/ice cream) then I will adjust my other meals/snacks to accommodate the festivities. So my question is, how do you deal with these food pushers? I came pretty close to losing my s#!t this morning as 2 of my coworkers were hammering me about having a breakfast burrito after I had already told them I had eaten breakfast.
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    You should get it, because it is the same reason people love Mike Riley. Decent coach, but a really nice, upstanding, likeable guy. If you are a mediocre coach, but a jerk, (or at least appear outwardly like one), it will be the opposite reaction by the hordes. Aka, Bo Pelini.
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    So you're saying those guys should be... salty. (•_•) ( •_•)>⌐■-■ (⌐■_■)
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    I watched that one with an Iowa State alum. That play was deeply satisfying. The guy was pissing and moaning for half the game about how dirty Nebraska was because Prince Amukamara made an awkward tackle. Then their linebacker literally tried to snap Burkhead's neck. He was awfully quiet after that.
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    I guess I'll answer the questions now. I'll stick to games I've been at in person. Most fun: Probably 2003 Oklahoma State. My first game in person. Most satisfying: 2007 Kansas State. Putting the throttle to KSUcks and Josh Freeman, and knowing that it was Callahan's last game. Loudest: A tie between 2006 Texas and 2013 Northwestern. In particular, Nate Swift to Marlon Lucky and the Hail Mary. Most disappointing: 2009 Iowa State. Holy hell, that was awful. Best OT: I've only been to two, so we'll say 2005 Iowa State by default.
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    Most fun: First trip to Northwestern. Most satisfying: OU game at night about 10 years ago Loudest: OU game at night about 10 years ago Most disappointing: The last 3 years Best OT: Can't really remember.
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    We are only one season removed from a 9 win season, on a team where attitude, discipline, scheme and coaching were coonsidered major culprits, as the talent didn't suddenly fall of a cliff. And at the time, 9 wins was the bare minimum expectation for Mike Riley. But perhaps it's unrealistic to expect the same from Scott Frost. So I'm going with 8 wins.
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    I'm not telling. By the way his name is Section29 Row18 huKSer
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    It's nice to see so many people so energized about the new season. A lot of us haven't felt that way for a long time. I actually contemplated giving up our seats and throwing that money into Volleyball season tickets. Kinda glad we held out, and I'm sure I'm not the only one thinking that. How long has it been since there was this much anticipation before a season? 2008? 2010?
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    Also qualified for the state track meet in the 100 meters. Yeah, I can live with this kid.
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    Most fun? Miami 2014 Most satisfying? Miami 2014 Loudest? Miami 2014 Most disappointing? VT 2009 because that is the last game my father watched before passing away, and the Huskers blew it. Best OT? 2014 Iowa There was just something different about that night in September 2014 against Miami. For one night it felt like things were back to the old normal, and that was the most electric I have seen the stadium in the 50+ games I have been to in the last 15 years.
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    Their coaching search was even worse than the BC debacle here, just a giant cluster fudge, and yet they are always in a top 10 for these 5 star guys.
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    When we start playing like Nebraska and stop playing like Kansas?
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    Two games at Missouri fit both the most fun and most satisfying......1997 and 2009. Most disappointing is Colorado in 2001. It wasn't the loudest per se, but in 2009 at Columbia most of the Missouri fans had left halfway through the fourth quarter and chants of "Go Big Red" were very loud in the post monsoon night.
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    There are a lot of people who insist that Fitz is a great coach. I do give him credit for getting more wins that you'd expect from the school that he's at. But it's not like he's the only one who's won there either. And from what I've seen from him in-game, I wouldn't put him in the "great" category by any stretch. Maybe he's very good in the development part of the job but I wouldn't even consider him average from a game-management perspective (from the admittedly small sample size of his games that I've watched).
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    I'm just going to talk about the ones I've seen in person. Most fun was probably that game against KSU when the dude's helmet came off on the kick return... That was pretty satisfying, too. The loudest was probably the one against Texas late in the Callahan era. Nunn fumbled a pass that cost us a chance at a winning FG, I believe, in that one. The most disappointing game was against Mizzou. We had the Westboro folks in attendance so that was fun explaining to my young child at the time...and then things were pretty much over by halftime. All we had to hope for was that we'd knock Gabbert around when he came in to relieve Chase Daniels. The only OT game I've been to was against Notre Dame in their stadium. What I remember about that one was how "low-class" Davie was to blame his QB afterward for not going for the win at the end of regulation.
