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    And Brett squashes the Herman rumor.
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    The Travis Fisher interview on Sports Nightly was some of the best information I've heard all camp. His glowing remarks of Antonio Reed was surprising and awesome to hear. He referred to him as the best safety on the roster. http://www.huskers.com/ViewArticle.dbml?ATCLID=211603807&DB_OEM_ID=100&DB_OEM_ID=100 8/9, Segment 2
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    In all seriousness, screw this antiquated, archaic macho masculine bulls#!t. The world has moved on, and there's no room for legitimate abuse masquerading under the guise of tough love anymore. Defenders will chalk it up to the pussification of society or snowflake culture, but that is not the case. Reality is that society has grown up and has found better behavior towards goals. There are better, healthier ways to inspire, encourage, teach, criticize, punish, etc. than something straight out of a 1960's military boot camp manual. Not only that, but that approach isn't even conducive to high yielding results anyways. Even from a selfish/win at any cost perspective, that approach just isn't effective towards getting the most out of your players.
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    It's going to be fun to see where this team can go in 12 games. I think we'll be a lot better in November. But, at times, this is going to be U-G-L-Y. Guys are going to be good at times and lost at others. They're going to compete well at times and then get distracted and regress. We have to learn to compete. We have to develop comfortable confidence with the play calls. We have to find out what guys are the answers and where we need young guys and more recruits. People are saying that nine wins is perfectly reasonable. Listen to the interview again. Frost is speaking the truth and he is saying that there's a lot to do before we get to where all of us want the program to be.
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    I agree. I have no problem with them swearing or even yelling at players. The problem is belittling them, making fun and mocking, making them over eat, and running them out of the program in a chickensh#t manner. The coaches are there to help the players learn and operate at their peak, not to be an outlet for their aggression. It’s just stupid if they think this treatment will lead to anything good for the team or players.
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    :56-1:15 I haven't seen monkey rolls that weak since the first day of Jr. High practice. Kids today.
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    This situation is rapidly turning into trying to watch a drunk hobo run a 3 card monte game. At first you look on in bewilderment as to what is going on, then you get confused as to what exactly is happening followed by feeling a little bit dirty about watching the whole thing and then finally giving up and going to get some nachos.
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    It hasn’t passed, but we’re too excited about Scott Frost and can’t divide our attention.
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    This encapsulates it so perfectly. We've got money for a f#$%ing "Space Force," and unlimited golf trips, and all the little corrupt niceties that all these grifters that are currently heading up federal agencies happy, like personal flights, soundproof telephone booths, nice tables for their offices, tactical pants... But we've got people in our own country struggling and scraping by to survive. I just found out my girlfriend's mom is back at the doctor being seen about recurring kidney issues which will likely require ANOTHER surgery. Last time this happened it was hell and crippled them financially. She has no idea what they'll do if it happens again. But all these comic book villains running the federal government can't help us, because they're busy with all the graft and personal pet projects. You know, Space Force sounds pretty cool. Whomever runs in 2020 needs "end the blatant corruption" as a central tenant. Simple but powerful.
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    In Alabama they did.
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    I listen to these NU sports reporters questions on YouTube videos and think they have to be the lamest “journalists” in the world. Their questions are so shallow and so cliche. Frankly, I think two of the most important (significant) additions to the team are Noah Vedral & Tre Neal. They are potentially like having two additional assistant coaches in helping the Cornhuskers learn SF’s system on both sides af the ball, but there are no probing questions regarding their roles or what they bring to the table. thoughts?
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    Indeed, the effects of economic decisions typically aren't felt for years, so it's wildly premature to credit Donald Trump for doing anything, and not unduly pessimistic to anticipate a major market correction that may already have been in motion, and may also be exacerbated by Trump's unpredictability, the one adjectives the markets hate most. Also, blaming Bill Clinton for the credit crisis is like blaming David Kneval for Nebraska's blowout loss to Ohio State.
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    My gawd where have you been? Great to see you back. I was riding a Lake Perris a week or two ago and was wondering what had happened to ya!!!!!
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    Precisely, this is why there is still so much of it going on. i imagine it will die or evolve with time. But our program and many others where built with that model so i find it hard to look down on anyone else for using it. And yea jerry is the best
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    I love seeing Wistrom teaching the ol' forearm shiver.
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    Durkin has been placed on administrative leave.
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    1) Socializing costs that are both constitutionally required and aren’t individual in nature makes sense. We all need military protection, roads, etc. With the exception of Medicaid, the other social welfare programs you listed are funded by people paying into them. Socialism, especially as many liberals propose, goes well beyond that. 2) That’s not how health care works. Medicare is already overloaded and delivers poor results. The reimbursement rates suck. Expanding it will lead to a costly program where people get insurance cards that decreasing numbers of providers will actually accept. 3) I don’t particularly care about income inequality. If you cut taxes, the people who actually pay the taxes get most of the benefit. Crazy how that works. Everyone benefits from an expanding economy. Unemployment is down, anyone who wants a job can find one, wages are up, and things look great. #MAGA 4) The evidence clearly shows there are less minimum wage jobs in Seattle. More and more evidence is mounting that companies are speeding up the process of automating those jobs. This is simple economics. If the costs of that labor imcrease, employers will be more motivated to do without it or find ways to replace it. 5) Hillary’s popularity crested right before she announced she was running for President. How did that work out for her again? 6) Socialism only works when the economy has enough capitalism to generate enough wealth that can be stolen to fund the socialist boondoggles. When it truly crashes and burns is when it gets too greedy and kills the golden goose. 7) I think Thatcher would have rethought that statement if she’d lived to see what NHS became.
