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    So your problem is that you believe that, somehow, it is possible to talk about Veterans and the sacrifice those that didn't survive made TOO OFTEN? I just can't get behind that. Nothing in this world is guaranteed, and freedom damn sure didn't come free. I am a pretty open minded guy, and listen to a lot of opinions with intention of understanding their point of view. I am not a war monger, I don't want us in all of these conflicts mostly for the financial reasons. However, many of these "empty seats" are in response to recent soldiers not having remains recovered. Whose families are still mourning. If we can help comfort them, what kind of person wouldn't want to. I also cannot understand the thought that if we just let evil continue in the world that it won't eventually become a Nazi-like state that will try to invade the world and push its evil agenda on innocent people. However, many of my best friends, relatives, and co-workers have risked and some given their lives to make sure you have the right to choose to act however you want. They will say that to you as you refuse to honor their fallen brothers. It is a selfless act, maybe the greatest, to risk one's life to protect another's. When someone is willing to do that, no matter the motivation of their superiors, they should be commended for it. The vast majority of Americans agree with the point of view that I am describing. I really hope we are not becoming the nation that doesn't support their military and allows it to dwindle and falter. If that does happen, we'd better be ready to hand our freedom's over to the evil people that would take them away. That is the fear, that is what has happened throughout history. Every great power to fall allowed themselves to be too comfortable and didn't adequately protect their way of life. From Egypt to Rome and beyond, it happened over and over. If it takes reminding people of the sacrifice it takes during large gatherings to stop that from becoming our future, then let's do it as often as possible. I like being free, and I owe the freedom I love to those that risked everything for me to have it.
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    I bet you expected to get a lot of laughs or +1’s for this comment. It’s too bad everyone knows you’re insecure about about being wrong so much. keep trying though.
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    This is one of those discussions that frustrate me in that I fully 100% support our troops, military, veterans, POWs, MIAs and anyone else that puts their lives on the line for this country. I have relatives that would fall under every single one of those categories. However, if you even come close to questioning the motivations behind a memorial like this or some type of dedication at a sporting event.....you get labeled as someone who doesn't support troops, doesn't value our freedoms, don't love America....etc. I'll admit, I've been to sporting events where I've been choked up at a certain dedication and I've been to some where I sit there saying...OK....that's getting to the point of ridiculous. I always have a question for veterans that I've never come out and asked. Do you ever get tired of or feel uncomfortable with being recognized at random public events? Many times I sit there and think about if I were a veteran, I would appreciate the appreciation shown. BUT....at times, I just want to sit and watch a game and not be recognized for something I did 20 years ago.
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    Callahan, Pelini and Riley are gone. Alcohol in the stadium during the game is no longer required. Pre and Post game drinking is now sufficient again.
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    *admits to not having facts but arguing a point based on unfounded and unresearched opinions* *criticizes those who use facts in their arguments as being subjective* lol
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    That your a numbnuts still for the whole Darney situation.
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    But it’s cool when they give Adam DeVine/Suh/Larry the Cable Guy/other various sporting teams/ etc. screen time? I think 1 minute of your time isn’t more important than the people burying empty caskets. It likely would’ve been 1 more minute of commercials anyway.
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    In the Deed- Well said, thank you.
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    You know who's getting a lot of bad press lately? Like, universally bad press? Urban Meyer. When you do bad things, you get bad press coverage. You know who got really great press coverage in 2014? Urban Meyer. Neither 2018 nor 2014 were the fault of the press.
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    Yep, there are just too many nice gestures in the world. God forbid someone should have to stop eating nachos for a minute or pause from drinking a beer on a cfb Saturday.
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    I think it's a cool gesture if you just take it for what it is. Maybe there's some evil conspiracy behind it. Probably not though.
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    Hope not. One less headache to deal with in the stadium.
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    I don't think anyone needs to worry about MR doing any coaching.
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    Maybe he will suggest a conditioning program. Sorry, I couldn’t resist.
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    "Starting Friday, Riley will stand near OSU's practice field every day during preseason camp. He'll serve the Beavers' program as a consultant, with a job description as long as a commercial lease. What Riley cannot do is coach, however. He'll be at practice to observe, while offering thoughts to coach Jonathan Smith and his staff." "Riley says he will be with the Beavers through the end of the season, then head to San Antonio to coach its AAF team." - https://www.oregonlive.com/beavers/index.ssf/2018/08/mike_riley_at_peace_with_decis.html
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    Oh man! If we get Benhart and Ike, we will be in good shape at the tackle spot.
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    To save him a year of eligibility... Frost, like any coach, is a person that a player has a personal and close relationship with. The university is an institution. The state is an institution. The people (fans) are people, but they're mostly faceless, nameless people. Players should commit to coaches. Coaches are the people and the factor that really make the difference for them. Committing to the university, the state, or the fans would be fairly stupid. Those things don't matter nearly as much. Not to mention if Frost were to be fired or leave in the future, I guarantee a lot of recruits would decommit and a lot of players would transfer. As they probably should.
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    I struggle to understand how honoring the heroes of our country is growing old. You have the right to your opinion just like I have the right to mine. I just think it’s always appropriate to remember and honor the people who made sure we have that right.
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    I think people are confusing facts with statistics and figures. Facts can not be manipulated or denied. Statistics can be used to deceive people if they're misrepresented.
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    I heard he might be 6'8 - give or take an inch
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    You don’t know anything about the people posting. You say your relatives fought. So did mine. I don’t like the marriage of a sport with the military to this degree. It’s tacky in my opinion. The military is something that is too important and serious to be paraded about at a game trying to outpatriot each other while we’re sitting on benches/couches eating nachos and drinking beer. Especially when we’re specifically talking POWs/people who died in war, imo. When I visit war memorials I don’t run around tossing a ball around and do keg stands. The reverse is pretty weird to me as well.
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    I may look at a random Oregon State box score to see if Gebbia is even playing next year, but I won’t care too much about him in the future. Gebbia and KJJ were poster children of the Riley era. They were ballyhooed recruits who NU fans put their faith in as the kids who would lead Riley to successes. They ended up doing nothing at NU, just as Riley did for 3 years.
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