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    Maybe 9 wins isn't where we want the program to be.
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    It's going to be fun to see where this team can go in 12 games. I think we'll be a lot better in November. But, at times, this is going to be U-G-L-Y. Guys are going to be good at times and lost at others. They're going to compete well at times and then get distracted and regress. We have to learn to compete. We have to develop comfortable confidence with the play calls. We have to find out what guys are the answers and where we need young guys and more recruits. People are saying that nine wins is perfectly reasonable. Listen to the interview again. Frost is speaking the truth and he is saying that there's a lot to do before we get to where all of us want the program to be.
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    @Saunders Nor are there pixels on the hype train, apparently.
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    The problem I have with the screaming, verbal abuse, throwing s#!t at people is I find it highly unlikely that it's a good teaching method or a good motivator. So not only does it not accomplish your goals, you're also making people feel like s#!t.
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    :56-1:15 I haven't seen monkey rolls that weak since the first day of Jr. High practice. Kids today.
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    Well time has flown by ...moving her into Schramm Hall next week. I'm not sure what happened to sorority rush. She was planning on doing it but missed some deadline so couldn't but she wasn't too upset. I don't think she was really that interested in it. Excited to get her to Lincoln...so she can start tracking down tickets to that CU game for me I suppose the separation anxiety will hit me when it comes to leaving her there
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    Keep in mind, those weren't the 1s and 2s in the spring game.
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    This situation is rapidly turning into trying to watch a drunk hobo run a 3 card monte game. At first you look on in bewilderment as to what is going on, then you get confused as to what exactly is happening followed by feeling a little bit dirty about watching the whole thing and then finally giving up and going to get some nachos.
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    You're just trying to milk the likes from this photo, aren't you? I don't know why the word milk came to mind. I'm not sure why the word came was inserted into my mind. I'm not sure why the word inserted was on the tip of my tongue.
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    I think this is 100 percent correct. 15 years ago, college was a lot cheaper and all four of the Dakota schools were in Division II. Now, college is dramatically more expensive and all four Dakota schools are FCS/IAA. Last year, North Dakota State, South Dakota State and South Dakota each made the FCS playoffs. SDSU made the semifinals and NDSU won the whole thing, again. I think now if kids don't get a power five offer, they don't have a problem taking a scholarship to a loaded FCS team over a middling MAC or Mountain West school. And it's hard to blame them either. Get school paid for and win a whole bunch of games. They usually play at an FBS school each year too. /Full disclosure, I went to one of the four Dakota schools. To keep character, I won't say which one and will continue to pretend to be a German terrorist/thief instead.
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    If that was the case, and it might very well be, then why would Urban still fire Smith - if this was all just some big elaborate scheme of Courtney's?
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    It hasn’t passed, but we’re too excited about Scott Frost and can’t divide our attention.
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    This encapsulates it so perfectly. We've got money for a f#$%ing "Space Force," and unlimited golf trips, and all the little corrupt niceties that all these grifters that are currently heading up federal agencies happy, like personal flights, soundproof telephone booths, nice tables for their offices, tactical pants... But we've got people in our own country struggling and scraping by to survive. I just found out my girlfriend's mom is back at the doctor being seen about recurring kidney issues which will likely require ANOTHER surgery. Last time this happened it was hell and crippled them financially. She has no idea what they'll do if it happens again. But all these comic book villains running the federal government can't help us, because they're busy with all the graft and personal pet projects. You know, Space Force sounds pretty cool. Whomever runs in 2020 needs "end the blatant corruption" as a central tenant. Simple but powerful.
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    In Alabama they did.
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    Tidbit: I just watched the first series of the first UCF game in 2016 and UCF played 3 different running backs in its first 8 plays, and 2 of them were freshmen. I already thought this anyway but there's just no way Washington is redshirting. Also, different league I know, but Killins weighed 155 lbs at the time.
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    I have no idea if ESPN is embellishing or inflating or over dramatizing but it seems there are plenty of sources who are/were inside the program that are telling similar damning stories. I’ll disagree with you that this is how successful programs are run. There’s a significant difference between pushing athletes to their limit and their best and what seems to be happening at Maryland. And there is also a big difference between an unexpected sudden training death and one in which there were apparently signs of medical distress that were ignored. Should we return to the days when water was for the weak? The coaches and trainers have to be aware that physical limits do in fact exist.
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    Hey, as long as they quit killing players.......Can't imagine this is helping their recruiting. Doesn't sound like a place I would like to play or let my kid play at. Pretty hard to get players to run through walls for you if they can't stand you or the culture you are fostering.
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    I still don't get the angst over the stripes on the pants.
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    The We-Backs were Calvin Jones and Derek Brown.
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    Killins Jr and Otis Anderson were both below 170 last year and they seemed to do just fine in Frost's offense.
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    I wonder if they would still support him if OSU had the same record that Nebraska has had the last 3 years?
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