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    I’m gonna go out on a limb and say the coaches probably think this guy is a better athlete than the guys in the 500 mile radius they’re not offering scholarships to. Body type is one thing, athleticism is another. I’ve also seen no reason not to trust their judgement when they go after a few players who don’t have a ton of offers.
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    Maybe, and this is a BIG maybe, the staff knows more than us posters from Huskerboard.
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    Bad news for Bookie. Bookie better get it together or transfer to Oregon State. This guy will take his spot.
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    Jamal Turner will always stick out to me. He flipped into the endzone at a spring game and into our hearts.......then didn't do much after that.
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    Bold move whomever used the eyeroll emoji on an admin.
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    Or maybe it is harder for DBs to turn and play the ball than our fans think it is
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    Reaching? Are you saying fumbles lost don't count because he is a QB? If you were talking about Tanner Lee, I would agree. But, the QB running game is a big part of the Nebraska offense and of Martinez's success at his position. I don't see how that is irrelevant. It is actually really ironic the amount of criticism another QB named Martinez got for fumbling at Nebraska, and now, I am accused of "reaching" when I bring it up. McSorley was not the second best QB in the Big Ten or necessarily better than Martinez. What I am saying is being the #1 or #2 in fumbling is something you have to recognize when evaluating AM's performance on the season.
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    Michael Cohen pleads guilty to lying to Congress
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    I considered all games played between ND and P5 conference teams against P5 conference teams and calculated averages and standard deviations for all stats (it made sense to) across the nine categories listed below. I took the averages for all the average category percentile rankings of each conference's teams to come up with the rankings below. The overall best stats, relative to those for all P5 teams plus Notre Dame, are as follows: SEC at #1 with 50.36 as their average team category percentile ranking B1G at #2 with 50.27 PAC-12 at #3 with 49.68 ACC at #4 with 47.35 Big XII at #5 with 47.32 Looking at the individual categories, we have the following rankings: Passing Offense Big XII: 63.02 PAC-12: 55.04 SEC: 47.41 B1G: 42.35 ACC: 41.35 Passing Defense B1G: 58.60 ACC: 54.62 SEC: 53.66 PAC-12: 40.96 Big XII: 29.16 Rushing Offense B1G: 54.20 ACC: 50.93 SEC: 46.29 PAC-12: 42.55 Big XII: 42.47 Rushing Defense PAC-12: 57.39 SEC: 55.56 Big 12: 52.55 B1G: 46.47 ACC: 44.31 Scoring Offense Big 12: 53.10 PAC-12: 48.51 B1G: 48.17 ACC: 47.26 SEC: 42.12 Scoring Defense SEC: 56.56 B1G: 53.87 PAC-12: 51.34 ACC: 45.73 Big XII: 41.23 Total Offense Big XII: 57.01 PAC-12: 50.13 B1G: 48.29 ACC: 47.87 SEC: 44.55 Total Defense SEC: 56.51 B1G: 51.07 PAC-12: 48.74 ACC: 44.57 Big XII: 39.62 Turnover Margin PAC-12: 52.49 SEC: 50.61 ACC: 49.52 B1G: 49.44 Big XII: 47.70
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    Coaches visiting tomorrow Visiting Lincoln next weekend and visiting FAU on the 14th 2-for-2 guy. December grad
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    Chinander, Fisher and Verduzco in-home tonight
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    Frost and Austin visited tonight. UConn also scheduled to visit. Visiting Syracuse this weekend and Lincoln December 15
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    I also remember being really excited about our wide receiver Chris Brooks, but I don't remember him producing much unfortunately.
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    THAT wave has been banned in Kinnick Stadium for about seven years. Last time they tried it, three Iowa fans drowned.
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    Here’s an idea that might help start straightening things out. Howabout employers can’t require a college degree for jobs that pay less than $80-$100k. That might begin to solve both problems. People wouldn’t feel compelled to get that degree and wind up as night manager at Taco Johns and companies wouldn’t be fanning the flames of higher education by demanding somebody invest $150k or more to perform simple tasks anybody with a pulse could learn to do within a month on the job. It’s my belief, by and large, that the majority of people aren’t getting more educated or smarter in college but rather they are just playing the game that’s been laid in front of them. With some obvious exceptions, it’s just become jumping through hoops to try to keep from starving.
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    Big CB submitted for N by Blair Angulo, he's a west coast expert.
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    Maybe next year when we play Iowa at home, we can just stop after the first quarter, call out Emma Johnson on the speakers and give her the friendly bird?
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    I agree with you, but if Ozigbo had left before this season started, it would not have bothered me, now I think he may leave the biggest hole when seniors graduate.
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    Moved a bunch of posts here. We can dispense with the bickering and return to civilized discussion at this point. TIA
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