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    And Brett squashes the Herman rumor.
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    Im guessing the team has heard about former players and the tradition of NU since Frost came back as HC. Two former, Blackshirts, NC football, former NFL players, Super Bowl, Pro Bowl etc.......Pretty sure the kids wanted to listen. Hoping some of the intensity from Winstom and Peters rubs off. I know how to spell their names. Wanted to see how long it tool for someone to correct!
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    Negative peer recruiting at its finest... tip of the cap to Herman for bringing this to light and with that, f#&% Texas!
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    I wonder if they talked about their "O" Street traditions too!
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    Maybe 9 wins isn't where we want the program to be.
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    The Travis Fisher interview on Sports Nightly was some of the best information I've heard all camp. His glowing remarks of Antonio Reed was surprising and awesome to hear. He referred to him as the best safety on the roster. http://www.huskers.com/ViewArticle.dbml?ATCLID=211603807&DB_OEM_ID=100&DB_OEM_ID=100 8/9, Segment 2
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    No we don't. We had far, far higher taxes on the rich and corporations during the years when American was supposedly "Great" Obama let the temporary Bush tax cuts slide during his term, a term in which the American economy rebounded from the Global Credit Crisis that saw trillions of dollars disappear from the ledgers virtually overnight, the result of Bush-era deregulation that let wealthy private investors play with other people's money without the personal risks and consequences. As has been pointed out many, many times to no effect, Trump is 18 months into an economic recovery going back to Obama's first term. If you were paying attention, you would have noticed that Obama spent a lot of time reassuring the financial infrastructure that he was no socialist firebrand, and he was rewarded with an economic recovery that his opponents were loathe to credit him.
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    Good post. I think the attempts by some liberals to reduce people to membership in certain groups based on race, gender, etc. are a real problem. Why not change affirmative action to benefit first-generation college students, poor people generally, etc. I think it would be far more popular and constitutionally defensible if that was the case.
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    In all seriousness, screw this antiquated, archaic macho masculine bulls#!t. The world has moved on, and there's no room for legitimate abuse masquerading under the guise of tough love anymore. Defenders will chalk it up to the pussification of society or snowflake culture, but that is not the case. Reality is that society has grown up and has found better behavior towards goals. There are better, healthier ways to inspire, encourage, teach, criticize, punish, etc. than something straight out of a 1960's military boot camp manual. Not only that, but that approach isn't even conducive to high yielding results anyways. Even from a selfish/win at any cost perspective, that approach just isn't effective towards getting the most out of your players.
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    It's going to be fun to see where this team can go in 12 games. I think we'll be a lot better in November. But, at times, this is going to be U-G-L-Y. Guys are going to be good at times and lost at others. They're going to compete well at times and then get distracted and regress. We have to learn to compete. We have to develop comfortable confidence with the play calls. We have to find out what guys are the answers and where we need young guys and more recruits. People are saying that nine wins is perfectly reasonable. Listen to the interview again. Frost is speaking the truth and he is saying that there's a lot to do before we get to where all of us want the program to be.
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    @Saunders Nor are there pixels on the hype train, apparently.
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    https://www.seattletimes.com/seattle-news/live-updates-airplane-taken-from-seattle-tacoma-international-airport-crashes/?utm_content=buffer7d671&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter&utm_campaign=owned_buffer_tw_m What an insane story.
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    I was wondering if one back may have cold feet with the stack of backs we have who may be elite or close to being elite (GB, TB and MW). With MW and assuming TB stays healthy and gets the hardship rule that pushes him back to being a sophomore, as long as the other two backs sign, we will be in good shape in the near future at RB. If there would be one decommitment, losing someone like Grayson wouldn’t hurt as much as another position. If he does chose to take other visits, then the coaches should go fishing for another prospect, even at a different position. It would be okay for the coaching staff to inform Grayson that they cannot guarantee his spot if he is still looking. If he is not fully committed, N shouldn’t be either.
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    Hey there guys, I just wanted to say I'd sure like it if you all tried really hard out there in this one. Try to win it for ol' Mike okay? Just teasing you guys, I know it's gonna be a hard game so just do your best and keep thinking on how to get better and stuff and maybe with a little luck you can do some good things. Golly it would sure be swell if you guys came together and won this one, your coach is a heck of a guy, used to only hang 60 on us back in my head coaching days in Corvallis, and he did that outta respect cause we all know Mark would have given up 120 if given the opportunity! (Chuckles) I'm just teasin Mark, you're a swell guy too. Anyways win or lose I'm pretty proud of this group of guys for trying really hard and being stand up young men. And I really really appreciate the cushy 3 year stint in Lincoln you guys will be paying me for years to come, makes this whole transition into opening my own CherryBerry much easier. Good luck out there fellas!
