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    The only time he's made the tournament was in year two so apparently those bums were better than what Miles has done with his own guys since then.
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    Jordy chucked if off the backboard when he started. When he left he hit the rim 50% of the time.
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    1986 was the FIRST time they made the tournament (Moe Iba was coach). They made the tournament in 1991-94 & 1998. Since you majored in Basketball, I will assume that you don't know those years are all after 1986.
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    Serious question have you only been keeping up with the recruiting for this month only and decided to neglect are other signees?
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    Oh my god! No lifting at all?! I can't believe it! I also can't believe that Riley mandated a 2 bowl minimum of frozen yogurt everyday before practice. Ugh...that Riley! He just has no clue. Thank god everything is all fixed now.
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    I remember back to the time between Bo being fired and Riley being hired. Everyone was talking about how their sources were saying Frost, Gill, Tressell, etc. Not one single solitary person said "Hey my source says Mike Riley." Not one. I made a mental note at the time to not get sucked into the online "sources" and buffoonery that surrounds this kind of stuff again. I failed at that and feel foolish for posting the content that I did.
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    I was a bit triggered listening to USC on the way home from work yesterday while Josh/John tried to explain away some media members' behavior over the last week or two. It has little to do with media members hearing rumors and trying to confirm or deny those rumors. That's a journalist's job. What I take issue with is speculation in public platforms like radio and social media. Hell, Mike Schaefer sat on Sharp & Benning last week and said there are a lot of questions about Moos and his lack of visibility, and then a lot of other "noises" coming from the athletic department about certain things. Sure, he referred to it all as speculation, but the damage is done. And then Benning openly states that he feels like there's a story people want to tell and haven't yet. I get that it's radio, but my God have some integrity. Newspapers and TV stations don't run to print or the air with that kind of hot garbage, yet all bets are off on radio and social media apparently.
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    No excuse. I played on very offensively talented teams for him. I don’t. I went to school for hoops.
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    I feel like you don't understand what it takes to build paragraphs.
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    Wow..... its a sarcastic joke her people do. It’s nothing against you, he’s literally just mocking the situation calm down
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    Ok, I understand. KSU is the only power-five school he academically qualifies for to get admittance, and thus is the only one that will take him. But please, Mavric, just point out my incomplete comment in your reply, and if you want me to, I will correct it instead of you. Please.
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    Despite the fact that they have accounts on most message boards or at least visit them to take the temperature of the fans almost daily. Then crack on them afterwards. It's that kind of elitism that turns people off of journalists.
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    I'm not buying that. The football team has its own weight room, so it makes no sense for Riley to make the effort to force them to workout elsewhere.
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    None of that means it was easy to get him to come here. Or are you just ignoring the part where Osborne basically had to talk him into taking the job a couple days before it was announced?
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    TBH, I sometimes wonder if OWH should be included in that category. They certainly have no qualms with stirring the pot now and then...
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    Ok well I don’t see why that would start the relationship off on a bad foot.
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    I don't see a drink in his hand, so that's good. I guess.
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    Venezuela is now the official code word for all socialism, and by socialism, of course, we mean any U.S. Democrat. So if you want this country to fall into Venezuela-style chaos, vote Democrat.
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    OR, Trump is trying to recreate New York's skyline in his lie chart.
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    I thoroughly enjoy when they get into the X's & O's of the sports they are covering. It can be comical. I'm way more familiar with the X's/O's side of basketball, compared to football, because I've played the game my whole life, and coached it for a bit. Not to pick on Chris Heady, but his analysis of Nebraska's basketball team when he joins TBL?.... Well, let's just say Chris doesn't know much about the intricacies of the game.
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    To your first point, I 100% agree. It is risky to bank on promises from corporations for a multitude of reasons including: a) they're not super trustworthy and b) the market changes quickly and the infrastructure build out takes some time. We've seen Apple pull back on estimates given slowdown in iPhone sales - probably because people aren't super excited about shelling out $1000 for a phone - which funnels all the way down the supply chain. There are a couple names that we closely follow that are semi-conductors that have been absolutely crushed this year. It is part of the cycle. And yes, Amazons claims seem to be a bit nefarious. There were a lot of back door real estate deals going on in Long Island. Some people made serious bank and the corporation will flourish on the back of tax breaks while locals will be priced out of housing.
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    No, just no. He had desire to remain at UCF. There were two major jobs open just down the street with better recruiting bases. This wasn't cut and dry like you think. Just because you called your shot and were "right" doesn't mean Frost was a lock regardless of who the AD was.
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