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    The Rod Rosenstein 'Impeachment' Is a Sham Good read on the absurdity of the "impeachment" resolution.
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    I love how every thread about a documentary from BTN turns into, "they hate us cause '97", similar to every thread about ESPN turns into, "show that to Herbstreit cause he can't stand Nebraska and is a whinny baby." People need to learn to let stuff go. And, yes, I was broadly generalizing about every documentary and article, because that seems to be the trend - just like saying every B1G fan disputes our 1997 national championship. To be honest, I haven't run into any B1G fans that bring up the 97 season and there probably aren't a lot that honestly care too much. Half these threads turn into pity parties, or "I can't believe xyz fanbase is a bunch of meany-heads" or "this state sucks". BTW, I can't wait to watch the show.
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    Most fun: Michigan St ‘15. Reluctantly went to the game because a friend was in town. Was happily surprised to see us win. Most Satisfying: every win over Washington. Growing up in husky territory it is great to laugh off their excuses and bitterness. Loudest: Miami ‘14, especially after the scuffles Dissapponting: Miami ‘15. The OT INT was a similar play as earlier in the game where TA scrambled away and threw another 50/50 ball when Cethan Carter was sneaking wide open from the LOS. Heartbreaking after the 4th qtr rally followed by Alex Lewis’ penalty. Stupid play call too. Best OT: Kansas ‘06. Was the week following my 21st birthday and flew in with Dad and brothers to celebrate.
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    @Ulty Veggie trays are really great, but I also like to make homemade sweet potato chips, steamed edamame or there are some pretty healthy vegan dips I've found online that a lot of people have enjoyed at football parties and such.
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    Ugh, I had this situation too. It took a while but after I repeatedly told these people that I planned to contribute, "Nothing." They finally took the hint. It took a serious death stare and some hostile body language to get the point across though.
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    Frost isn't the problem though--Ron (via his past actions) is. When it's Ron Brown manning up and taking Lueshen up on his offer to talk...then we'll have meaningful action that we can call "great".
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    My memory is kinda hazy, but as I recollect...Michigan's defensive strength was pass defense. I seem to remember teams being able to run pretty much at will against that defense. Ohio State, when they ran the ball, ran it for like 6-7 yards a pop, but really didn't stick with it. Hell, even Washington State in the Rose Bowl was running pretty well against Michigan's defense--until their #1 RB got hurt and left the game.
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    It was a battle flag given to them by a Navy Seal under Bo's tenure.
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    Outsports has some... interesting ideas for how Nebraska could/should approach relations with the LGBTQ community. The three "super easy" things the author (not former Husker Eric Lueshen) thinks the Huskers could do: At the Sept. 1 home game against Akron, have a member of the team come out of the tunnel with the team carrying a giant rainbow flag. The team already carries several flags. Adding a rainbow flag would send a massive statement of inclusion. Invite out gay former Nebraska Cornhuskers football player Eric Lueshen to speak to the players, and afford him the opportunity to sit down and have a private dialogue with Ron Brown. The conversation with the team should be preceded by remarks from Frost that the team is completely accepting of all sexual orientations and gender identities. Put a rainbow sticker on the door of every coach on the Nebraska football team, expressing support for gay athletes and LGBTQ people on and around the team. Um... No, Kinda yes, and No. Re: The Flag - Nebraska supports the fight against Breast Cancer, but we don't carry a pink flag out on the field before games. This is not a good idea, and should not happen. Re: Lueshen speaking to the team/Ron Brown - It's as good of an idea for him to speak to the team as it was for Riley to have Brenda Tracy speak to the team. If Ron Brown wants to speak with Lueshen, fine. But Brown should not be forced to do it. Re: Rainbow Stickers - This is a weird and terrible idea. Not even sure what to say about that.
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    So what you're really saying is we're getting a 40-minute BTN series on Shevin Wiggins' foot, and a 5 minute series on the 1997 NC team? 'Cause some of the B1G folks still have a problem with us claiming that NC...
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    Aquaman was the runner up MVP in Justice League, but that's not saying much. Neither is this trailer.
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    No one has ever said that to me! YES! (Taking a screen shot) The biggest issue now will be ball handlers. GW's can't handle all of that 100% of the time.
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