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    It's partisan political brinksmanship and pop culture theater. No argument there. It's also a flashpoint for a moment in time. There's much going on here that is ancillary to Brett Kavanaugh, but that doesn't invalidate it. I think we all need to be uncomfortable at the moment. But I will take issue withe your third paragraph, as it contradicts your second paragraph. If you have already concluded that "this is all a bunch of made up accusations" and "if all this crap were true, at least something of it would have popped up before" then you are not thinking for yourself; you're merely serving up the talking points of a single political wing. So, you know....spare us the lecture.
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    I live in the heart of the Boilermaker belly in West Lafayette. I'm writing this post from my office on campus. I work for and root for Purdue, except when they play Nebraska. You can't turn your back on your life long team. My neighbors are all lifelong Purdue fans. Some work in the athletic dept. My neighbor next door is a current football assistant coach. My grad student is an Iowa fan. He likes to take notice of things as well... I have dealt with the ridicule when Nebraska lost to Daryl Hazell for his only conference win. I sat through the game last year in utter disbelief and endured hazing at the hands of my neighbors and colleagues for 3 quarters. That 4th quarter delivered me from the constant reminders I was going to have to go through for a year. It caused some tension in the neighborhood. But I was on the right side of that one. This time I need it again Coach. Players, we can't be losing to Purdue. For my sake. Please, I beg you. Purdue has gained some confidence. They have attitude and a bit of fire. They have some direction now that they aren't playing QB carousel. They have an explosive WR. But Nebraska has an opportunity here. Winning cures all. Get that monkey off your back boys (for me..... please). Thank you for the forum to vent.
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    Lots of good stats and video here. SB Nation
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    it is pretty simple, They know it is a rollout to the left, the line should be working to the left. Conrad was suppose to pickup the man foster passed off and instead decided that he was good and they all did nothing for a play. This is why I have continuously said Conrad is our weakest link. This year and last. He isnt a terrible lineman but he isnt a good center.
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    In case anyone was wondering why the Republicans brought in a female prosecutor to question Ford, here's Exhibit A, courtesy of Orrin Hatch.
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    This poor woman is going to be out through the ringer because old white men want to over turn Roe vs Wade.
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    Not sure you understand the context of my comment.
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    Senator Graham not having his best day.
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    If your looking for useful ideas, here’s another I think could get a lot of use on the board.
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    They could accomplish that with any other of the legion of pro-life judges they have on their list. She's being put through the ringer because the President A) wants a get out of jail free card for his misdeeds on the Supreme Court and B) he refuses to back down and reflexively attacks those claiming sexual assault instead.
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    When I first saw this play, I wondered how much Martinez's knee factored into his psyche. He seemed timid on this play, not playing fast, refusing to throw a block. This was only the second play of the game, and the execution lacked confidence. Neither the QB or RB seemed especially willing to attack. There was so much talk about the interception a couple plays later breaking the team's will, but they seemed fragile and hesitant right out of the gate.
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    naw, at best he is still second to frost.
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    Sounds to me like he’s putting in time watching the Michigan film. Gotta appreciate the work ethic.
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    We have little cohort of Nebraska fan profs here on campus. Bout half a dozen
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    zoogs isn't a mod and hasn't been on the board since April, bro
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    Nuh uh, Coach Frost already promised that the Michigan game was rock bottom!
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    I thought about this as I hopped in my car on the way to school listening to her give her opening statement. I'm over the GOP's political calculations at this point. They've decided they're going to try to ram through their guy. That's fine. They'd do that whether it was Kavanaugh or not. This is the McConnell dictum. I would expect nothing less. What infuriates me most about this entire deal is the conduct on behalf of the president and the nominee himself. Trump chose to go down this path, claiming the entire thing is a giant conspiracy by Democrats to impugn a good man and saying yesterday the women who accused him of sexual assault were paid off to lie about him. I'm not saying Ford is telling the truth, but the rank dishonesty from Kavanaugh about OBVIOUSLY false things like him never binge drinking, coupled with his weird "I was a virgin for a long time" defense, continue to demonstrate his pervasive inability to tell the truth. Ford may not be telling the truth, but Kavanaugh continues a pattern of lying himself. More than anything, though, the president's treatment of those who claim to be victims (and his party's complicity in his doing so) is shameful on a level very few things are. Their conduct will be burned into my mind for the rest of my life.
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    I don't even have words for this. We had 6 guys to block three and 1 M player bailed out and the other 2 got to the QB. Conrad and Foster should be benched for this play alone.
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