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    The only time he's made the tournament was in year two so apparently those bums were better than what Miles has done with his own guys since then.
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    that show is pure trash whenever Gary sharpe isn't on. i used to like benning's commentary, but over the past year or two it's really gotten weird. self-serving, i-know-more-than-you-but-i-won't-say-but-i'll-let-you-know-i-do-know, e.t.c.
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    Hispanics will be conservative as long as the Catholic Church is. but that new Pope is asking people to behave more Christ-like, and that’s not going over well in some quarters
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    Despite the fact that they have accounts on most message boards or at least visit them to take the temperature of the fans almost daily. Then crack on them afterwards. It's that kind of elitism that turns people off of journalists.
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    @knapplc you pretty much owned this entire thread was just two posts. The first a prediction, the second a rock solid analysis. Venn diagrams will always get a trophy from me.
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    Pretty cool vizualization of the jet stream bringing this polar air down to the States. https://www.ventusky.com/?p=39.8;-87.9;3&l=temperature-300hpa&t=20190131/0300
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    Oregon's football facilities had a barber shop inside. He got his hair cut there.
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    Is that you Schillerberg? #Don'tBlameShane
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    This is proof, that just because you may have played basketball in college, it doesn't mean you know anything about building a program. You don't get to blame Doc Sadler when you're 7 years into your tenure. And the shots at Nebraska's demographics, and population hold zero weight, when you consider that one of the best programs in the country resides in Lawrence, Kansas.
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    Ok well I don’t see why that would start the relationship off on a bad foot.
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    I don't see a drink in his hand, so that's good. I guess.
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    Yup. Really what McConnell might want is a way to avoid a shutdown so no one will remember the GOP could just override Trump’s veto to stop it. They don’t want to do that because they might lose votes from the loony toons in their base. But if that’s how we get a law to stop the idiocy of shutdowns, good. What they could do is if they can’t pass a budget, use the one from the previous year until they can agree. I’m guessing there are dangers in that though, especially if congress is close to 50/50 for a long time.
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    I thoroughly enjoy when they get into the X's & O's of the sports they are covering. It can be comical. I'm way more familiar with the X's/O's side of basketball, compared to football, because I've played the game my whole life, and coached it for a bit. Not to pick on Chris Heady, but his analysis of Nebraska's basketball team when he joins TBL?.... Well, let's just say Chris doesn't know much about the intricacies of the game.
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    Decommitted from Auburn. Was at Alabama last weekend. Reportedly also interested in Clemson, Nebraska and Tennessee.
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    Yeah....hiring the hottest name in the country away from a place he built and loves after just having a kid to come back to his alma matter with no recruiting base, cold weather, massive rebuild and still portions of discontent in the administration.....you're right, this was a slam dunk just cause Dr. Tom made a telephone call.
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    I know it’s been a long time, but does anyone remember, way back in the day, when the republicans and their president heavily criticized the Dems for anointing their candidate instead of allowing the public to choose it? yeah. Didn’t think so. It was a long time ago.
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    He is a nice guy, but so was Riley. Many including me do not feel that he is a good fit for the Huskers & the Big 10.
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    It's telling that any enemy of socialist-style programs always point to places like Venezuela or Cuba or China where corrupt dictators run their countries into the ground for their own gain. Because of course it's far easier to pick that apart those countries instead of arguing on the merits of introducing some more socialist programs or policies to increase the social safety net and benefit everyone. It's not like the U.S. is going to become a socialist dumpster fire overnight if everyone has access to healthcare or the incredibly wealthy have to pay a bit more so we can fund education or infrastructure.
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    Obstruction of justice - I wonder where or to whom this sliver thread leads to ?
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    I bet when he did this he expected a couple more zeros at the end of that check. Better than nothing, I guess. Enjoy your used Silverado.
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    Before or after he chugs that fishbowl?
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    First hand knowledge here, I can confirm for a fact that's false. Athletes went to the rec here and there, but you could still see players in the north stadium weight room as you walked by too. Dylan Utter was the only football player I saw consistently use the rec weight room
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    Good lord, this. I laugh at least once when he's on there.
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    I have a real problem with how it seems the $4 billion tax break was implemented. I have received grants or tax breaks for increasing employment locally. It has always been a one time grant or tax break if I meet certain employment levels. The ONLY way I got those benefits is if I accomplish the employment goal and maintain it for a certain period of time. The one I remember using was a program the state of Nebraska put out to help increase manufacturing in small town Nebraska. I think that's a good thing. In turn, more people here are earning more money and adding to the tax base. Now.....if this $4 billion was given to Foxconn without those stipulations.....that's just plain stupidity on the state and local administrations.
