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    Anyone rooting against Mike Riley tonight?
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    Republicans taking the same road on the environment as they did health care. They don’t have a plan but are willing to destroy anyone that does.
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    I liked the USFL better. Bring back the Oakland Invaders!
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    Lock of the century tonight. San Diego fleet +2 vs the Milking Mike Rileys
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    I like his tape about as much as I hate Banks defensive tape. I’m hoping like hell Banks eventually gets moved to the offense. Newsom, however, I really like as a defensive lineman. Great ability to play multiple gap techniques and blow by an offensive lineman. His tape has him inside, outside, in 2, 3, or 4 point stances. He shows ability to beat his man multiple ways, and very athletic moving down the line. I think he’s a guy that can be that true multiple front defender. His instincts are really good. It’s like he knows what the lineman wants to do and just beats him there. Great leverage, bats down a lot of balls, sheds well. I also thinks he just loves playing defense, and when I watch Banks tape next to his, that really sticks out. I like Ty a lot, too, but I wouldn’t be surprised in a few years if Newsom isn’t the better player. That’s not a shot at Ty, I just think Newsom with the right training has that kind of upside. I wish through two classes we had a bit better numbers on the defensive line, but this potential pairing is very exciting.
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    Front squats work the quads and your core more then back squats do. Back squats work your hammies and glutes more. IMO, I don't think one is better then the other. I think both should be done no matter what if you want to build great leg strength.
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    I agree on Washington, but Frost hasn’t had a RB with more than 13 carries per game as a head coach, and it’s very rare to have a RB get 20 in any one game. So, expect opportunities for other backs, whether that be Mills or someone else.
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    I'm gonna be happy with 7-5, not surprised if it's an 8-4 season.
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    Not sure what people see in Mills that makes them think he’ll start over Washington.
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    The Iowa game will be our 375th sellout. We've won every other 25-game milestone in the streak. It's destiny.
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    9 wins. Losses to Ohio State, Wisconsin, and Purdue.
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    Held getting some recognition for his recruiting efforts: "The second-year Nebraska running backs coach on Friday was honored by Rivals.com as one of the nation's top 25 recruiters for the class of 2019. He also made the top 25 in 2018." https://journalstar.com/sports/huskers/football/held-honored-as-one-of-nation-s-top-recruiters-by/article_c32d227f-1001-59d5-b853-03698a30bcf7.html
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    Do guys have butts? I don't even have enough there to hold my pants up. It's madness.
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    They do wear out. All bumper plates (so rubber, not metal) have a little metal ring in the center hole that the bar slides into. Every time that weight hits the floor the rubber around the metal ring compresses a very small amount. Eventually the material breaks down enough that the ring can become loose and the plate will break. Usually it breaks off with the ring and some rubber still on the bar and makes the plate look like a big donut. But it does take a lot of reps. Buying quality stuff means it takes even more reps. Likely tens of thousands before actual failure. You could just replace as needed but then you run into the problem of uneven wear so they tend to get replaced in groups.
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    *shrug* it's part of the business. Even if it's silly. If you google best college football weight rooms, they all look pretty darn... pretty. I doubt they're tossing them out every year or anything.
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    Is there a P5 school with lower academic standards than KSU?
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    They should just bang already.
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    You don't even know how to spell his initials, so how bout you come back down here.
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    Well we all know Clouse doesn't have a clue in hell what he's talking about anyways, refer to Asante debacle for evidence.
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    It was definitely different than the S&C under the Pelini administration... in which I played football players in the university intramural flag-football league... Walking on to a field and seeing the other team has Imani Cross at RB was discouraging.
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