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    I agree. I have no problem with them swearing or even yelling at players. The problem is belittling them, making fun and mocking, making them over eat, and running them out of the program in a chickensh#t manner. The coaches are there to help the players learn and operate at their peak, not to be an outlet for their aggression. It’s just stupid if they think this treatment will lead to anything good for the team or players.
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    I don't really have a problem with profanity in general from coaches, but it kind of depends on how it's used. I do not have a problem with a college or pro coach saying "What the F*$k are you doing?" or "You guys are playing like s#!t right now." However, if it shifts toward "What are you doing you mother f*$&#r?" or "You are just a piece of s#!t." or "stop being such a p#@!y" then it's more problematic. If these last three examples are rare, I can live with it. If it happens routinely, then it's more troublesome.
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    I wouldn't be shocked if we had a good game with them or even beat them, since we hung with them a little while last year, lost in OT (@ Wisconsin) the year before that, lost by 2 points the year before that, and Riley isn't our coach.
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    One of my side jobs while going to UNL was working in the Camera department at Shopko..Still have trouble believing Tom Osborne came in once and remembered me rolling my ankle in my new Nikes on the stadium turf during a pickup game my Freshman year..But my Manager decided to stop selling the only CD player we had and sold it to me cheap with my very first CD we used to demo it.. Interesting (to me) side note... (7?) years ago, my then 10 year old sees a coffee mug with this U2/Boy album cover on it while we were at Zia Records and asked me how they got his picture on it..
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    This is why it's hard to take you seriously. Do you have anything of substance about the likely Dem candidates, or just more old and tired attacks and talking points?
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    11 years ago was the summer before Callahan’s last season.
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    The problem I have with the screaming, verbal abuse, throwing s#!t at people is I find it highly unlikely that it's a good teaching method or a good motivator. So not only does it not accomplish your goals, you're also making people feel like s#!t.
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    :56-1:15 I haven't seen monkey rolls that weak since the first day of Jr. High practice. Kids today.
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    Well time has flown by ...moving her into Schramm Hall next week. I'm not sure what happened to sorority rush. She was planning on doing it but missed some deadline so couldn't but she wasn't too upset. I don't think she was really that interested in it. Excited to get her to Lincoln...so she can start tracking down tickets to that CU game for me I suppose the separation anxiety will hit me when it comes to leaving her there
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    Keep in mind, those weren't the 1s and 2s in the spring game.
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    This situation is rapidly turning into trying to watch a drunk hobo run a 3 card monte game. At first you look on in bewilderment as to what is going on, then you get confused as to what exactly is happening followed by feeling a little bit dirty about watching the whole thing and then finally giving up and going to get some nachos.
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    You're just trying to milk the likes from this photo, aren't you? I don't know why the word milk came to mind. I'm not sure why the word came was inserted into my mind. I'm not sure why the word inserted was on the tip of my tongue.
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    I think this is 100 percent correct. 15 years ago, college was a lot cheaper and all four of the Dakota schools were in Division II. Now, college is dramatically more expensive and all four Dakota schools are FCS/IAA. Last year, North Dakota State, South Dakota State and South Dakota each made the FCS playoffs. SDSU made the semifinals and NDSU won the whole thing, again. I think now if kids don't get a power five offer, they don't have a problem taking a scholarship to a loaded FCS team over a middling MAC or Mountain West school. And it's hard to blame them either. Get school paid for and win a whole bunch of games. They usually play at an FBS school each year too. /Full disclosure, I went to one of the four Dakota schools. To keep character, I won't say which one and will continue to pretend to be a German terrorist/thief instead.
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    If that was the case, and it might very well be, then why would Urban still fire Smith - if this was all just some big elaborate scheme of Courtney's?
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    It hasn’t passed, but we’re too excited about Scott Frost and can’t divide our attention.