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    I’ve met Kamala Harris and she’s not a bright woman. Her whole career is built on an relationship she had with Willie Brown, who has been the one pushing her career ever since. Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders would be destroyed in a debate with the likes of Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio. Warren and Samders have mastered their talking points, but know shockingly little about basic economics. That fact would become painfully obvious were they paired with any competent debater. I’m no fan of Cruz, but he’s a very skilled debater.
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    The way I view it, there needs to be a public campaign for publicly funded elections and a ban on outside political donations and PACs. If that actually happened, then more of those things would probably happen, but until you take the moneyed special interests out of the equation they will always hold sway enough to make a few well placed "donations" and torpedo any of those things or fund candidates to go torpedo them after they would be implemented by cutting funding. It's that old saying, follow the money, until politicians are dependent on their actual electorate for the funding they need to stay elected, they sure as hell aren't working for us.
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    Aw yes the Trump strategy of reverse everything Obama did, give my friends a bunch of government money, and playing footsie with Russia is truly making America great again
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    BTW...Be very careful while leaving overly positive feedback on eBay.
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    maybe alex jones sells a pill to help with that. lol
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    I looked at the opponents win % and most of the regular season the opponents were around 55%, with only one poor team 33%. However in the playoffs they did beat an undefeated team in the championship game by 32 points.
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    the republican utopia is when you get caught committing a crime and you blame the democrats rather than take responsibility for your own actions
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    I don’t agree with the first sentence. That they do that. But I think this could be a good idea. The reason affirmative action is a thing is because racist people can’t be trusted to make decisions on these things in an unbiased way. It helps ensure that even if racists are making decisions on admission or employment, the people they’re racist against still have a chance. And I think the last several years have shown us that it’s still needed. Your idea is good and it would help a lot of minorities but I could still see people abusing it by only helping the types of people who look like them who fall into those categories.
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    One of the funnier skits i ever saw on SNL - Gilda botched a line, and Candace couldn't hold it in (that's what made it funny) EDIT: as i rewatched this bit, i had it backwards. Candice botched it.
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    I did not know that - I always associated private schools with, you know, RECRUITING. In Kansas there is talk about some sort of classification adjustment to assist the public schools because the private schools win a disproportionate number of state titles.
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    Washington has something like 60 meals at the training table between now and the first game. Putting on a few pounds shouldn't be an issue.
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    Tidbit: I just watched the first series of the first UCF game in 2016 and UCF played 3 different running backs in its first 8 plays, and 2 of them were freshmen. I already thought this anyway but there's just no way Washington is redshirting. Also, different league I know, but Killins weighed 155 lbs at the time.
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    Hmmm so a journalist who graduated from Ohio State and has written 4 books about Ohio State including one with a foreword from Urban Meyer publishes this report. This feels like victim blaming/shaming to me. Urban not only fired Smith, but admitted he knew something happened in 2015. Not to mention a judge granted a restraining order against Smith and those aren't easy to come by. Domestic Violence is notoriously hard to prosecute so the fact charges were never filed doesn't mean anything to me. This all makes me sick.
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    Come on. You've never heard of Central Dakota? That's where Atlantis is located.
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    No, I have significantly less money than Craig Bohl and I'm about half his age. I did attend one of the four. /back in character And I swindled them out of all their agriculture money too.
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    I still don't get the angst over the stripes on the pants.
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    There's only one man out there that can do it...
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    Personally, I think where Martinez loses this battle is on the mental side of things. If Gebbia can make better decisions he'll beat out Martinez even with this physical gifts. Reading the defense correctly and putting the ball in the spot that allows the offense to take advantage of defensive mismatches is more important in this offense then athleticism alone. Just my opinion, but I think Gebbia wins on the mental side of it.
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    lol. Wait... I laughed when Trump announced.
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    I agree with this....... it it makes no sense to put all these weapons on the field if you can’t use them. No doubt mobility is a factor but they need to deliver the ball and minimize mistakes.
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    Sorry to here this on both accounts. Keep your head up.
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    Killins Jr and Otis Anderson were both below 170 last year and they seemed to do just fine in Frost's offense.
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    Fine. But only if he's being questioned by a shirtless Sam McKewon.
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    Me and a few friends got in quite a bit of trouble for downloading Napster onto school computers when it first became popular.
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    ^ all that is is a difference on whether or not identity politics or broad brush categorizing are good or bad. There's a popular wave of theory in center-right and libertarian esque camps that the problems to societal inequalities is a psychological one that's from the bottom up one person at a time, not a sociological culture-wide top-down one.
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