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    800? that would even be about the same number of coaching analysts Alabama has.
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    Remembering Suh's masterpiece as he steps on the biggest stage
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    I admire the kids effort, but all I could ask myself was "How the hell did he get a scholarship?"
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    This was funny and cute.
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    I think you missed a real opportunity to name yourself 'Bender from Pender'.
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    Very convenient that this info doesn't come out until after you have secured the DC position. This scandal might affect the entire board.
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    The pictures use a slider. Photos: Travel back through time to see every Husker who has played in the Super Bowl Henry Waechter, 1985 85 Bears!!!
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    Makes sense. We will need another big in there to help with rebounding. Happ will be a handful
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    Me running out of fingers to cross late into the recruiting season.
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    Sorry, I'm not going after you at all. I'm just bothered that AOC can be denigrated for statements that can be interpreted into half-truths, while Trump can just make anything up and people will try and equate the two. Both sides should be held accountable though.
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    Again, this is not how effective government works. You can't blame Pelosi for the shut down because if you do, you're endorsing any president holding government hostage to get any legislation they want. It doesn't matter if you're a conservative with a Republican president in the scenario. You can't endorse a power you don't want your political rival to have.
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    Well.....to be fair.....the way some of his businesses have been ran, he would be money ahead with them not having their doors open.
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    Roll your eyes at my posts all you want, you nincompoop.
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    I may have to pull for Schultz if no one more moderate shows up on the Dem side and no one challenges and defeats Trump on the GOP side. The Dem party is loosing me - the candidates are trying to 'out progress' each other - from paid college, 70% taxes, medicare for all, abortion wtout restrictions, etc . To beat Trump if he is re-nominated (help us if that occurs) the Dems need someone to appeal not to just their base - they will get their base voters but also appeal to moderate or even center right voters. There are many things to admire about Sen Harris but after listening to her laundry list of progressive ideas, I tuned out. Bernie and Biden are just too old. I might vote for a pro-choice person (but not a late term advocate) as we've seen the president has little influence outside of appointing judges (which isn't a little thing but it hasn't helped the pro-life side as much as one would think over the last 50 years). By the candidates I've seen thus far, the Dem party seems engaged in pushing the pendulum as far left as they can. Where are the moderates in the party? https://www.sfgate.com/news/article/Former-Stabucks-CEO-has-spent-months-researching-13571868.php
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    How ouch would it be if we don't land any pass rusher? I'm thinking it won't be good.
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    Nebraska’s last (non Tim Miles) tournament appearance was in 1986. When he took over the program he had kids like Brandon Ubel on his roster. He’s a bum. His first 2 years were spent playing with Doc saddlers Bums. His next 2 years he had to take transfers(most of which were buried somewhere else for a reason)to try and win to convince quality players NU was even worth coming too and made the tournament. He then had 2 of those transfer declare for the draft and not get picked after investing 2 years in them. Petteway is average on a bad European team now. pitchford doesn’t even play anymore. He had White, another transfer, graduate and leave after investing 2 years and degree into him. He also had to deal with Morrow and Jacobson transfer after they believed they should be swingman. What positions do they play now? They aren’t very good at their natural positions! After taking all of this into account, NU should be giving this guy a 20 year contract. NU hasn’t been good at any sport outside of Volleyball since the 90’s. Y’all need to chill. If you think Tim Miles should be fried, you don’t understand what it takes to build a program. After taking over Doc Saddler’s bum roster and putting NU on a path to making them kind of a desirable place to play basketball, he should be praised. Remember, it’s still Nebraska. A white republican state with less than 2 million people. Majority of talented basketball players do not fit that mold. Go Tim Miles
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    What a time to be alive.... https://amp-azcentral-com.cdn.ampproject.org/v/s/amp.azcentral.com/amp/2683881002?amp_js_v=a2&amp_gsa=1&usqp=mq331AQCCAE%3D#referrer=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.google.com&amp_tf=From %1%24s&ampshare=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.azcentral.com%2Fstory%2Fopinion%2Fop-ed%2F2019%2F01%2F28%2Fdowntown-phoenix-photo-men-soot-blackface%2F2683881002%2F
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    Gotcha. So by "active" you mean "vocal"? How are you determining your effectiveness?
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