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    This encapsulates it so perfectly. We've got money for a f#$%ing "Space Force," and unlimited golf trips, and all the little corrupt niceties that all these grifters that are currently heading up federal agencies happy, like personal flights, soundproof telephone booths, nice tables for their offices, tactical pants... But we've got people in our own country struggling and scraping by to survive. I just found out my girlfriend's mom is back at the doctor being seen about recurring kidney issues which will likely require ANOTHER surgery. Last time this happened it was hell and crippled them financially. She has no idea what they'll do if it happens again. But all these comic book villains running the federal government can't help us, because they're busy with all the graft and personal pet projects. You know, Space Force sounds pretty cool. Whomever runs in 2020 needs "end the blatant corruption" as a central tenant. Simple but powerful.
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    In Alabama they did.
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    This is kind of what I was thinking as I read Snook's post. McMurphy's seemed like someone reporting what they've discovered from records and interviews. Snook's sounds like Joe Pesci giving his opening argument in My Cousin Vinny. "Everything that guy just said, is bull s#!t." Ultimately, Snook may be right. But it's not because of any agenda on McMurphy's part. And whoever tipped McMurphy off doesn't have anything to do with what Zach Smth did.
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    https://247sports.com/college/nebraska/Article/Nebraska-football-coach-Scott-Frost-praises-Maurice-Washington-talks-Tre-Bryant-Luke-Gifford-Adrian-Martinez-and-Husker-QB-race-120558554/ There's a scrimmage coming up. After that, Frost expects to adjust reps at all the positions to make sure guys on the top line are getting more snaps. "But it seems like we've been here two months already. We've only been here a week. There's still a lot more reps to be had for everybody." Quote taken from this BC article after Friday’s practice. First scrimmage is tomorrow! So it will be interesting to see what happens with reps for position groups next week especially at QB!
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    Indeed, the effects of economic decisions typically aren't felt for years, so it's wildly premature to credit Donald Trump for doing anything, and not unduly pessimistic to anticipate a major market correction that may already have been in motion, and may also be exacerbated by Trump's unpredictability, the one adjectives the markets hate most. Also, blaming Bill Clinton for the credit crisis is like blaming David Kneval for Nebraska's blowout loss to Ohio State.
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    I think you're probably right on this take. Everyone likes to focus on the undefeated fantasy season, but i would pay closer attention to the first reality season under Frost. It went much as you described above and was fairly ugly at times. While I'd like to think we're further ahead than his first season at UCF, due to coaching continuity, having QB's that were here for spring, all the talent addition, all the staff addition, I realize there is the possibility that the ball won't bounce our way some times. And having freshmen starters/contributors on the field quite a bit is a recipe for a few losses. Oh yeah and that schedule...
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    I’ve met Kamala Harris and she’s not a bright woman. Her whole career is built on an relationship she had with Willie Brown, who has been the one pushing her career ever since. Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders would be destroyed in a debate with the likes of Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio. Warren and Samders have mastered their talking points, but know shockingly little about basic economics. That fact would become painfully obvious were they paired with any competent debater. I’m no fan of Cruz, but he’s a very skilled debater.
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    I looked at the opponents win % and most of the regular season the opponents were around 55%, with only one poor team 33%. However in the playoffs they did beat an undefeated team in the championship game by 32 points.
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    Tidbit: I just watched the first series of the first UCF game in 2016 and UCF played 3 different running backs in its first 8 plays, and 2 of them were freshmen. I already thought this anyway but there's just no way Washington is redshirting. Also, different league I know, but Killins weighed 155 lbs at the time.
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    I have no idea if ESPN is embellishing or inflating or over dramatizing but it seems there are plenty of sources who are/were inside the program that are telling similar damning stories. I’ll disagree with you that this is how successful programs are run. There’s a significant difference between pushing athletes to their limit and their best and what seems to be happening at Maryland. And there is also a big difference between an unexpected sudden training death and one in which there were apparently signs of medical distress that were ignored. Should we return to the days when water was for the weak? The coaches and trainers have to be aware that physical limits do in fact exist.
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    Hey, as long as they quit killing players.......Can't imagine this is helping their recruiting. Doesn't sound like a place I would like to play or let my kid play at. Pretty hard to get players to run through walls for you if they can't stand you or the culture you are fostering.
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    I still don't get the angst over the stripes on the pants.
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    The We-Backs were Calvin Jones and Derek Brown.
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    Killins Jr and Otis Anderson were both below 170 last year and they seemed to do just fine in Frost's offense.
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    I wonder if they would still support him if OSU had the same record that Nebraska has had the last 3 years?
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